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Did I See My Dead Friend?


Am really overwhelmed by the response which I got from my previous post.

The incident which happened 2 days back made me to post this story. If you have read my previous post you knew that I live in an apartment. Three years back we have moved to different apartment where we have spacious rooms. Opposite to my house there was this girl name Felicia, she stayed along with her grandma and mom. Since we were under same age group both become really close. We used to drive bike together and climb on mango trees and pluck it and eat it by dipping on salt and chilly powder mixture. After her grandma died 6 months ago she moved to a different place.

She was in a relationship and she was very happy with that guy. She calls me at least once in a week and tell me the whole story which happened in that week. Mostly it was about her guy. On March 30th she called and she said she wanted to meet and tell something so we agreed to meet on April 3rd Sunday. I was really worried because she seems to be tensed about something.

I was returning home after my work at 9:30 pm on 1st of April. I met Felicia near the mango tree which we use to climb (I have to cross that tree to reach my home). It was a secluded place. She was wearing shirt and jean not sure about the colour since it was dark. She was weeping and looking at me but when I reached near the mango tree she was not there. I was literally confused and I called her mobile but no response. It felt creepy so I literally ran home.

Mom gave me this shocking news as soon as I reached that Felicia committed suicide. I told mom I just saw her near the tree and my mom was totally shocked. She took me to Pooja room (were we keep our God's Idol and do prayer) and tied a rope in my hand (it is believed that rope will protect me from supernatural things).

I told mom that wanted to see her but she said they took her body for postmortem so will go tomorrow morning. I was not able to sleep, her memories were haunting me. I kept on thinking what she wanted to tell me because am sure she had some problem going on.

Next day I went for the funeral and since they did postmortem they wrapped her with bandage so not sure which dress she was wearing but I was curious to know about it. Nobody knew the reason why she committed suicide and she didn't write any suicide note. Only on that day I met her boyfriend (she has sent his picture to me in whatsapp so I know how he looks) when I enquired him whether they had any issue he said absolutely not and actually they were planning to get married next month. I didn't know how far it's true but he seems to very emotional and upset like others.

On 5th April I called her mom and asked how she is doing. Of course she was missing her only child and going through hell. I asked her while talking which dress she was wearing when she died and she told shirt and jean. I didn't speak to her for few seconds them her mom asked me the reason for asking it and I said "nothing".

So friends am damn sure I saw here and she was weeping. Definitely she had some problem and but no one knows what it is. I feel guilty for not meeting her soon at least I could have comforted her by telling am there to help her. Confused

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C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-18)
I'm so sorry about your friend and saddened when I hear about young people who take their own lives, knowing after all my years that even the worst things can be overcome with time. I'm also wondering if foul play occurred. She agreed to meet with you on April 3rd, but you met her by the mango tree April 1st. Was it an accidental meeting and not the prearranged one? You weren't to have met on that day? I wonder if the uncle knew she was going to tell her story to someone and forestalled her meeting with you. Hanging can be manipulated to look like suicide.

Whatever the outcome, obviously a loved and cherished woman is dead. I hope over time you learn what happened to her and justice is done, whatever part the uncle played in her death. My sympathy to you in your loss.
rorzy (4 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-27)
hi allesgute154
I partially agree to you because they both died on same day and by hanging themselves.
Few days back cops found out that the reason for my friends death it is not because of her boyfriend its due to her own uncle who was blackmailing her. With the help of her mobile they were able to find it out. And she tried to speak with me through dreams she is happy that culprit has caught but she is not happy for the way how her life has ended.

And it is very much different from the Pratyusha story.
allesgute154 (3 stories) (254 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-26)
Hello Rorzy,

Sorry to read about your loss. I don't mean to doubt your narration, but this incident is eerily similar (call it a coincidence, if you like) to a very famous ongoing suicide case of a television actress in India. Her name is Pratyusha Banerjee and she also committed suicide on April 1. Here is the link:
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-22)

Thank you for answering my questions. I too hope she will come to you and perhaps tell you why she felt she had to leave this world, or, if she was forced to. Please let us know if she does. I hope you are ok. My thoughts are with you. Xxx
Manafon1 (6 stories) (712 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-22)
rorzy--It really seems like you encountered what would be referred to as a "crisis-apparition." Briefly, these are, "cases in which a recognized apparition is seen, heard or felt at a time when the person represented by the apparition is undergoing some crisis ". In this instance a suicide. In this type of case, (some believe) a telepathic message is sent from the still living person in crisis to the percipient (in this account rorzy) where it can remain latent for hours or even a few days before manifesting. In this case as an apparition weeping.

As Felicia was your friend, it makes sense she would have been thinking of you in the immediate moments before her untimely death.

2nd1st and Tweed--What are referred to as "doppelgängers" by many are, in the opinion of several well known psychical researchers, apparitions of living people. The Society of Psychical Research has an abundance of cases on file of people seeing apparitions of their living fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends and so on. There are also well reported cases of people seeing their own apparition. There are many superstitions regarding seeing these things (as Tweed wrote) but, at least in the several cases I have read, they were not "bad omens". Quite the opposite, they usually appear doing innocuous, mundane things. In the case of apparitions of the living, there is much evidence to suggest they are what could be termed as "non-crisis apparitions."

There was a huge tome published in the late 1800s titled Phantasms of the Living that discussed cases of "apparitions of the living." It's too bad that superstition and fear still reign over the term "apparition of the living", as there aren't any negative connotations or superstitious baggage associated with that term

Great conversation everybody!
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-22)
2nd1st, had to read it a couple times but I got there 😉

I don't know much about doppelganers either, other than an encounter of one nearly always makes no sense. There's some theories around them being bad omens which I find a bit too superstitious to swallow personally. A telepathic link kind of seems more reasonable.
2nd1st (1 stories) (118 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-22)
Very good thinking tweed. I don't know much about dopplegangers but I can see a logical fit. Kind of the inverse where the third party is the receiver if a first party projection rather than the first party projecting based on a link to the third party.

