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Experiences Of Our South Padre Trip


I recently went on a trip to South Padre Island with my best friend, her fiancé, and my ex from 6 years. We had a lot of fun and we visited a lot of places that were reported to be haunted. I didn't see anything at any of them. My best friend's fiancé claimed he saw something at the Presidio la Bahia in Goliad.

Basically we got to the mission at 7pm and the place closed at 4:45pm. We had come up from South Padre Island and we needed to stretch our legs so we decided to take a walk around the outside of the building. I am obsessed with taking pictures so that is exactly what I was doing while my best friend's fiancé was determined to look in every hole he could find. My best friend and my ex were admiring the structure and we were all talking, having fun. The very first hole my best friend's fiancé, Austin, looked in, he said that he saw people on the tower but he was pretty sure they weren't going to let us in.

That got the rest of us curious to look through the holes, and we didn't see any of these people he was talking about. The place had closed at 4:45, so even if it took them an hour to make everything ship shape, we didn't see why there would be anyone there anymore. Also, there weren't any other cars besides ours anywhere near the mission. Austin insisted that he saw people. I believe him. I am just not convinced they were alive.

I didn't see those ghosts though and the only story I have to tell of them is what I heard. I thought I was going to go the entire trip without seeing something that was definitely a specter in my mind. I mean, there was a moment on the beach that had me questioning, but it was hardly worth posting on here if it was the only experience.

When we were in South Padre Island, we spent six hours at the beach, two or three of those hours were after dark. We were shell hunting and harassing the sand crabs along the beach. It was really quiet, for a Gulf-side beach. The stars were plentiful and shone brightly through the clouds. We had flashlights and each other's company. It was magnificent.

While we were walking along, I looked out towards the ocean and turned my flashlight in that direction. I just wanted to look at the waves and make sure there weren't any nearby crabs. On the edge of my light, I saw the figure of a person that was just a bit taller than me. I thought it was maybe my best friend or my ex because it wasn't as tall was my best friend's fiancé and those two were in between us in height. I flicked my flashlight over to the figure just as my best friend went around me on the opposite side. There wasn't anything there. The figure was gone. I checked to see where everyone was. Lindsay was just ahead of me, Austin was just in front of her, and Scott was near the water, all ahead of me. I know I saw a person standing there but they weren't there anymore.

I wasn't going to post that one because we were out there in the dark. My flashlight was decent but it wasn't like it was the best flashlight. I didn't want anything too obnoxiously bright because while we were bothering crabs by finding them and staring at them, I wasn't trying to make them think the literal sun had dawn to focus just on them, leaving them scared and vulnerable.

It was far from the coast that I actually saw a spirit that inspired me to write down all the experiences from the trip. When we got to Gonzales, Texas, on our way back, we had to stop to use the restroom and stretch our legs. It is a very long drive and we were all sore and in need of a stop.

The bathrooms at that gas station link up behind a glass door. For the life of me, I can't remember the full name of the place. It was something, something G and I'm pretty sure they sold Shell or Valero gas and they were right on the edge of town when you came in from the south. Anyway, we all went through that glass door into a brown and beige fully tiled area. The bathrooms themselves were divided by a wall and it took some effort to find the signs that said which side was meant for which. Scott actually pointed Lindsay and me to our side.

We went over and Lindsay claimed one of the two stalls that had the door open, which was one of three regular stalls. The only other stall with the door open was the handicap stall. I don't use those unless absolutely necessary. If someone that needed it more than me came in and I was using it, I would feel incredibly guilty. I was looking at the two stalls with the doors closed and trying to figure out which one I should knock on. Knocking on stall doors is super awkward and I am incredibly nervous around people I don't know.

I glanced at the handicap stall, mostly to envy that the door was open while the ones I was looking at weren't. Right at that moment, I saw a lady peeking out at me from the edge of the door. She had dark skin, black hair, jeans, and she was wearing a very colorful shirt. I think it was meant to be tropical. It had a lot of purples and reds on it but I didn't catch the design or her face before she ducked back in to the open stall. Her image seemed smeared as she ducked back, and a little hazy. I knew something was up, so I immediate went to the stall.

I peeked in the open door. I didn't expect to find anyone inside and I was right. I didn't see anyone there. There was nowhere for this lady to go.

I stopped at some really haunted places and the one place that I saw a full-fledge ghost was in the bathroom at a gas station. How funny is that?

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ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-02)
More than a haunting experience its like a Travelogue.
I really enjoyed this one and its going to my favorite.

Thanks For Sharing! 😊 😊 😊
OCGirl (4 stories) (64 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-30)
How cool is it that you had such a clear vision of the colors of her shirt. I've seen some people that at first seemed very much there but there was that little something that made me think otherwise & it proved true, they were spirits/ghosts. Good story.
roylynx (guest)
8 years ago (2016-06-30)
Wow! You know what my friend (who likes to go to haunted places and location) had told me a similar encounter just recently. Her explanation was that the sprit followed them and appeared to play a trick on them; you know like a little child sneaking behind you all the way and go "Boo!" lol

Just like what Miracles51031 said, Hide and Seek? Lol

Blessing From São Paulo

ulvenNixie (13 stories) (39 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-30)
Her Miracles!
I know, right? I don't get it either. I didn't even realize I had a lot of bathroom stories until you mentioned it, but yeah, that seems to be the main locale of where I see them. Happily it's not the only one because I like my privacy in there. Lol!
It could be that it's just easier for me to pick up odd colors and shapes in places like public bathrooms. They tend to have very uniform patterns to everything. The lady I saw in this case was wearing something very colorful, while the tile on the walls was like this champagne-beige color and the stalls were like an old eggshell white.

I did see something at the beach, I think... But I kind of think the reason I didn't see things in other places was because I wasn't relaxed enough. I wanted to see something at The Alamo or the Presidio la Bahia but I didn't. There were a lot of people at the Alamo and I'm not so great with crowds. The rest of the trip, I always had someone close to me, including my ex from a few years back. We rekindled our friendship on the trip, which is spectacular, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't awkward and tense for a lot of the trip because of it. I guess it's kind of hard to spot a ghost if you're constantly worrying about the people around you. Maybe if I get to go back some day I could see one that isn't hanging out in the restroom, making things awkward for the both of us, lol.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-06-30)
ulvenNixie - what is with you and public restrooms? 😆 I think some ghosts have a wicked sense of humor. You and your friends were looking for them; yet when you aren't is when you see yours LOL Hide and Seek 😉

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