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Humming In Baby Monitor


I have lived in Ny for 14 years now and have moved to several different houses in the state. My family never experienced any paranormal occurrences in NY until the last apartment we moved into (where we have currently lived for 3 years now). The story I am about to tell is one of MANY paranormal things that have happened in our house although I did not personally experience it, I do 100% believe it since my mother did not really believe in The paranormal until things started to happen around the house.

When we first moved, I lived with my parents, brother, his now ex-girlfriend and my newborn nephew. One day my mother was home alone with the baby while everyone else was at work/school. She said she had put the baby to sleep in her room and then went straight to the kitchen to begin making dinner. She turned on the baby monitor and took it with her. Just to give you an idea of the monitor, it was one of those Newer ones that not only allowed you to hear what was going on in the other room, but it also had a light sensor that would move/change colors whenever there was movement, the colors ranged from green-red (green being the least amount of movement, red being the strongest.

She said as she started cooking, she heard what she believed to be humming. She turned off the faucet, stopped what she was doing and listened to the monitor carefully, when she noticed it was clearly coming out of the monitor she went to the room to check on the baby since she thought it was the baby was waking up, but the baby was sound asleep. She didn't really think anything of it and went back to the kitchen. A few minutes later, she heard the humming again, except this time much louder and clearer, she said it was the voice of a woman and the humming had rhythm to it as if whatever it was, was humming an actual song although the melody was not familiar to her. At that point she was beginning to freak out and when she looked at the monitor again, she said the sensor light was going insane, Moving up and down from green to red very rapidly. She ran to the room and the baby was still sound asleep but there was nothing in the room. She checked around the room and there was nothing/no one there

She believes there are no logical explanations for this because a newborn baby is not possible of literally humming an actual song, she also said there is no way the voice she heard was my baby nephews because it sounded like a very mellow, feminine, adult voice that was loud and clear. There was nothing in the room that could have made the sound, all the windows were closed, no tvs/radios or toys were on. She said the baby was exactly how she left him therefore she doesn't believe the baby triggered the sensor light to go off either. Also let me mention that the monitor never showed any signs of technical issues prior to that incident or after. In order for the light sensor to jump and go all crazy the way it did, it requires very strong movements like jumping or fast running in front of it, if my nephew did move at any point in his sleep, the sensor would have probably moved Just a tiny bit and never past the green color (I know because I babysat him plenty of times and never saw the monitor go past the green whenever he moved)...also he was tiny and didn't move much... In other words, it takes A LOT of movement to get the sensor turning red and jumping

What do you think of this?

Also, if you guys enjoy this story, Let me know and I will tell you plenty more creepy stuff that happened in this house.

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RedBlackRosemama (34 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-21)
Hi there, I did heard some monitors have like evp or ghost radar when pick up red and green lights go up and down like evp stuff for ghost I had seen tv show that parents heard ghost on their baby monitor same with video on monitor when parents sleep to watch their baby monitor once as ghost show up on video.
mrmonty (8 stories) (48 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-20)
Greetings Janny,
I would be interested in any of these other paranormal things that may have happened in this apartment. The problem with electronics is there are so many things that can affect them. Just wiring can affect how a person feels. I would definitely be interested in any other incidents.
Mr Monty
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-20)
I may suggest since the issue seems to have been one time and focused on an electrical item, you may have been on the same frequency as a neighbor and the signals got mixed up.

I remember mom had a monitor for my brother and you could always pick up voices from the neighbors who had the same monitor (brand/frequency).

I think a spiritual source would be more active, but who knows?
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-18)
Oh another question... Weather conditions... Was it humid? Raining? Cloudy? If I learned anything from my 20 years of Naval service weather conditions can 'play heck' with electronic signals... Either causing very limited to 'zero' range all the way up to 'how in the world did we hear that, those ships are hundreds of miles away'.

Biblio makes some really great points. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.


Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1082 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-18)
Greetings, Janny, and welcome to YGS.

My first thought was along the same lines as Rook's question; however, your statement, "the monitor never showed any signs of technical issues prior to that incident or after" is intriguing. A one-time bout of interference with the light sensor could have been anything, but for it to be accompanied by a female voice humming a tune is peculiar.

Did your mother's experience suggest that this was a maternal humming, such as may be used to settle a baby to sleep, or did it seem like the sort of distracted humming that accompanies mundane tasks like dusting or ironing? My instincts lead me to agree that there was a supernatural presence for the two phenomena to be synchronized in this way, but if your home is/was haunted by a caring, maternal figure, surely she would have lingered for a few weeks or months to watch over the baby, not just between mid-afternoon and dinner. Her apparent departure strikes me as even more strange than her initial visit; do you have any idea if she was forced to move on, or if she simply left?

I enjoyed reading your account, especially as you put some effort into ruling out more likely causes before you submitted the story.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-18)
Ok, First question is this...

How far away are other homes in the area (or is this an apartment situation)? If any are close, modern 'lot' sizes, then is there a neighbor that also has a newborn-2 year old? I ask because those monitors, even the 'expensive' ones seem to pick up on lots of interference and or signals from other monitors.

I am not saying this is what happened in this case, but it has to be ruled out.



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