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My name is Kim and I would like to submit a story my Dad told me.

I hope you guys enjoy my story as much as I enjoy yours.

My Dad was working in Paranam, created in 1938 which began operations in 1941. It was called Paranam after the Para and Suriname rivers which border the bauxite mining concession areas. It was discovered by Suralco (Suriname Aluminium Company)

Many years ago my Dad lived in a small town called Lapigilantia. I wasn't born yet.

Everyday he would get up early in the morning to get to work on his bicycle. He always left the house at 6am. So from his house (Lapigilantia) to work (Paranam) were less than 3 kilometers away and one day something happened. He thought he woke up at 6am, but it was 11:30am. That day he left the house quickly, because he thought he was late. While he was cycling he noticed that it was no less dark as usuall while cycling. He kept going anyway. Minutes after his journey he heard a loud whistle behind him. He didn't react or anything, but it was certainly strange to him. Moments after that he heard another one, but this came from the front.

It was a strange kind of whistling. Not the kind you use to hear. In my country it is known as something strange, especially at this time of the night. My Dad knew that to. Minutes after the first and the second whistle he heard more coming from the back and the front. It was like things were calling and answering each other. Something like communication while my Dad was a prey. With all these whistling while cycling he only thought about going forward and that is when he realized he was on the streets in the middle of the night. With all the whistling getting closer to him he saw a light in the bushes on the side of the road. He went there and saw an old man with a lamp in his hand. The old man asked him what he was doing here at this time of the night and my Dad explained everything.

My Dad asked if he could spend the night and the old man said that he was lucky, cause many people have lost their lives this way... Being in that street at a certain time of the night. When it was finally time to go to work my Dad left the place and never saw the old man again.

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curiousityoverload (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-12)
NO NO NO DandelionQUEEN. Loud whistling late at night is believed to be a JORKA in our country. My dad knows it well. A JORKA is an evil spirit of a dead person that wanders around for whatever reason. When
he went to thank him he did not see him again. While spending the night with the old man he had a dream that a lot of the evil spirits came to get him, but they could'nt come where they were. It was paranormal.

Pandora-PDX the old man was not doing the whistling. My dad went to him for help. Why and how people died in that area... Nobody knows. That's why it is paranormal. That place is haunted. He was to far from home to turn back and the old man was in the bushes on the side of the road.

Lady-glow...yeah he went to thank him, but everything that was there that night dissapeared. Never saw him again and nobody knew or heard of the old man.

Thank you for reading my story. Much love ❤
DandelionQueen (4 stories) (24 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-15)
I think it is possible that it could have been people doing the whistling, rather than anything paranormal - but frankly, that just makes it even more scary! Either way, glad he didn't meet the fate of others on that road... Did the old man offer any opinion about what happened, or whether he thought it was something paranormal?
Pandora_PDX (23 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-14)
It is hard to tell everything without just a tad more info...
Was the old man maybe the one doing the whistling?
What way did people lose their lives in that street... Why, how, and by who or what?
Why did he ask to stay the night at the old man's house... Wasn't home pretty close?
Was the old man actually IN the bushes?

I truly find this story intriguing. Almost sounds like a skin walker? *shudder* But yeah just a little tiny bit more info would be awesome. Because it's an interesting story... I love stories from different countries. 😊
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-14)
Welcome to YGS.
Reading your story brought to my mind the memory of many terrifying nights in my childhood. In my neighborhood there used to be a night watch security system in which a couple of men would walk in parallel streets communicating with each other blowing a whistle. The sounds were eerie and awful even though I was aware of what was going on.

I wonder if your father almost had an encounter with a gang of nocturnal street robbers communicating between them of the presence of a possible victim through whistling sounds?

I'm of the opinion that many times the living are much more dangerous than the dead ones.

Do you know if your father ever tried looking for the old man's place?
Did he hear of any other cases of people dieing in that area and the circumstances of their death?

In my opinion there's not enough information in your story to decide if it was a paranormal encounter, but I have to agree that it was unsettling and scary. I'm glad nothing bad happened to your Dad.

Thanks for sharing.

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