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New Office, New Spirit 2


Following my first story about the spirit who is wandering around our offices, I have some more to tell.

The spirit is a man, somewhere in his 30's to 40's. He not only had a personal connection to the house, either living here or just spending a lot of time here, but he was part of the renovation team when the house was converted in to an office. And during that time he had apparently fallen off of a scaffolding to his death. He has been sticking around here ever since. That is the basis of what I can glean from the owner without rousing suspicion and getting raised eyebrows.

The only other lady who works in this office made a comment the other day about things happening in this office that are difficult to explain. And she made a blunt remark that she swears this place is haunted. So I asked her if she believed in spirits and ghosts and such, and she said she absolutely does.

She told me about experiences that she had as a child and then she told me she was serious about this place being haunted. In one day it happened twice that information that she had loaded onto a customer's account, information that I myself had seen, just disappeared. Yes, someone could very well have gone and changed this information without telling her, but one still wonders. In the past 2 weeks we have had similar experiences, and I have not told her about what I have experienced here. I just told her that I am sensitive and do believe.

It has happened twice now that I will be in my boss's office, filling my water bottle, as I stand facing the faucet, my left shoulder is pointed toward the door of the office. And from the corner of my eye I see a man's legs and feet walking past the door, going toward the gate and the storage area. This when I can hear everyone either in the front or outside. His pants are a beige colour and his shoes are black. I go and check and the key to the gate is lying on my boss's desk, so if someone was headed to the store room he would have had to step into the office to get the key. Sure enough, the gate is closed and no one is to be seen.

Earlier today I was headed to the back, again to get water, and I realized that the alarm panel was flashing and only then did I hear the alarm go off in the room where the safe is. Yet, all gates were locked and we were only 3 people in the office, yet the alarm was triggered. I know there could be other reasons as to why the alarm would be tripped in a back room, but it makes me wonder.

This spirit is so curious he follows me when I go and get archived invoices in the back. It's like he wants me to always be aware that he is there. He is not around my desk so much like he was initially, but he still pulls my attention frequently. He seems to have noticed that I get edgy when he is in my space too much, so I think he has backed off due to that. As I am typing this I have the mental picture of a smile, and I can feel a fingertip on my right temple. Just enough to make it tickle.

What is strange to me, as someone who is new to this, I do not experience hot or cold spots. Just like with the spirits close to me, he does not make me feel hot or cold. Is this normal?

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triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-04)
hi val!
Actually poor Tim has been so busy he has not even had time off work, so I am still a bit in the dark.
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-10-30)
Triden, to me it's normal. I don't always get the same 'symptoms' with every spirit who wanders by. I think it might depend on their energy, and intentions.
Good to see you've made some head way on your investigation. Has Tim been able to do his walk through yet?

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