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Somebody Haunting Me?


Hope you all have read my last story 'The Bloody Footprints' and liked it. After the apparitions of those footprints and many more such abnormal experiences, our family decided to shift to another house. Luckily, my dad had got a transfer in a same moment to another city, so we shifted there. I thought that I shall not experience any such paranormal things again, but the fate had decided to challenge me again with terror. The next event occurred 4 months back, and remembering it, still hastens my heartbeat.

It all started around Jan '16. I noticed mysterious things happening around me. Sometimes I saw footprints and sometime I heard mysterious noises in midnight. Let me tell you all that these all happened not only in the absence of my parents, but in their presence too.

I considered them to be my hallucinations. But one day while I was studying, I heard my younger sister's voice and I was pretty sure that she was sleeping. I ignored it once, because I thought that she must be kidding.

After a while I again heard her voice. That voice made me feel to run in her room. I stepped in the room as fast as I could and what I found that she was in the deepest sleep possible. I know her well, she is not that sort of person who talks in sleep or wakes up and gets back to sleep in seconds. So I decided to sit near her and study. Again I heard the same voice, now it was more terrifying. I looked around my house to check if there is someone playing a prank, but I found nothing.

My mind was puzzled of thoughts now. Danger to our lives was a conclusion of my thoughts. Touch wood nothing happened to me and my sister. But still I hear those voices and I shall be telling about them in upcoming stories. Thank you all for reading.


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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
5 years ago (2016-05-17)

Welcome back...

Your first (submitted) experience had to do with 'footprints' and you mention them in this one as well... Are you literally seeing 'footprints' OR are you HEARING footsteps?

If SEEING footprints, are they outlines in dust? Impressions in sand, soil or mud? Or are they 'bloody' again?

If you are SEEING footprints and not HEARING footsteps there is a chance that this MAY be the same spirit from your other experience... Which MAY indicate that the 'spirit' is attached to an object OR possibly even to an individual with-in your household (I vote for ATTACHED TO OBJECT).

A Journal may help determine what is happening. Please keep us posted.



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