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Strong But Weak (strange Encounters)


As my last post, or story I guess, it has been a year to which I have taken as a break from this site (personal reasons) <-- which I really do want to write and post here for more helpful tips of this new 'ability' I have discovered within myself.

So as I had said before, I am a psychic medium, who in the beginning, had really no experience other than being able to communicate, see, and feel like any other medium would be able to do. But now, I believe I have become more willful with my power and mind, and I have taken advice from those who had taken the time to comment and give me helpful advice previously.

But yet again, I must remind you all that I'm only a teen, and I'm well aware I might still not be as powerfully as I had said I was, since as of the time I had been absent from this site, 'problems' had arisen.

I will now talk about my issues to which I really hope anyone with help me with.

In the past, I had communicated with a young male teen, who I had described as being overly attached and aggressive. But this is not my problem here, since I have been able to help him pass. (Just wanted to clear that up for those who read my last story.) My real problem is that after I had helped him, my family and I had moved right after, and are now currently living in an old Victorian home (I don't not wish to state my location for safety reasons) and things have become complicated here.

You see, our home dates back to the 1700s, I THINK so I'm not so sure, it is only an estimate. And ever since I had moved in, although I had protested against the house, I was immediately aware that there was four spirits, to which I did not quite like the presence of. I knew the moment my family came to inspect the home, the presences I felt were troublesome. I still haven't quite in depth inspected these spirits, since they do generally keep hidden, but they're really quite mischievous.

At first, I thought maybe they weren't strong/evil enough to harm or really frighten me to the point of breakdowns and constant fear, but I really underestimated that.

Over the course of the months, I quickly learned that first, they were visibly strong enough to be able to become physical with whatever they wanted to touch, and second that they were not 'good', but not 'bad' either.

One of the first encounters I had experienced was when I was setting my room up, and I was setting up my wall shelf that was leveled up to my shoulders. I was putting some art pieces of mine, like handmade clay pots, up there and at the moment I had been really trying to block the voices of the four that continuously bothered me. And in particular, one of them, which happened to be a young girl who I observed to be rather naughty and seemingly mad, had then told me to stop ignoring her or else.

Now generally, I never really took any of the spirits threats seriously until when I turned to pick up more of my art, my shelf broke from the wall, only a few inches from hitting me. And to be clear, my shelf was a thick, wooden slab that was nailed tight and was kept sturdy with a strong wire that was lodged into the wall as well, and note that my clay pieces were more then a pound and I had put up about 7 of them up on the shelf, so the weight was bearable. So when I had sensed the girl's presence, I knew she wasn't to be messed with, especially psychically.

My 2nd encounter happened to me when I was showering. It had been a couple weeks since the shelf occurrence and I let it slip my mind. Anyways, while I was showering, I felt the presence of a man, and at first I thought it was my dad, which I thought was weird at the moment. But once I had finished and gotten out, I realized that my door was locked (I lock my door always because, well, I don't want to be seen bare by accident, especially by my family). And I immediately panicked, which probably wasn't a good idea. And when I panicked, I tried to dress and get out, since by then, I didn't feel safe at all.

As I tried to dress, I saw that I was missing my underwear, and I knew that I had brought it. But unfortunately I had to leave without it, since it strangely disappeared. Anyways, after that I returned to my room to get underwear and then I saw that the pair I had been missing was hanging from my ceiling fan. And I knew I could've have put it up there since I'm 5'1 and my ceiling fan was a bout 12 feet high. And now looking back at it, I have assumed maybe this male presence may not be as threatful, but is still mischievous and perhaps pervy?

