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Something Wicked Always Came!


My name is Imani and I have had so many paranormal experiences it's not even funny. First off, let me start by giving you some of my history! When I was a little girl I would have dreams that were visions but they were a sign of things to come.

I remember when I was six years old I kept having a dream that my father was getting shot, and I had that same dream for four nights straight. My father wasn't shot but he did get hurt really bad! Both of my grandmothers have had experience with the supernatural. My grandmother on my father's side would dreams of people dying and they would always come true. My grandmother on my mom's side saw her mother after she died when she was six. I grew always knowing if I could trust people or not so I have the gift of reading and the gift of dreams. I'm also an empath!

Anyways, when I was in the sixth grade my mom bought a house located on the south side of Chicago and by then I had had my fair share of experiences with the supernatural. The house was very old, it was built in the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The house had a haunted feeling to it. The bathroom was very vintage, I'm talking the old school porcelain tub and everything.

Over time I started to notice different things like things being moved, feeling like I was always being watched and that someone was always there. The attic was the worse.

My mom worked during the day, so during the summer I would be home by myself a lot. I remember like it was yesterday. I went upstairs to get something to drink and I could hear whisper like voices coming from the attic. It was very scary, I didn't know what to do but over time it didn't bother me and I grew to understand that I was living in a haunted house.

There was a Tia doll that had and for those of you who don't know that was one of the Brat dolls. She was electronic so she could talk. Well it would drive my mom completely crazy so one night she took the battery out of the doll, but in the middle of the night it was still talking. I was so creeped out and the next day I told my mom and she didn't believe me but she still threw it out. I also found a dead rat in the middle of my floor. It was from one of the mouse traps and I there is no way that the rat could of gotten out of that trap unless someone took it out and put it there, and no one else had access to our house.

Now that I look back on it I think it was just one spirit that was mischievous. I wouldn't say violent. It just liked messing with me because the others really just kept to themselves, but they were always poking around our house. I think that house was a safe house because if you go in the back of our house in the basement is a cubby but it leads to a secret room but I never had the guts to go back there. The basement and the attic had the strongest activity. We are no longer living in the house.

I have many more experiences to share with you but let's see how this story goes. Goodbye until next time!

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Seraphina (7 stories) (147 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-21)
Hi, Phoenix,
Welcome to YGS! I enjoyed reading your story. It reminds me of similar haunted life or haunted places postings I've read here, so you definitely aren't alone in having such experiences.

Am I right in thinking that--in retrospect, anyway--you decided the entity in your Chicago house wasn't really "something wicked" after all? The talking doll and the dead rat incidents are certainly creepy!

Blessings, Seraphina

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