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Paranormal Activity Child 2 Years Old


My grandson is 2 years and 3 months. It all started after a suicide in the family, first things would randomly just fall over or off the table. First the TV would switch itself on, the decoder for satellite TV would be off, but TV would be on and satellite TV channel would be on children's channel, but the decoder would be off. Then a little tray just flew off the table, then the broom like kind of jumped out of the corner, falling right in front of his Mother. Then when he sleeps over he would be staring at the ceiling in my room, he sleeps in my bed with me. He would point and in Afrikaans he would say that there is a bug ("gogga"), and that it is huge and scary. He sleeps very bad, waking up several times at night. Turning and crying.

Last week Thursday evening was bad, he was hysterical and kept on saying that the fire in the bed was biting him. And that the "bug" has a knife. His Mom was sleeping in the spare bedroom, he only wanted to sleep there as the fire was biting him. He was swatting at his legs.

I had someone come and bless my home. It is quite now. Last night they were here again and he pointed into space in my room and this time he said that the big scary uncle is not there any more, and he pointed to the mirror and said that there is a hole and that's were the big uncle went. And that the big uncle can not get Granny's big knife anymore to hurt him or Granny. And that the fire cannot bite him anymore. He fell asleep as I was reading Psalm 23 to him.

But now there is a problem at his own home. He would shout out load at night and call his Mom and screams "come lay down with me". She would jump up run to his room and he would be sound asleep. This happens up to three times a night, not every night. Every time she goes to him, he is sound asleep in the same position he was before? His Dad has heard him scream out, so his Mom is not imaging this.

We are worried, has something attached to him? Is this something imitating his voice at night?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Only changes was the suicide of his Mom's cousin, and when family was here for funeral they stayed over at my house. My Father-in-law slept in my bed, which was his bed and my Mother-in-law passed away in that bed. He has remarried, this was the first time in 9 years that he slept in that bed.

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littlelight (1 stories) (10 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-25)
Found it! The Baby, The Large Lady, and The Bad Feeling
By RedRaven5

There's similarities to your experiences with the children voices and prayer. Also those comments may help with your situation
❤ ❤
littlelight (1 stories) (10 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-25)
Hi there, fellow SAfer here 😁. Children, like animals tend to be more open/sensitive to... Let's say the other realm. So I think this may be why your grandson is seeing these things and having these experiences. It may even be because he sees them, that they antagonise him, sort of like feed off his emotions, as I believe low level beings do this. Like a bully will keep bullying you, if you play up to it.
The part in your story about the hole in the mirror, this made me nervous. Now I'm no expert, but I immediately got the image of a portal. Don't freak out, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are natural ones and man made ones, however its maybe a good thing to be aware of it and keep it closed to any negative entities. From your story I assume you're Christian, so I would recommend asking God and his Angles (I like Arch Angle Michael for these type things), to keep the door sealed to anything negative or dark trying to get into your home. As a child I lived in a house with a portal, wasn't fun😨 You may want to try this approach with the crying child too, at your grandsons home. There was a story recently of someone who did this and it worked. I'll search for it and post you the link so you can read her story if you like.
If your Daughter-in-law is open to it, have the same person who blessed your house bless hers and your grandson. Its difficult with kids, but you could try teaching him how to shield by making it an imagination game. Example, ask him to imagine that he is in a white bubble and that the bubble gets brighter and brighter. Now no baddies can get through his shield or coat of armour 😉 He can imagine that he has a magical coat of armour, that is indestructible and if anything scares him, he simply has to put his armour on.
I would suggest researching the history of the house, but that's difficult in SA.
I'm sorry for your loss, with the suicide and that your little grandson has to go through this. Stay strong in your faith of goodness and love!
Peace be with you
DandK (11 stories) (344 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-23)
Hi mariocetzee37, Thanks for posting your interesting story. Something similar happened to my parents when I was an infant. My parents would wake up during the night (a few days a week this would happen) when they heard me cry and scream. They would take turns going in to see what was wrong and EVERY time, I was sound asleep and there was no indication that I had been crying. They could hear the crying all the way to my room, so there is no way that I could 'recover' and be sound asleep.

It turned out that the friend of the babysitter was the daughter of the family that owned the house before my parents and one night this friend came to pick up the babysitter after my parents got home. The friend walked in the front door and the sound of a baby crying started up, from the back room that I slept in. I was clearly right in the same room with everyone, being held by the babysitter and not making any noise. The babysitter's friend heard the baby and ran out the front door of the house immediately.

The next day the babysitter came back to the house and apologized to my parents for her friend's behavior and told them that when her friend's family had lived there her infant brother died in that back room. Ironically, my parents didn't hear the baby crying again, as if the baby found his sister and left with her. This makes me wonder about a 'lost' spirit in your case. Perhaps a child that hasn't found his way to another place, living still in this home? Maybe if the parents can be encouraged to talk to the spirit when they go into the room and discover their child is still asleep, and tell the spirit that it is ok?

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