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Can Objects Actually Become Haunted?


Throughout my teenage years, I lived in a haunted house out in the country. So when I was 20 and we moved to a house in the city, I was thrilled. For six months, everything was normal, until my dad decided to surprise my mom by buying her an antique China cabinet. My maternal great-grandmother collected China her whole life, and my maternal grandmother had just given what was left of her collection to my mom.

She had nowhere to display it at first, so it stayed in a box. When dad brought the cabinet home, he explained that the man he'd bought it off of had purchased it from another man who had painted it white and put stickers all over it. The man who sold it to my dad had replaced the glass, stripped the paint, and returned it to its original appearance from 100 years ago. Mom loved it because she could finally display her grandmother's China, and the cabinet was beautiful, so we made quick work of arranging the antique China inside.

Shortly after he purchased the cabinet, my dad had an accident at work and had to travel out of state to get surgery. My brother was in high school at the time, so while mom was with dad, I was taking care of the house and making sure he was up for school on time.

One day, in early October, I was home alone while my brother was at school. I decided to clean the house while I was alone, so I put my headphones on and started cleaning the kitchen. I was about half-way through the sink full of dishes when I started to feel strange. I stopped scrubbing the pot I had been working on and just stood there for a moment, trying to understand what I was feeling. One of my ear buds had fallen out, but I hadn't really noticed. That is, until I heard someone whisper my name in my ear. I turned around, thinking I had lost track of time and my brother was home and had decided to scare me, but no one was behind me. I walked to the edge of the basement steps, expecting to see him in the "game room" turning his Xbox on, but he wasn't there.

I checked the clock, and saw that he wouldn't be home for another hour. I assumed I was hearing things, so I went to walk back to the sink, until I saw a shadow dart across the basement. I ran down the steps and looked around, still halfway expecting to see my brother standing at the far side of the basement laughing at me. When I got down to the basement I looked everywhere, but saw no one and nothing that could have made that shadow.

The only thing I can think to associate this experience with is the cabinet, as the house had been completely normal for months. So, what I'm wondering is, could the cabinet have been haunted?

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kentucky_believer (guest)
8 years ago (2016-09-18)
ShadowFire that is the most helpful information I've recieved thank you so much for the help and I'll be sure to keep my emotions in check around the cabinet. I thankfully haven't had any more expierences related to it, so you may be right and it may have been triggered by my worrying about my dad.
ShadowFire (guest)
8 years ago (2016-09-18)
Hi Kentucky_Believer, I am a full practicing witch that has had many years of experience with hauntings and hope what I share can help you during your search for answers. From my observations of Inanimate objects and possible hauntings of them I have noticed that there can be several explanations for an object to be haunted.

1) Impression Hauntings: This strange phenomenon is not really a conscious ghost but is usually left over energy from a person who is now deceased. Impression energy can also be given off by the living, say for example you are happy, or sad or angry, and you use the door knob to enter or exit a room, as you make contact with the door handle you are leaving some of your energy thoughts that can attach itself on the door and over time that energy can build up on the object. An Empath or Psychic person can usually detect this energy when they touch an object that a person left behind. This impression that you place on an object by your touch tends to build up over time so since this cabinet probably had a lot of emotional energy that has been built up in it for some time now it can be powerful enough for a person to detect it's energy.

2) Loop Apparition: Is the same concept as an Impression Haunting, but instead of just energy being left behind an object or place, an image of the ghostly person may appear instead. These Ghostly images are not conscious ghosts but more like a DVR recorder that was stuck on repeat and play of what the person was doing before they died. You said that you saw a shadowy figure that darted across the basement. Did this happen only 1 time or does it continually repeat itself? If this Ghostly apparition continues the same repeating pattern every time you see it then it probably is not a conscious ghost but a left over energy source of an event that occurred during a critical part of a person's life. Check to see how the Ghost is running? Does it always run from left to right? Does it always run to the same direction? If so I would suspect it could be an energy source as opposed to a conscious ghost.

3) Earth Bound Spirits: are actual conscious ghosts and in my personal observations of the dearly departed some people were not ready to leave this Earth. Maybe they felt that their life was cut short through illness, tragedy, or murder, or had regrets that they did not finish an important task before they died. Some may have died peacefully in their sleep or are unaware that they passed on to the other side, but instead of ascending to the next realm completely away from our planet, they stay very close to our Earth and become Earth Bound Spirits. Most Earth Bound Spirits will stay close to the area they are familiar with, but in the case of a treasured possession like a cabinet, filled with personal belongings of theirs it is very likely that they would want to stay as close to the cabinet as they can. I think the key to helping you solve your mystery lies with the shadowy figure. Try to observe that figure if you can to see how it behaves, if it continually follows a predictable pattern then it is probably a non conscious loop pattern energy source that appears to be a ghost, if it is unpredictable and moves different ways it is probably a conscious entity that you can interact with, hopefully you can help each other out so the spirit can move on when it is ready to fully cross over to the other side.

Hopefully you will have more contact with this shadowy figure but if you only saw it one time then I would probably assume that it is an actual conscious ghost haunting your area.

4) Malevolent Spirit: are usually non human spirits that are focused on causing harm to living Human Beings and is something you should use caution against. I would like to note that although extremely rare, malevolent spirits can also come from evil deceased humans as well. In most cases Malevolent spirits would more than likely attach itself to a toy or doll than an adult object because it would be easier for them to have contact with a child as opposed to an adult, but they can use adult objects to infest an adult it really depends on the motive of the spirit as to how it will attach itself to an object.

