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Driving Over A Spirit?


I saw this with my own eyes along with a group, but was still very scary and reaffirmed my belief in the paranormal.

It was an Indian festival called Rakhi. It is a festival for brothers and sisters. Sisters tie rakhee to their brothers and ask for the sisters well being, security and safety. And brothers give something in return for the sisters as a gift and promise that they will take care of them in all possible ways. This is not just for sisters/brothers by blood but for anyone who would want to be brothers and sisters (irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race, family and nationality).

Usually this day is full of sweets. Sisters and brothers travel to meet each other and cover most people they know and have sweets in all houses. That's a tradition to have sweet. It is a strong belief in certain parts/cultures of India that sweet/sugar attracts spirits. They also believe that open hair of girls attract spirits. Scientifically progressive people rubbish it as superstition but people who believe do believe it quite strongly.

So on this day, a friend of mine traveled to his sister's place with another friend of his. His name is Manish. They were travelling on a motor scooter. Manish owned the scooter and was driving my friend to the place. They took a route which was less used, to beat the traffic and reached the sister's place. After having finished the traditions and having sweets they took the same route back home.

In the evening when they reached home Manish started to behave abnormally. He was closing himself in the room and was stuck to the bed like he was really scared of something. He was stuck to a single corner in the bed and was shivering when his parents saw him. The parents were very worried as to why/what is causing Manish to do this. This continued for two more days after the festival.

My friend was called to ask if they had any incident or if they had a fight with someone or received a threat from someone that he is getting scared. I was along with my friend that day when he went to meet Manish's parents. He answered that they only went to his sister's place and met a few friends on the way and returned home. Neither did they have any incident or any scuffle. We all went to the room where Manish was sitting inside. It was a small house so he could hear what we were speaking.

As soon as we went in, Manish was very angry at my friend and was fuming with anger that he was making kind of hissing sound with his mouth. He was not even making eye contact. He started saying loudly that my friend was lying and that he was along with Manish when he drove the motor scooter over it, two times which ended up hurting it. We were all shocked to hear this because he was not harmed in anyway and no physical wounds as well. And he was not talking in his original tone and voice. He was speaking in a very squeaky voice but rudely without looking at anyone.

I didn't understand at the moment what was happening. Because of the rudeness he spoke with, I thought that these two people had some misunderstanding or a fight that my friend is not revealing. I was trying to observe Manish's body postures and movements while this conversation was happening. The eye contact was never made directly. He was sitting on the bed with his legs on the floor and was facing the wall. We were standing 70-80 degrees to his right and I saw Manish looking at us through his eye corners stealthily and quickly moving the eyeballs towards the wall. He was so uncomfortable with we in the room that he was almost trying to face his back to us and moving his feet to his left (kind of showing his back to us). And when he spoke his forehead and cheeks were being wrinkled so much that it seemed like he was disgusted by our presence and while talking he was indicating with his hands for us to go away.

We came out being shocked and surprised by the behavior. While we walked out and sat outside, we heard heavy voice from Manish's room. Manish was shouting something very loud but what was being shouted was not clear. It was some language and it appeared to be definitely of Indian origin. It was not clear Hindi, but had a few words of Hindi mixed into some dialect. Manish's mother rushed into his the pooja room and brought kum kum (vermilion) to keep on his forehead. We also went along with her. He clearly refused to have vermilion on his face and was pushing away his mother when she was trying to. I was willing to go hold him tight so that the vermilion can be applied. My friend stopped me and called a baba within the locality to visit Manish's place. I was told that it appears as if he is being possessed by a spirit and hence not being allowed to place vermilion on his forehead.

This baba is quite a unique guy. He is a well-educated employee of a private firm who helps people being bothered with spirits and stuff like that. He came to their house that evening and was well prepared to ward off the evil that was bothering (assuming by the material he brought along with him, which was pretty much in two separate bags). He entered sat in the room where Manish was sitting and started speaking to him. He didn't do any prayers or apply anything on the forehead or nothing like that. Just plain simple conversation. He spoke in the language we all understood. Hindi.

