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Last week my younger sister went for a trip along with her friends to the place called Chikmangalur, Karnataka. And they stayed in the place called the THE EAGLES EYE RESORT. She showed me the pics before going there and the place is heaven. It is located on top of the mountain and actually it is a reserve forest. It's usual to find lion and tiger trespassing.

She started her journey on Saturday early morning around 3 a.m with her friends in her friend's car. It's 11 hour drive from Chennai to Chikmangalur and they reached place by 4.30 pm. They were damn tired because of travel and all were dozed soon.

To tell about the room they stayed, actually it is a beautiful tree house and everything including windows and balcony is opened i.e it doesn't have any door as such thing to close. It will be opened always so it's common for monkeys to get in, but they didn't face that problem. And they woke up to have dinner, they ordered food and ate then slept like pigs.

During midnight my sister woke up feeling pain in her thighs and when suddenly she sensed someone watching her from outside. So she looked outside and she got shocked she saw a figure who was wearing coat suit and tie and he was staring at her continuously. And then she heard a loud bang and then the figure disappeared. My sister is a bold girl, she didn't think much about what happened so she went back to her sleep.

Morning she told this to her friends and one of his friends asked her about the figure and by the way my sister described he said he has seen someone like she describes in a photo which was kept near the reception. So they went there to check it out and to my sister's surprise it was the same man and my sister seeing the photo for the first time. And the interesting part is he was dead long time back. Then they enquired about the photo the employee said his name is Mr. Monis and he is the owner for the resort.

And to forget about this incident they went to many activities like drafting, dancing. Since it was raining they were not able to go for trekking. So they planned to go back to the tree house and drink. My sister drinks occasionally and also her other friend. But other friend, let's call him as E, doesn't drink much. But everyone drank on that day and E started to say weird things like he can see people and can hear voices in his head. My sister initially thought he talking rubbish because of booze but later what happened was the mysterious thing.

E called my sister and asked who is Vellaisami? She was stunned because it's my granddad name and he passed away when I was a baby. And my sister never ever mentioned his name to him before. So she replied him that it's her granddad and then he said the creepiest thing that our granddad is standing in the same room with them and again he said vel murugan is also here but we don't know who that is but E said he is our ancestor. And finally E called my sister as kutta and the shocking part is only my mom's dad will call her as kutta and he passed away few years due to cancer.

My sister doesn't know what to do and other friends were baffled. Suddenly my sister started to pray with joining her hands together and she felt few other hands over hers and it's not her friends. E told that they came here to protect here. And they were not happy with her for drinking so she promised she won't drink henceforth. And they gave a message that they are always with our family and suddenly everything gone back to normal.

Then E started to ask what just happened because he does not remember anything and my sister and others didn't say anything which has happened. And my sister is very much sure she didn't mention our granddad's name to him. When she told this to me she was having tears in her eyes. Am happy that my ancestors are protecting my family.

Thanks for reading.

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C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-18)
Such a great story! Thanks for sharing! I truly believe that the loved ones who passed away before us do their best to steer us straight if only we would listen. Your sister's friend E was apparently susceptible in his drinking state to being the translator. How nice they were able to speak with your sister through him.
PriyankaMenon (2 stories) (41 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-28)
wow really nice story yes its very much true that our ancestors or family with whom we have close bond they come to our rescue protect us in many ways sometimes they also come in our dreams. I am saying this because of mom's experience whenever my mom is depressed my grandpa (her father-in-law he considered more like a daughter) comes in her dreams tells her to relax he will take care. And yes miraculously everything becomes ok after this dream.

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