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Since the night my cousin finally appeared things have been quiet on the spirit front. Nothing really huge has happened. However, little things tend to add up, so I'll share what I have experienced.

We went to the coast over December, my twin sons and I along with my parents (my boyfriend had to work straight through, so he couldn't go with). We were renting a 2 bedroom flat on the 14th floor, looking down on a small walkway and the beach. The view was to die for.

On the very first night that we were there, the boys were asleep and I was lying in bed watching a series on my laptop. The window was open so the drone of the surf was always present. From where I lay on my bed, I looked directly in front of me and to the right. The door and the light switch were there. As I lay there in the dark I suddenly had a feeling that I needed to look up. In the dark I could see a white figure against the wall, right between the door and the light switch. At this point, feeling eyes on me I had the strongest urge to get up and put the light on. Which I did with not just a little bit of trepidation. Lately I am trying to not jump to conclusions when it comes to spirits. I know I am more attuned than I used to be, and though the idea of someone in my room was scary, I did not get a feeling that I was in danger. I switched the light on and opened the door, deciding that I might as well go to the toilet. As I got back in to the room afterward and closed the door I could feel the presence right in the same place. I decided to leave the light on. We were there for 10 days, I had the light on every night, the presence was always there.

We arrived back home on 2 January and that very night, as I had just gotten out of the bath and went in to my bedroom to get clothes to put on, I was standing in front of my closet door and the full length mirror is mounted against the wall directly to my left. I had not opened the closet door yet and I was looking in to the mirror trying to see how a mark on my back where I had hurt myself, when "someone" pinched my bottom. There was nothing but open space behind me. I was not close to anything, and the feel of thumb and forefinger grabbing my behind was unmistakable.

On 23 January Tim and his family had been visiting for the weekend. Tim went to my mom and told her he wanted to talk to her. For the past 8 to 10 weeks the noises and voices on the telephone line has started again whenever mom was on a call. Tim proceeded on this night to tell my mom that a young girl was standing under the awning of the flat, in the back garden overlooking the pool. He said she was a bit younger than my mom, and that she had seen my mom on the night that they had played their home-made version of a quija board in a murder house, this was in 1977. My mom is still trying to piece those things together. And on the same night Tim told me that we had another muscle man hanging around underneath the lapa, also by the pool. According to Tim he is just as tall and muscular as Charlie, but he has light blonde hair where Charlie had dark brown. Both of these presences just served as proof that I am getting even more attuned to spirits, as my kitchen window looks out on the awning by the flat, and lately I have been very set on closing the curtains before the sun sets. For some reason I could not explain I did not want to be looking out that window at night. And it's the same with the lapa. I ensure that I close the sliding door and get the curtains drawn before dark. And at times still feel like someone is looking at me through the slits between the curtains.

On Saturday, 30 January, I was sitting watching some series and specifically started on an episode of Supernatural. The intro to the episode had barely finished playing when I had the overwhelming feeling to shut down the episode immediately. There was no way I was going to watch that. In this regard, again, I felt the urge was not from me.

Tim has become very cryptic in giving details of any visits we have. I am assuming it has to do with the fact that he is trying to help me develop so that I can start experiencing more on my own, but I don't know if I am ready for that yet.

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