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We Never Crossed That Fence


Originally I wanted to post this story as a comment and realized this is way better story than a part of a comment. This is about a small wooded area in my home town.

I don't know the name of the place but when I was in my school years I, as well as many of my friends, had to go near those woods because we live near both junior and high school. That meant we always walked to school. Because I am one of the earliest to go there, I usually walk alone.

I enjoy walking in the morning. There is always the mist in the morning and as I walk through the mist I imagine myself as some type of hero or this very important guy on his way to do a very important job. Anyway, what I'm saying is it feels great and that feeling lasts until I get closer to the woods. The closer I get, the more I starting to get uncomfortable. It was like hungry predator watching and waiting among the woods.

It was and still is a strange place. It is so dense and dark and is filled with large old trees. I always thought that part do not belong to this town because I have gone through every wooded areas in the town and nowhere else I saw the old trees like this. Everywhere else we don't have dense woods like in this place anywhere in the town. I always felt this dark and forbidding energy whenever I looked or get closer to the woods. Like some monster lurking among the woods and waiting.

Nobody I know ever crossed the fence and entered to the woods even though it looks tempting. That is because near the fence there are different kinds of trees that have different kinds of fruits. It looks very beautiful and inviting but closer one get to the fence, more uneasy that person get. This is the only place me and my friends never trespassed. I never went on that way after 5.00pm. None of us do, we always takes other roads instead.

One day I was going home after school with my friends. We were just passing the woods when I notice someone walking in the woods. It was the first time I saw anyone in side there. My friends saw him too. He was bit far away walking like it was nothing. Because inside the woods always been dark, we didn't much detail and we thought he must be the owner and left. Next day we saw him again walking in the woods as we are watching he moved behind a tree and we did not saw him appear again. We were speechless; this guy just vanished in front of us! It's not a big tree like others to hide behind. We walk along the fence to get a better look. We got a good view of the tree but there is nobody there. We just looked at each other, I saw how frighten my friends was, screamed and ran to our houses. After that none of us talked about that place again.

Few months later I saw a grave in the wood. It didn't have a grave stone. Sometime later I found that the woods area is a family grave. It's a cemetery without a single gravestone. After many years I went nearby place and saw a house under construction. I know for sure that there are at least six or seven graves directly under the house they are building.

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crafty (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-05-29)
hey buthaya
I really liked reading through your story and I am also from srilanka... I would like to know what this place is. I am curious to know haunted places in our county. Is there a name given to the area?
thank you:) 😊
Manafon1 (6 stories) (704 posts)
7 years ago (2016-05-19)
Thanks buthaya, your clarification and explanation of local custom really makes your story come into crisp definition. It does indeed seem that you saw an apparition. I know you don't like thinking about it but you should consider yourself lucky. It's not every day that a ghost presents itself to us!
buthaya (8 stories) (41 posts)
7 years ago (2016-05-19)

To identify a grave without its marker is bit easy here is the grave site is less than one year long. Because the grave have this pyramid shape raising above the ground. It is made from the soil when they dig the ground. It is long as the casket. After some time maybe a year or two, it is difficult to identify. As the guy who told the about the land, well there was a old man lived near the edge of the land. He knows the history about the town. He told me which family owns the land. Over the years I saw the family that owns the land buried their dead on that land. And I saw the head of the family supervising the construction of the house few times and talked to him. The house suddenly stopped building.

About not marking grave sites, well some prefer grave stones and others don't. I have talked to few guys who dug grave and they told me about finding bones or coffins while they dig. Hope this answers are enough for you because it is quite uncomfortable for me to comment. Everything related to that place makes me uncomfortable.

Thank you!
Manafon1 (6 stories) (704 posts)
7 years ago (2016-05-18)
buthaya--It sounds like you and your friends very well could have seen the apparition of one of the people who was buried in the family plot.

I do have a couple of questions though. You state, "Few months later I saw a grave in the wood. It didn't have a grave stone. Sometime later I found that the woods area is a family grave. It's a cemetery without a single gravestone." How did you know there was a grave in the woods if there was no marker? You then state that at a later date you discovered that the particular area where you saw the figure twice was a family gravesite. Who told you this? Is it common in Sri Lanka to not mark gravesites with gravestones? Did the person who told you there were graves in the woods have any proof they were there or any information about the family?

Answers to these questions will make your story a bit clearer. I can visualize the figure you describe. Thanks for sharing.

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