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We Had A Room-ma


It's been five years since I wrote my last post. The below series of incident made me post here now.

Lot of things have changed in my life now, I got a new job and got married. Now I and my husband are living at our rented house. We moved here last week since our last rented house was not family friendly to put it simply.

Since I got married during CoVID time, Me and my fiancé (now husband) didn't get chance to visit many houses for us to stay post our wedding so we found a house which was closer to both our offices. It was a beautiful apartment- 2 bedrooms, 1 big living room which has a attached balcony. The house was well lit naturally and there are very few buildings close by so we found it perfect for us.

Flash forward to our first day at this house- we both were super tired after the shifting and lifting things so we both dozed off early (may be around 9ish pm) and my husband woke up around 2am to use restroom and after that he went to kitchen to have some water. Our kitchen is an open kitchen so we can see our living room from there. This is when he noticed that both my balcony door and also the main door was widely opened.

His first instinct was someone inside our house. First he checked our room, he found no one so he went out and locked our bedroom room from outside. He didn't wake me all this time. Then he searched the whole house with a wooden log (we hadn't assemble our bed yet so he took one of the bed's wooden leg which was in our room). He found no one then he locked the doors and came back to our room. And I am still there inside the room sleeping.

When I woke up at 6.30am, I found my husband sitting beside me wide awake. I thought he woke up early which was very weird because he is a late riser. When I asked him whether everything is alright only then he told me the whole story.

I was shocked to hear and I was angry at him for many things. Firstly for not telling me at that moment and secondly for locking me inside the bedroom what if someone was still there. But now I was scared to even go out of our room. I called my dad and told him about this and he said he will come there (our house is just 20 minutes from my dad's place).

My dad reached our place and we both were on video call and now we opened our door slowly and my husband noticed that fan was on and he asked me whether I switched it off or not. Since I was so tired I don't even remember whether I switched it off and he didn't notice it either during his night encounter. We both literally ran out and opened our main door. My dad came in and he searched our whole house -every nook and corner but found no one. He being a parent blamed it on me for being careless.

There might be some logical reason for balcony door to get unlocked - may be it was not locked up correctly but the main door to be opened like that is not possible because to lock this door I have to twist the lock twice only then it will get locked. I clearly remember locking it and checking it.

After confirming there was no one at home, dad helped us in unpacking our stuffs and organized most of the things. My mom asked me and husband to stay at their place for the night since we were busy in setting up the house, she said she will cook us dinner. Just to be on the safer side we locked the balcony door by adding 2 locks and locked our main door properly and left to our parents place.

Now came back home next evening, door was locked -we were relieved to see that. Opened the door and first thing we noticed was our fan was ON AGAIN! And not only on our living room it was on in all our rooms. This startled us both very badly, again I called my dad, he said it might be because of some wiring issue and suggested us to check it by electrician at the earliest. That made sense so we booked an electrician and he checked the wiring but he said everything looked fine and no loose connection or anything as such.

We both understood its going to be a sleepless night. We already started to check for other houses as back up. We decided to watch a romcom just to distract our mind, also we ordered dinner. Delivery person rang the bell and I opened the door to get the food. I locked the door and when I turned back I saw a figure looking at me from the other bedroom. I stood there and my husband noticed it and he saw the same figure.

We both unlocked the door and ran outside literally. We vacated the house and stayed at my parents place for sometime. My dad was helping us to pack the things from this house and he asked the watchman about the history about this flat, initially he was hesitant to tell anything then my dad gave him some money and then he said a single mom committed suicide after her ex-husband got the full custody of her kid.

Initially landlord didn't agree to return the deposit amount since our agreement was for 2 years but when we questioned him about hiding the apartment history he agreed to return the full money.

Now we are in another beautiful house and its going smooth here TOUCHWOOD!

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robertseven (6 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-15)
First of all, congratulations on your marriage! I like the way your story flowed - and I almost shuddered thinking about your husband knocking someone out with a bed pole, LOL. You certainly had a bad experience and I'm glad you got your deposit and got out of that place.
rorzy (4 stories) (7 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-15)
Also I wanted to mention a weird incident here, I actually wanted to name this post as "We had a Roommate" but due to a sudden glitch on my laptop I couldn't complete typing the word and automatically the post got submitted with the title "We had a Room-ma". I don't know whether it is a coincidence or something else.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-10)
Hi rorzy

It's definitely terrifying to live in a haunted house, but what's equally sad is the back story regarding that particular apartment and what happened inside it. I do hope that spirit finds some peace.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-09)
Congratulations on your marriage.

What an unnerving way for you and your husband to start your life as a married couple!
I'm glad the dishonest landlord gave you back the money for the deposit.

In my opinion, the spirit wasn't trying to harm you, but I understand your decision for moving out of the place. Hopefully some future tenant will help this spirit to move on and move out of that house.

Thanks for sharing.

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