He simply asked a few questions:

Q) What is wrong with you?

A) I am angry because he hurt me knowingly.

Q) Who hurt?

A) Scooter one

Q) How were you hurt?

A) Manish responded he drove over me two times. Everyone knows I am there.

Q) Where were you?

A) I was sitting in my place where I have been sitting since 200 years

Q) Which place?

A) Rangrez Galli (Name of a lane, which they took to reach their sister's place)

Q) What is your Name?

A) Reshma Bi (name of a woman)

Q) Were you visible when you were sitting?

A) No

Q) How can he see you if you are invisible?

A) He should know

Q) He didn't know you were there. It was a mistake. He will not repeat. Now leave him and go.

A) Mistakes are to be paid for

Q) Go back to your place. It was a mistake and he will not repeat.

A) Mistakes are to be paid for

Q) What do you want?

A) Two goats

Q) They are poor people, can't afford two goats immediately

A) I will go after I get two goats

Q) How and where do you want the two goats?

A) Place them under the Chaderghat Bridge near Malakpet (it's an old bridge over a river, which once upon a time had flowing water, now completely dry)

Q) Ok. Will be given to you in 15 days. But you leave now.

A) No

Q) One goat today and one goat in 15 days leave now

A) No

Q) Will you leave or should I forcefully make you leave

A) Laughs loud and says two goats.

Q) OK. Two goats today. How do we know you left?

A) Two goats

Q) Don't you understand? Two goats will be kept today. But leave now. How do we know you left?

A) I will leave through the mirror (pointing to the mirror in the room)

Q) How will we know you left through the mirror?

A) You will know

Q) How?

A) Don't you understand? I will leave and you will know

Q) OK. Leave now and your goats will be kept in place today.

A) ...

In two seconds, the mirror in the room broke. We were 6 people in the room standing right next to the baba who was having the conversation. All of the conversation was in a very loud and angry voice/tone from both ends like a verbal fight. The baba didn't touch any material he brought along nor was there a need to.

After the mirror broke, which was an indication for us that the spirit left, the baba told that this spirit has possessed him to take revenge because they drove from a lane to beat the traffic that day, and unknowingly drove over her. That place was where she (the spirit) has been resident, apparently.

The same day, we bought two goats and placed it under the bridge. Don't know what happened to them. We didn't go back to check. Manish was fine in a day or two after that and they never took that road nor there was any trouble.

This reaffirmed me the existence of spirits. But how did that baba talk to the spirit without having to use any holy material he brought along? Does that mean there are other ways to deal with spirits and paranormal, in addition to the path of god? Or is it that the baba has developed the strength and support of god within himself?

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saviorocks (8 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-02)
Hi AlexZornov,
Its a great. Its not necessary you need to use some holy things to remove. If you talk to them with love and affection and grant their wish they will listen to you.

Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-19)
Yes, please email me through some more information - my email is on my profile.
pjs1977 (2 stories) (48 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-19)
Wow Alex that's one crazy possession. I can't believe this spirit would get inside someone like that and have the person completely taken over like some kind of host. I would of told that spirit to piss off demanding two goats. Yea you want something how about I send you to hell where you once came now get out of my brother you nasty disgusting person and leave this earth nowwwwww. Before I have some priest perform an exorcist on you.
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-19)
Dear Mack, I am happy that my explanation was well received. Thanks for voting me up. I will give more details through e-mail, if you wish.

Regards and respects to you.

Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-18)
Hi SDS. I really appreciate your in depth and thoughtful explanation of the nature of the Indian belief systems in regard to this experience. It's educated me a lot.
PS. I voted your comment up 😊
AlexZernov (2 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-18)
Dreamer: It is so much sweets on that day, most people feel very drowsy after noon. Because so much of sugar is in their body by noon.