My 3rd a counter was when I was home alone and my mom had told me to prepare dinner since she would be late that day. While I was in our kitchen, I was preparing the meat and cooking, you know, when our old radio in our kitchen had turned on. And I want to say that this radio is very old, and the knobs are really really hard to turn (my dad likes old vintage electronics by the way) and so I was startled at first, but I then considered this as a practice with communicating so while still cooking, I asked a simple question to come off as kind. I asked "Is this your favorite song?" Since a song was playing which I had never heard before and it seemed a bit odd. And at first there was no response and then after a bit, it shut off. I was spooked, but I continued to talk, but I then felt more warm, and light as the atmosphere in the room was more happy, which I still believe was the cause of the spirits way of feelings, I guess.

Anyways, then I stop and begin to clean with my cooking when I heard the stove light up. Now, first of all, our stove is one of those which you have to take a match and light it manually while the gas is turned. And I'm confused, so I ask "Did you like my cooking? Or do you like to cook?" and immediately the fire bursts up really big then quickly died and the atmosphere grew really tense and felt really cold, before one of my favorite mugs that was on our island in the kitchen had fell and shattered.

I'm still confused a bit of these actions, but I feel as if the presence that did this was also a male, but more younger than the one before.

Now for my 4th encounter, I was visited by the only kind spirit out of all (or at least the one less threatening out of all of them) who happened to be a much older female than all of them. This happened rather recent. Anyways, it was night and I had been in bed all day since I had just gotten over a bad cold, and while I'm sort of communicating with the young girl (who at the time had somewhat taken a liking in me as what I believe as a 'role model') when she stopped and I suddenly felt her disappear and then felt one of an older female who came off as more quiet and less creepy.

At first I was scared since I had never came across her, but she then called me 'Mona' which I didn't know why, until she began to talk to me like I was someone else. And after some time, I had come to realize this 'Mona' was a family member which she thought I was, which I guess I have a somewhat resemblance to. Anyways, throughout the night she had watched me and I really had no fear by then and I felt okay if she was there. But at one point, I then felt her hand touch my face and her sod cries that startled me until she left... I'm more than confused and lost still, especially about my encounter with her, and every one of them.

Overall, my encounters with each spirit have been strange and mind boggling. I have tried methods to block them out, but nothing really does anything. I'm beginning to think maybe it's possible that these spirits are more stronger and smarter than I am since they seem to somehow still be able to contact me and be able to make it visible they are still here in my home.

I do believe I'm stronger than I was before, but now that I'm dealing with spirits that are possibly more powerful than myself, I feel weakened, both physically and mentally. I've tried and I'm now asking for help once more. I know the presences may not be threatening to me as of right now, but I sense that they could possibly cause danger to my family and myself, and I want to take precautionary steps to prevent that.

I'm sorry if I rambled or I'm unclear with this story, so if you have any questions, I'll be as clear as I can and honest as I try to answer them my as best I can.

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FallenAngel98 (3 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-17)
From your perspective, it does give me more sight to my situation and to the what ifs, and what I need to do now.
I've been ignoring them for some time now, and I have been meditating and praying so I hope things will settle down.
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-02)
Being a psychic medium demands a lot of courage. Anyone can be a psychic who has no knowledge regarding the nature of these unknown entities.

You should know that these entities are skilled in deceiving us. They play mind games. They want our attention so that they may further use us and ultimately finish us. They feed on our fear. You being a teenager are a prone target of all this and being a psychic adds more to the chances.

As happened the bathroom incident, it was not good at all. It was a mischief and beginning of something even more ghastly.

At this stage what's appropriate is that you should ignore more and more and pray and don't get attracted towards their mind game because you actually never know whether they are good or bad.
FallenAngel98 (3 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-01)
I've never tried to meditate before, but I believe that could work for me. The salt lining I have done, but not as of recently so I'll most likely do it once more.

I'm also not religious, As far as I know. I don't believe in God, or the devil, but I guess I do believe in the afterlife.
Mannerizms (10 stories) (172 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-30)
I can tell you from experience (I can only hear, I see only when I'm asleep. Weird I know.) But what has worked for me is having to meditate once a day and imagine a white bubble around me and those I love. It allows me to let them know this is not the time to talk to me; I can set the boundries without becoming exhausted from it. When I am sick, I tend to line under my doors with kosher salt (under the lining if you can so the line can't be broken) this can be your safe haven and they cannot come in.

