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12 Years Of Fear


When I was around eight, my family moved to into an average house, with three bedrooms, one bath, and a basement. Like most children in a new house, I had trouble sleeping that first night. The next night I seemed more aware of things and heard noises in the vents. This kept happening until one night, I decided to look at the vent on the walk across from my bed. Red lights or eyes stared at me. From then on, I needed a light on in my room. Silly, I know, but I kept seeing those "eyes" every night, and the light provided a type of comfort.

Now I never liked the basement, it has always made me nervous and I could not go down there without flipping on all the lights or having someone go down there with me. Well when I was around 10 or 11, I had the bright idea that I no longer wanted to share a room with my sister. Well the only room I could use was the basement family room area. Well my family had told me I needed to sleep down there for a week on the couch before they moved my stuff down there. They knew of how scared I was, well I wanted to prove them wrong. So I took my pillow and blanket, and my trusty lamp and slept on the couch. That first night, I felt like someone was laying on top of me. My cats wouldn't sleep with me and me being stubborn just ignored it. Well I made it a week. So they moved my stuff down there and I had my own room.

By that time, my mom, aunt, and grandma would take my younger sister out shopping with them, while I stayed at home alone (I didn't like crowds and what not, and after being diagnosed with a learning disability I felt judged). Well I would just sit in my room listening to music while I daydreamed. Suddenly I would hear my name being shouted. I of course would go upstairs and no one would be there. I ignored the chills and went back to the basement. This would happen quite often if I was alone.

Once I hit 12, the feeling of being laid on got more intense. Somedays I would feel inappropriate touches and a throbbing between my legs. I didn't know what was going on, but I just closed myself off more from my family. My sister, though younger than me, would consistently take her anger out on me and would beat the daylights out of me. My mom didn't really stop it. I was too hyper when off my medication for my family some days, so I just stayed in my basement, none of the kids at school had much to do with me anyway.

Well the touching was getting intense and some days I would have dreams of a man as well. Well this all continued until it got bad for awhile.

Now I did still sleep with a lamp on. I tried a few times to sleep without it, but the feeling of being watched was worse when the lights where out.

One night, I fell asleep while watching TV and woke up to my bed shaking, it then started to lift off the ground and would fall back down, this lasted for a few minutes. Once it stopped, I turned on every light and ran upstairs and woke my aunt and mom up by crying. They didn't believe me and told me to go back to bed. I kept all the basement lights on that night.

Well a few years had past and I still ignored the touches, dreams, and voice. Well my mom got married and to avoid her husband I was hardly seen at all. I avoided my sister, and kept quiet as to not trouble my family with my strangeness.

Well I joined the army and tried to leave when I was 17. I didn't make it past boot camp. My step dad became abusive to my mom and he was forced to leave. That next year was ok. My mom seemed more loving to me and actually spent time with me. When I was away in the army, they had turned my room into a game room, so I slept on the couch in the living room. During that time nothing happened. I still got scared going into the basement though.

It got back to the point where I had to have lights on again, and I had couldn't even use the shower in the basement without my sister's cat sitting on the washer next to the shower.

My mom remarried when I was 19 and while this husband was nice, he kept a secret from us. Well that tad bit is for later. After he moved in, things started happening everywhere. It was like he brought something else in the house. During my mom's first marriage she had two more children who were 16 and 17 years younger than me. Well their toys would start moving and playing music at night, while I tried to sleep on the couch. My mom's bedroom door would open and you would hear footsteps walking up and down the stairs. My mom came to me and confessed that she had started hearing voices at night and she claimed to have been pinned down by something that had a tail. She had been bitten and my brother who would ask to play with something in the corner at night.

Well my step dad ended up getting deported to Mexico. My mom went through drug withdrawals and living in that house was getting worse. Well one night as I was sleeping my sheets were slowly being pulled off of me, when I pulled them back up I got pinched in my butt and the door to the room I was sleeping in that night slammed closed. I hurried and yanked the door open and turned on the light. I yelled for my mom and she came rushing down.

The basement and whatever was happening upstairs where two different occurrences, while I was the only one who experienced anything in the basement, everyone upstairs had similar occurrences with the toys moving, voices yelling at night, just the overwhelming sense of fear. And we ending up finding some strange book and an altar in the crawl space of my mom's room, that my second step dad had left.

Well in 2011, my mom passed away. And I decided to stay in her room one night. Horrible mistake on my part. I heard the thumping and whispers, but then the crawl space door popped open. I ran down stairs and made sure to sleep with a light on.

We soon moved out within two months after that. Things seemed better once I was out of the house. I would still feeling the touches and would still dream of the man from time to time, but I could finally sleep without a light on, I didn't hear noises anymore, or anything.