He was fine within a couple of days with no medication/visit to the doctor. If it was so nasty it would not have been such a quick recovery from Urinary track infection/dengue.
AlexZernov (2 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-18)
Seraphina: Thanks Mate. Yes, while many things are more or less similar in cultures/beliefs...there are equally many which are unique to geographies and cultures. This site plays a good role of being a melting pot of beliefs and culture. We can read discuss and understand. Hope you have a good day.
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-18)
Hi Mack, I am also from India and Black Magic is being practiced since time immemorial in our country. People from the State of Kerala, Orissa were experts in Black Magic. Perhaps for people from different country and culture, you may not be aware of our customs and traditions. I will try to explain. Mods, please do pardon me if my comments are a bit lengthy because I want to make people from other cultures understand our way of thinking about Black Magic, Spirits and Paranormal. Well, if you feel my comments are inadvertent, please do delete, I won't feel bad.

There are four Vedas, for Hindus, of course, Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva. Atharva Veda is said to be full of mantras and explanation of tantras to do black magic. Among Brahmins, people are classified as followers of Rig Veda, Yajur Veda or Sama Veda. But never Atharva Veda. Nowadays very few people teach Atharva Veda. It is said that if you master Atharva Veda, you can control spirits and entities, well to your advantage.

There are people, who have not mastered Atharva Veda, but have practiced Black Magic, teach their disciples. We call them "Mantravadhis". There are two types. One is called "Sanmathravadhi" and the other is "Dhunmanthravadhi". The first one, Sanmathravadhi, is a benevolent person, who tries to help others, may be for money or consideration, in removing the bad-spell cast on a person. The other, Dhunmanthravadhi, is the person, who casts a bad-spell on a particular person. People, who want to cast a bad-spell on someone, will approach the Dhunmanthravadhi, with the offer of money or valuables and they will show him the person to whom the spell should be cast. For this, the Dhunmanthravdhi would require hair or nail of the person, who should be affected by his spell.

As far as, Sanmathravadhi is concerned, he will try to remove the spell cast on a particular person. But, many times they fail also because it should be that he should be more powerful than the Dhunmanthravadhi.

This Sanmanthravadhi will also be called to drive away the spirits that possessed a person. So, whatever AlexZernov has written as his experience did not surprise me at all. I was also a witness many such dialogues, discussions by Sanmanthravdhi to a person possessed and the possessed person would behave in an abnormal manner, much out of their usual character and all. Sometimes they ask meat, they ask goats like our O/P has stated in his write-up, sometimes refuse to leave.

In our culture even now, in villages, people don't send their female children, especially when they have come of age, after sunset outside or during noon. It is a belief that the bad spirits would try to possess them.

Scientifically and even studies say, I learnt many things from this site through much of reading others experiences, Mods experienced advise and other posters like Rook, Val, Red and you, but still what I have come across regarding possession are totally different in our country, which are still going on. I don't say that all that the Sanmanthravadhis cure are possessions. But, some really are.

AlexZernov, I would have been happy if you had gone to Malakpet Bridge and saw what happened to the two goats. Secondly, it would have been fantastic, like you said in your reply comment that if there was a video or audio recording.

Regards and respects to you and Mack.

Seraphina (7 stories) (147 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-17)
Alex, your story is fascinating and your answers to Mack's questions help Western readers understand your customs better. Thanks for sharing! ~Seraphina
AlexZernov (2 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-17)

I will try to answer as much as I can to your points but my knowledge is limited in this regard. I was a witness to what happened in Manish's house. Though I am an Indian, I stay in UAE. This visit to Manish's house happened when I was on a Month long vacation to India. Employees in UAE are mostly expats and its a general practice to take a month long annual vacation back home.

Random and sudden spiritual possession: I am not aware in general. But especially back home I have heard of people getting possessed just being back from a day long or couple of days trip or even by a small walk. In many interiors of the country, the practice of Black Magic is being done using lemons/eggs/clay pots and they are placed on the streets where people walk. The belief is, if you cross that, what ever is associated with the egg/lemon/clay pot (among others), will follow you home and will enter into your body. This can be viewed very commonly during a no moon night/full moon night. Because the people who practice witch craft believe that their power multiplies on these days. Rakhi every year is on a full moon day.