Do you mind if I ask when your religious beliefs are? It is mainly because I know a few ways to cleanse and make a room just for you that is like a "turn off" room.

Please keep us updated and we can help as much as possible.

Blessed be and keep safe ❤
FallenAngel98 (3 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-30)
Thanks again!
I'll definitely look into the things you've suggested to me. It seems as though it could help with what I'm dealing with
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-29)
Well, I usually tell them in my head too, but this last one was weird - all static feeling and actually talking to me. Scared the wits out of me, so I yelled right back. It was 3am, I was holding a sleeping baby and pretty spooked to be honest.

What I do is at night just visualize my chakras (like reiki) glowing the correct color - red legs, orange belly, yellow lungs, green heart and arms, blue neck, purple forehead. Sometimes I can, sometimes I just fall asleep. But it's a good meditation before bed.

I used to go through every single thing I owned (before kids I was a bit more thorough), read the energy and if it was (or is) 'off' I gave it to charity. The stuff I really loved I would do a deep cleaning, but I take 'let it go' pretty literal. I am especially cautious with second hand and antiques.

The results of this cleaning and purging was (and is), is to create a grounding element for myself, my owns sacred space. That way, when 'something else' visits, I pick it up asap and remove it.

Incense, oils, salts, etc have varying effects. For me, none. Incense burns my eyes and stinks, salt makes a mess, although oils are nice for the smell. I use them like perfume, not to get rid of spirits.

Sunshine, fresh air, and a scrub down with vinegar helps me with that. I always assume the spirits not crossing are grounded somewhere in reality - in a blanket, in the dust on the walls, in a tree in the front yard, etc.

They aren't all bad of course, visiting ancestors, for instance, help out without being weird or creepy. But I'm a firm believer in 'time to move on.' Maybe because I'm a Chinese Rooster and a Taurus, too grounded in reality and very territorial, ha!

I hope this helps, I just keep picturing my poor friend Jill struggling so badly with the same stuff. I never told her what I did, and she kind of got lost in crystals, creepy men and a lot of mumbo jumbo. So stay safe and good luck!
FallenAngel98 (3 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-29)
Thank you for taking time to give some advice! I really appreciate it.
But will voicing to them really make them go? I've never done it, I've only really communicated to them through thoughts then my voice.
And I have cleansed almost weekly, trying different remedies to either create a force field, or hopefully make them go, but nothing is really working.
But I'll definitely try verbally telling them to go, and cleansing my house and room, especially, soon.
Thanks again
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-29)
So you are dealing with ghosts from the 18th century, or its just a very old house?

If they are from the 1700's, the older man would make sense, girls were often married off to their father's friends because they had means, money, land, jobs, etc.

The young girl sounds spoiled, the young man might have been a bit reckless, the old lady sounds confused.

Whatever the case, keep in mind they're dead. They lived their lives and it's time for them to move along. I have had a few friends that see/hear/feel ghosts all the time, I can get a feel for things up to a point too.

It may be difficult to 'mark your territory' since it's your parents' house, but you can still work on clearing the area which takes some practice.

Get your chakras balanced, then literally clean the room while imagining light and energy flowing throughout, and tell the spirits time to go. Go to God or go wherever, either way there's no room for them here.

I had one talking to me one night and I was yelling at the top of my lungs "out out out, my house OUT." He hung around thinking I'd change my mind I guess, but nope. He hit the road when he saw I was serious.

Like that old saying when the bars close - don't care where you go, you can't stay here!

That may work for the three, the old lady has dimentia, you may just tell her her mother is waiting for her in the field or something, time to go meet with her. Etc.

You've been given a gift to help these people who are stuck. Get them gone and passed over or you'll be the one getting stuck. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

You're the Valkyrie.

Hope this helps!

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