Ok that may not have been too well phrased. The ability to upload diagrams would be helpful here:)
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-22)
Hey Rorzy this is very sad story... I think she wanted to indicate something May her soul rest in peace...
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-22)
2nd1st and Manafon, just a quick thought, this non fatal empathy scenario may define the concept of the ever baffling appearance of a doppelganger.
2nd1st (1 stories) (118 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-22)
Food for thought indeed. Thinking about the empathetic telepathic scenario, one would also then expect the observer to experience similar manifestations in non fatal extreme distress situations experienced by the object of the manifestation. Hope that made sense
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-22)
Oh Rorzy,
My heart broke for your friend and you.
It does seem as though your friend was reaching out. Maybe to tell you she was sorry for not being able to meet with you, one last time.

I know how it feels to lose someone so special from suicide or even a sudden tragic passing.

It's not an easy road, and I hope you are ok.

In time I believe when she's ready, she will come to you. Whether or not she tells you why, is something I think would be her choice.

So just know, you keeping the good memories in your thoughts are a way of keeping her close.

So so sorry for your loss Rorzy, if you ever need to reach out and speak to someone I'm all ears.

Thank you for sharing
Sincerely Spiritwaiting
Manafon1 (6 stories) (712 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-21)
Hi 2nd1st--You brought up an interesting concept when you mention, "an empathic psychic type situation." In the book I suggested in an earlier post (Parasychology: The Controversial Science) Richard Broughton states that, "The preferred explanation by parapsychologists is that the crisis-apparition is actually a hallucination brought about by some sort of telepathic contact with the person in crisis. This theory is believed to account for the majority of one-time apparitions." In other words a living mind transmitting a message to a living mind. This presently popular theory is in line with what you describe.

Of course, Broughton does go on to mention a theory I am quite taken with when he writes, "Other parapsychologists theorize that the apparition is in some way caused by a surviving aspect (soul, spirit, consciousness) of a dead individual. This is known as the discarnate-entity theory."

It's all food for thought.
2nd1st (1 stories) (118 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-21)
It's very relevant here that you saw the apparition before you knew of her death. Had it been the other way around more worldly psychological factors would seem more likely.

I've read a lot of similar accounts. People tend to attribute them to a deliberate farewell gesture on the part of the departed. But I do wonder if in some cases it may be more of an empathic psychic type situation on the part of the observer sensing the passing of their loved one. That us if course pure speculation on my part.
rorzy (4 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-21)
hi otteer
Am very sure that her soul is not in peace... Because am getting nightmare were she is asking me to be with her... I don't know whether is it because am stressed about the whole situation. Felicia mom knows about the marriage so does the guys parents. Her mom told me that the guys parents are really good people... Am not sure what problem she was facing but I hope that she communicate with me to tell about it...
rorzy (4 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-21)
Hi rynne
Itz really hard for me to think that she is no more. I visited her mom last week and asked about the post mortem result and they confirmed it s a suicide and she was not pregnant... Her boy friend call her mom every day just to ask if she is OK and also guys parents met her mom too... Her cell is used for investigation process... In the autopsy report it has mentioned as strangulation
rorzy (4 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-21)
Hi lady glow
She committed suicide on April 1st morning and she has taken for post mortem during noon time... After the examination her body (itz hard to team her as body now) reached home the next day April 2rd between 11am-12pm...and funeral has done on d same day during evening time...
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-21)
Could you please elaborate a little more about the time frame for these events? I don't know if I am wrong but -do you mean the postmortem examination and the funeral took place within 24 hours after Felicia's death?

I'm sorry for your loss, it is so sad when a young life ends in such a tragic and senseless way.
rynne (69 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-20)
rorzy, that must be very tough, losing a close childhood friend in such a horrible way. I hope she, her family find peace. I was wondering of the postmortem results were shared? Perhaps they may help reveal the possible reason for her taking the final drastic step? Do you know anything about it? Hope you find strength, losing a close childhood friend is indeed very difficult. Peace.
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-20)
So sorry for your loss! I agree with E.Lynx that loved ones and friends often come to people they care about immediately after their death, but usually its done peacefully, kind of a, "I'm ok", visit. That she would come to you crying, makes me feel she was try to tell you all was not right with her passing.

Why would she commit suicide on the 1st when she was to meet you, her trusted friend, on the 3rd? Not to be a drama queen, but I'm getting a bad vibe, that possibly her life may have been taken. Could it be that someone did not want her talking? Can you ask her mother if she knew anything about the marriage BEFORE your friend died? Could it be possible your friend was pregnant? (this would be available in the autopsy but not available to the public, but maybe her family would know)

Would be curious to know the actual cause of death, and if there is going to be an inquiry. Does anyone know you had a meeting scheduled? This may be of interest to the local authorities, a reason for perhaps an investigation to be opened if her suicide method was unusual or out of character. What vibe were you getting from the boyfriend aside from his "appearing " to be upset, anything?

So sorry again, for your loss.
roylynx (guest)
8 years ago (2016-04-20)
I am not sure what that is, but I kept hearing stories like that even among my family. Your father just saw granny out there but at the same time we received a call saying that granny had just passed away, things like that. I guess those whom were close to us would want to say their last good bye when they go. It is very sad to hear such stories though.

Warmest regards from São Paulo


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