Measure of Time: I don't know. May be Indian spirits are good at mathematics and time measurement. 😜. I didn't give it a logical though at that moment nor until you raised this point, because I was focusing only on the outcome that Manish should be normal back again.

In India, Goats are many times used by people practicing black magic as a sacrifice to please what they are worshiping. Even in people not practicing black magic, Goats are sacrificed to please gods. Some during day, Some in the evening and black magicians at mid night at secluded places. May be it has something to do with that.

That lane they passed through is popularly called as Shaitan Galli (literal translation is the Demon's lane). My ancestral house is only a couple of minutes walk from that lane. And I heard from my elders that people go and keep food/raw meat and a lot of other offerings in that lane on no moon days and full moon days. To keep the demon happy so that it won't hurt people. I don't know the realty so I would neither accept nor deny the practice. It could be a Ginn as well. Not necessarily a spirit. But I don't know.

I was not taking any kind of notes. I was a spectator and had no reason to record it in some way or the other. At hindsight, I should have recorded it. At least the audio part of it. It would have been much helpful to hear it and would have been absolutely great to see if it was a video recording.

In many cultures/locations in India breaking of glass is considered a bad omen. The reason... In addition to its only pragmatic job of reflecting as is, there is a lot of philosophy attached to mirror in India and I believe in parts else where. Mirror is a reflection of realty and when the realty is clouded the glass breaks.
Hence it is considered as a bad omen because philosophically indicates that something around is not the way it is supposed to be. (This is my interpretation of the popular belief)

I appreciate your questioning. Its a good way to understand others thought processes and possibly rule out something which is not real.


dreamer01 (1 stories) (117 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-17)
hi yual,

Can I put forward a couple of theories of what happened.

Firstly there was a mention of people eating a lot of sweet things. So, I thought there may have been initially a bad reaction to excessive sugar but I have never heard of delirium to be part of it.

Really nasty urinary tract infections (uti,s) can cause severe delirium. The excessive shivering and shaking then delirium setting in sounds like denghi fever...or, maybe it, s just a big porky pie.

Macknorton-- you are asking all the right questions and have very valid points that I agree with. Let, s see what the op has to say?
dreamer01 🤔
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-16)
Hi AlexZernov. That's a very intriguing read...

When tales of seemingly random and sudden spiritual possession pop up every now and again, I kind of sigh and my shoulders slump a wee bit (it's bad posture I know) because it's such a complicated and highly controversial subject matter that, for me, creates FAR more questions than answers.

So here I go (again)...I have a few questions / comments about your experience that if you wouldn't mind helping to clarify for me so I better understand it?

To me, the idea of a spirit just suddenly being able to "inhabit" or almost completely influence the physical body of a complete stranger who was seemingly healthy and who just happened to be travelling along the road, and who also seemed to be of reasonable mind, just seems to me to be, well... Highly unlikely in all honesty.

These are obviously only my opinions, but far as I understand it, time (as we know it simply) doesn't exist in the spirit world.

So when this spirit said she had been sitting on the road for "200 years", how would she know that she had been there for any period of measurable time, and wouldn't that little factoid be irrelevant, considering the main conversation / issue was about two goats? And this spirit wanted two goats? What on earth for?

Just wondering... could she have been hurt by the scooter? Was this spirit some serial body-possessor who simply waits on a road then decides to inhabit every poor unsuspecting traveler who happens to inadvertently "flattens" her?

And also... Sorry for going on and on here, but were you recording this whole transcript, or taking short hand notes?

And finally - the mirror. To me the idea that mirrors are somehow magical portals to the spirit world sounds like a well propagated internet-based myth. After all, what exactly is a mirror? It's merely a piece of reflective glass usually on a piece of wood. How utterly unmagical.

Sorry if I've bombarded you with some points that I think need clarifying / expanding...



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