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I Have Older Brother?


My religion Hindu and I live in Bali Island. My father, mother, my younger brother and me live in small house but with large yard.

It start in 2010. I was 16 year old. One day mom and dad have a fight. At first I didn't really care about that. As we all know, married couple fight anytime. But after two day I was aware something wrong. Usually if they fight, they didn't talk to each other for several hour or one day at most. In front of my brother and me they act polite but didn't talk to each other, and in the end of the day you can see they sat closely together, chat and laughing, the problem solve.

But this one fight is really strange. Mom act like someone who really, really angry at something. Muttering to herself, knocking furniture around and when she looking at dad she will glared, say angry word and her eyes is red. I mean red like someone who didn't sleep. She avoid my brother and me, she didn't talk to us at all, that make me really scared. I asked dad what is the problem for my mom that angry. He say the trigger is only small argument, something about what dad say who mom didn't like, and for me it's really not worth to act that angry. It's not like dad cheating or something.

This going on until six days. At some point I realise my mom act like someone who possessed. So dad take mom to the priest because he worried she possessed by bad spirit. And you can't guess what the priest told them. The priest told them this.

"Why you neglected your eldest son?"

You can imagine the shocked in dad face when he answer. "I didn't have eldest son."

You see, I'm the eldest child and I'm female. The priest told them again.

"Are you forget you have a son?"

Dad answer the priest still with a shocked face. "I have a son but he is my second child and my eldest child is a girl."

"Well, your son is a teenager now, he didn't have clothes, that's why he possessed your wife, because he's angry you neglected him," the priest said with straight face.

At this point my dad jaw is dropping. "Really, I didn't have eldest son. I only have two child. I think I will know if I have extra son."

The priest take pity to my dad and explain dad indeed have eldest son. But he died when mom pregnant with him. At that time he only one week old, so when mom miscarried she think he just get her period. That's why mom and dad didn't know they have a son.

And what I get from the priest is when a baby died because miscarried, his/her spirit will grow like any other children but they grow in spirit realm. And because they died as a baby, they grow without clothes, I mean, really naked, imagine that hehe. That's why my older brother possessed mom. His 17 at that time. I will also angry and embarrassed if I didn't have clothes.

After that my parent buy several clothes, folded it and place it in the small table with food, flower and incense. Dad will praying and say he's sorry he didn't know my brother exist and hope he didn't angry again.

After that mom back to normal, but several days later she told me that in 17 years she think she felt a presence of my older brother. Sometime when she is in the kitchen she can see a child sit in the corner of the room from the corner of her eyes. At that time she didn't know that's my brother and think that only random spirit. The story didn't end yet, but I think that for another time. Thanks for read my story.

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Tweed (30 stories) (2381 posts)
7 years ago (2016-06-30)
Totally random and late correction: that should have read 'sleep deprivation', which ironically might be why I typed 'deprecation' instead 😕
Tweed (30 stories) (2381 posts)
7 years ago (2016-06-29)
Hi there Haiku,

Gonna put a bit of a disclaimer before my comment, here it is:
*Westerner opinion with no knowledge of your culture and spiritual beliefs* Okay, there it is!

If this happened to me I would suspect the priest was crackers (crazy pants) and not the full quid (mentally unstable).

In reading your experience, I believe your mother is sensing someone there, I don't know who, but *someone*. Also I would remain open to the possibility your mother's mood and dramatic change in attitude for that time was down to things like built up stress, maybe depression, sleep deprecation, vitamin deficiency, things like that. Not possession by an angsty naked ghost.

Just my opinion!

Thanks for sharing. 😊
roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2016-06-29)
HaikuReSanova, This is one interesting experience! Yes, I know some family whom did not know that there is an extra child. My family is one too, we don't know the sex of our linked one, but my mother told me that other than me and my sister, my mother had another child but abolished him/her. It's sad to know but because of economic problem my mother had no choice. I think she still prays for our linked brother/sister.

Well, I hope your brother would not be angry anymore and I hope your parents still would pray for him and at least let him know that he does not belong to this world anymore. Yes, praying and apologizing is really all we can do for the lost ones.

Blessing from São Paulo


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