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For most of my life (I am now 38), I have had some strange things go on around me. Around the age of 7, I remember be terrified of the dark, as I know a lot of children are, but it felt magnified. I was afraid to go to sleep. I am still afraid of the dark. The latest things have been very close together and I have no answers as to what is happening. All of the experiences I am going to list all happened while I was awake.

1. While on a run and I saw my husband running towards me. I saw him step to the side of the trail, into the tree line as though he was waiting on me. When I got to what I thought was him, there was nothing there.

2. I was in my bathroom getting ready and felt something to my left, when I looked, there was a small white mist coming directly towards me - about chest level. I put my arm up protecting myself because it startled me. It was gone as quickly as it came.

3. I hear my daughters say "mom" when they are not at home.

4. I have clearly seen my daughter walk by my room when she was not at home.

5. Two nights ago I was lying in bed and I heard a screech noise inside my bedroom, but nothing was there. This happened twice in the same night.

There are many other what I call small things happening as well, i.e. Dreams, visions, etc. I see things out of the corner of my eye and feel like something wants to reach out and grab me at night while in my bed. I am not necessarily "afraid"; I am just aware. I know this is a lot to take in, but I really appreciate any input. Thank you in advance.

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loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-22)
Hi there I hope I am able to help you today. What I advice you to do is to get your family in one circle. Do this at the main point of the house. It's best to open all your windows and doors. And you guys together should say this prayer.
The cross of Christ is with me
The cross of Christ overcomes all
Water and every fire, the cross of
Christ over comes all weapons
The cross of Christ is a perfect
Sign and blessing to my soul.
May Christ be with me and my
Body during all my life at day and
At night. Now I pray I [name], pray
God the father for the souls sake,
And I pray god the son for the fathers sake,
And I pray god the holy ghost for the sons sake, that
The holy corpse of god may bless me against
All evil things, words and works.
Before the prayer light some white candles were your family spends most of their time as well in all the bedrooms. Also light some sandalwood incense as well as sage and demand what ever is there to leave you home. Then go around with a bell and ring it in all the corners because that's were they like to stay but make sure that all windows and doors are open even you cabinets. Holy water will also help but if you don't have any it's fine. In steps 1 light the candles, sage, and sandalwood incense go all round the house with the sage and incense then say the prayer. Then go around with the bell ringing in all corners of the house will repeating the prayer. Also say this is my home in loud words and you need to leave. If ever you get scared always say
"the blood of Christ is all powerful"
I really hope this helps ok. Wish you the best and I hope you and your family much peace... Please let me know what happens if it did work thanks here is my email tooth_rocket at
SandyGeorge (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-22)
Thank you all for taking the time to respond.
Biblio: when I saw what I thought was my husband on the trail and my daughter at home, I was not thinking about them or anything in particular. Nothing happened that I can recall after either time.
Inday: I have prayed before I close my eyes and after nightmares that wake me up screaming. Thank you for the advice of saying "if you are not from God, please go away" I will certainly do that. I do not mind if sprits are trying to reach out, but I certainly don't want to open up to or attract the wrong thing.
Manafon: thank you for information; I have had several readings and "medium" has come up.

On another note, I was dreaming the other night and in my dream I was trying to wake myself up... Like literally aware that I was asleep and trying to wake myself. I began banging a hammer on a table in my dream. I screamed loud enough that I woke up myself, my husband and my daughter.

This morning I heard a small child crying... Just my daughter and I were in the house. Thank you in advance for any input ❤ ❤
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1083 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-19)
Greetings, Sandy, and welcome to YGS.

Manafon's response does detail a little-reported phenomenon, which could be the right answer, but I had a different thought. Were you thinking about your husband when you thought you saw him (a 'yes' would partially substantiate Manafon!), and is the same true of when you heard your daughters' voices, or when you saw one daughter's apparition? If not, was there a major event (positive or negative) in the life of each person immediately after you witnessed him or her? This shouldn't be too hard to substantiate as they are all close to you; don't stretch the meaning of 'major' for this idea, as a simple clear memory is all you are looking for. If you discover that the answer is 'yes' more often than not, there's a chance you are precognitive and the spirits are not hauntings at all. To be entirely honest with you, I have no clear reasons to substantiate this thought; however, it is the first thing that leaped to my mind and I've not been able to dislodge the idea for about 12 hours, now.

PLEASE let me know if I'm on the wrong track, here. It's always possible that there are much better answers/solutions than mine, given the experiences of other posters on the site.

Take care,
INDAY (2 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-19)
Hi SandyGeorge.
Basaed from my experience, there is help out there. I was so haunted once in my dreams when I began meditating, I asked help from a good friend and even a complete stranger (who turned out to be clairvoyant/psychic) how to stop it.
My friend advised me to pray for each of those people so they can move towards the light. It worked! I know now that many spirits bother living people because they are trapped in a limbo, not knowing where to go. It took me nearly an hour because there were several of them but every second of that prayer session was all worth it.
The psychic advised me to say, 'If you are not from God, please go away".
Like you, I have had many unexplained experiences. I am happy to say they leave me alone most of the time now. Peace at last.
Manafon1 (6 stories) (699 posts)
7 years ago (2016-01-18)
Hi SandyGeorge--Although many people aren't familiar with them in the way they are with ghosts of the departed, there are an extraordinary number of well documented cases of apparitions of living people that have been reported. It's not anything negative just another type of apparition.

In the late 1800s there was a massive tome collecting several hundred cases of apparitions of the living that is titled, "Phantasms of the Living." It seems you are a person who can pick up on occasional "telepathic" apparitions of at least two living family members. Pretty cool! Your account was very intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

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