In any case I would use extreme caution if you decide to investigate this strange phenomenon on your own. Listen to your instincts, it is perfectly alright to have some concern or fear about the situation you are in. If this were to happen to me I would get a journal to record the times of any unusual activity that happens around the cabinet and a brief description of what happened to see if a pattern is forming.

Before I would touch anything in the cabinet I would try to get a reading of my feelings about the cabinet and any objects that are inside of it. It's natural to feel uneasy but if you feel like there is an evil presence in the cabinet I would have it removed from the premises immediately.

If you have a security camera it would be great to have a feed set up to record any unusual circumstances around the cabinet, if not that is ok, just try to be observant as much as you can when an abnormal event occurs in your presence and if it is possible leave a thermometer near the cabinet to record the temperature of the area during a normal and any strange event that occurs to see if there are noticeable temperature abnormalities.

Get as much research as you can on the cabinets history, where did it come from? Who owned it? Is there anyway you can contact the descendants of the original owner of the cabinet?

So far everything that you described about the cabinet seems to be ok, Other than the shadowy figure and the uneasy feeling you have about it I am assuming there is nothing else that caused you alarm? Nothing violent occurred like glass breaking? Loud unexplained noises? Foul smells? How about your dreams? Have you had any ghostly visitors in your dream, and hopefully you are not having any nightmares about the cabinet? By the way has anyone else in your family had unusual feelings or experiences with the cabinet, and do you have any indoor pets in the house? If so how are they acting around the cabinet?

Well that is all I can think of for the moment but I certainly hope you are able to find out more information about your situation, let me know if there is anything else I can do for you I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and thanks for allowing me to address my concerns for your story!
kentucky_believer (guest)
8 years ago (2016-09-11)
roylynx That actually makes a lot of sense, so thank you for explaining it to me!
roylynx (guest)
8 years ago (2016-09-11)
Wow! Interesting one and I might have answer to your story, yes objects can be haunted. But reading your story, I felt that there is something to do with the atmosphere as you may have mentioned. Every piece of object were owned by a person or more, different thoughts and feeling were put into that object especially antiques even if they were not owned by anyone that object will have deep thoughts of the maker himself (herself).

Some believes that spirits are some sort of energy, that energy is what some people will consider as "personal thoughts", that is very strong which made the object "haunted".

Talking about the word "haunting", some people will have 2 thoughts in their mind. Literal or Physical. Hope that helped a little.

Love from São Paulo

kentucky_believer (guest)
8 years ago (2016-09-10)
Shelbeyloree All of the hauntings have been at two houses, and my family moves alot, but at one point I did wonder if it was me and not the houses. However, nothing has happened where I currently live, and I've been here for nearly two years. As for my father's accident, I don't think it had anything to do with the cabinet, really; that was just back story to explain why I was home alone (my mother decided when my brother and I were younger to be a stay-at-home mom) when I had that experience.
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-09)
Your dad's accident right after bringing home the piece of furniture could have been a coincidence.

I don't know, I would think restoring it to its original would be something to be glad about, ghost-wise. I'd be a bit ticked if someone put stickers all over my labor of love, and would appreciate the restoration.

I believe ether things can hitch a ride on inanimate objects and move about that way, sure. I don't think they are a part of the item, its just a momentary thing. You started noticing things when the cabinet appeared, maybe only time will tell if it's the center of something odd or not.

If you live is haunted, something might just be moving with you, rather than a whole new set of spooks each time.
kentucky_believer (guest)
8 years ago (2016-09-09)
Tweed I've come to realize that I might be a bit of a sensitive, and hadn't felt anything in the house. I was also on high-alert after living in a haunted house, but what you said makes sense. I've always wanted to do some sort of paranormal investigation, so I loved your story from your comment!
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-09)
Hi Kentucky,

Objects can become 'haunted' in my opinion, though I believe it's quite rare. I grew up with and still live with antiquey things and this was never an issue. However, recently we've been investigating a 'new' old item in our house. Things started up immediately after it was brought in and all things centered around the object. But after months of 'investigating', and I use that term humourously we're not pros, the haunted item appeared to be activated by another object in the room. Prompting further amateur 'investigation'.

In our situation the 'haunted' item was more a chosen communication method for a ghost wishing to alert us about something. We finally worked out what and it made perfect sense when we did. BUT, had this same set of circumstances happen to someone less experienced, I can understand completely why people jump to the haunted object conclusion.

I have no idea if the cabinet of yours was/is haunted. But I'd caution against jumping to the conclusion before first assessing other likely possibilities.
In the event of a truly haunted item, fear not, the thing isn't 'hexed' or anything. Any and all negative energy/presence can be replaced with positive.

In my experience moving house often cleanses a new dwelling for a time. If anything's 'there' in the house, it usually takes a few months to 'show up' in a totally noticeable way. As you'd already come from a haunted house, you were probably so used to the small things that go with the territory that you didn't notice them in the new place.

Don't rule the cabinet out, but keep an open mind for other possibilities. If things eventually calmed down, I wouldn't worry about it. You may have even experienced some poltergeist activity from your younger brother or any of his friends.
kentucky_believer (guest)
8 years ago (2016-09-08)
Sanchez_92 The guy bought and sold antique furniture for a living.
Sanchez_92 (7 stories) (52 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-08)

Have you tried asking your dad if he asked why they were getting rid of the cabinet? Maybe the person who got rid of it had a bad experience with the cabinet and decided to no longer carry it with them.

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