Everything has pretty much died down. Except the dreams and the touches. My sister moved in with me for a short while and claimed to have seen a black mass standing over my bed watching me sleep, she moved out shortly.

My dogs bark at nothing, but I don't have an intense fear or anything.

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Elizabeth62 (14 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-15)
Hello Pagankitty,
No matter what belief you have, praying is just you giving praise and thanks for whatever you feel you have been blessed with and asking for whatever favor that you may need or want. And if the entity doesn't like you speaking to your God then that means that it is weaker and doesn't want to be pushed away from you. Keep praying. Nothing and no one has the right to assault you in any way.
Have a blessed day. Elizabeth ❤
pagankitty321 (2 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-22)
To be honest my mom would not let me see the book and I was too afraid to look at it anyway. She left the book and the alter in the crawl space. We haven't lived in the house for 6 years and the home has been vacant all this time. I drive by it sometimes, and I don't like the feelings and memories it brings back.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (321 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-06)
That is a lot of freaky going on! Way out of my comfort zone! You really had some balls to want to stay in a basement that you once feared! There's no way in hell that I could do that! No offense to you, more so on me lol since I'm calling me a scaredy cat. But I have a question... You said your 2nd step father held a secret that y'all did not know of, until later. Now I know you said that y'all fount a weird book, and alter in your moms crawl space. Did y'all never look into what exactly that book was? Also, what all exactly he did with it? It seems like it could have been some kind of devilish stuff, that he may have dabled in while staying there. But as far as what all you should do, I think blessing your home, as well as saying some thing's to help keep the evil spirits out, would most likely do wonders for your future. I know there a guy on here named Rook that has a site you can go to of his, that he has posted something about keeping your house rid of evil. The word for it has escaped me right now, but I'm sure someone can tell you what I'm trying to explain. Sorry not to be of much help. I hope thing's continue to only get better for you
Unicron1000 (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-28)
This is a very intresting story. Here is something that can help you with negative entities and spirits. Imagine a bright light surrounding you then imagine the light getting bigger and brighter, pushing all negative entities and spirits away from you and your house. Try this and email me if it works or not.
My email address is on my profile. 😊
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
7 years ago (2016-12-26)
I don't think there's a 'wrong' way to pray, as long as you speak with your heart. Although many faiths do have particular prayers that they use (like the Our Father or Hail Mary), you might try speaking with the minister/priest at your church and see what they suggest, if you think it will make you feel better. Perhaps they can even come bless your place.
pagankitty321 (2 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-26)
I have recently started to reconnect with my faith. I am not overly religious, but do pray sometimes. I honestly am kind of afraid to pray because I feel like it will hurt me or my pets. Plus I don't know if I would be doing it right.
Infikiran (1 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-07)
Definitely sounds like a malevolent spirit, feeding off of negative emotions. Are you a religious person? Have you tried praying?
pagankitty321 (2 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-12)
While at boot camp, nothing happened. After I came home, I was the one who called the cops and had my step dad removed from the home, two weeks after I came home they got into a fight and he started to choke her.

I have been to a doctor and have gotten grief counseling. I've had MRIs and cat scans. Nothing neurological is going on.

The touches and man come back every once and awhile. Some nights my dogs will bark at the closed room down the hall from us at night and then the next morning it will be open. Some nights I have the sense that I'm being watched and I just pull my dogs closer to me. The touches got quite intense recently after my ex boyfriend moved out.
TheSkeptic (21 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-03)
I am sorry for your loss and what you went through. I believe your experiences are mundane (not paranormal) through the emotional losses and abuses you have endured and the medications you were on and off. I suggest grief counseling for you, you will feel better. The touches at night and the rest could be a result of muscle twitching due to neurological conditions. Take care of yourself and good luck to you
twelveam (74 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-02)
Hi PaganKitty321,

It sure sounds like The entity that does the touching is attached to you. I was wondering if you felt anything at all while you were trying to get through boot camp, or did all activity cease during that time? Either way, I suggest you try and see a medium to possibly find out why you are having these continuous dreams and physical touchings. It wouldn't hurt to bless your living space with sage as well. Many times, people can be extremely vulnerable to otherworldly entities oppressing them due to that persons weakened mental state, such as feeling rejected or emotionally attacked such as your sister passing her anger onto you all the time and your mother not intervening. Boot camp is a form of breaking down peoples spirit as well, and could have added to the other stresses at the time. Boosting your confidence may help keeping out that negative spirit (I know... Easier said than done, right?) but trying to keep your emotions and mental well being in a positive light may help quite a bit, and make no mistake... Your dogs barking at "nothing" can mean a lot. It doesn't necessarily mean for sure they are reacting to a spirit, but it shouldn't be discounted. It all depends on other factors surrounding those instances. Please take care of yourself and don't let this thing win by trying to possess you. I wish you the best! Thanks for posting your story and please keep us updated.

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