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The Little Pub Girl


Firstly I'd like to say this story has been told to me by my dad. I have a few experiences to tell you but that is a separate story.

Before my dad was married he worked as a builder and one day was asked to do some plumbing work in a pub (I shall not name the pub for privacy reasons).

My dad was down in the cellar looking at some pipes when he heard little footsteps and movements. My father called out and asked if anyone was here, no one answered so he presumed it was his imagination and resumed his work. Minutes passed and he heard a little girl's giggle. My father asked her to come out from where she was hiding after no appearance my father started searching for her as he was concerned for her safety playing down here with heavy crates about in the dark. As he turned around he saw a little girl in pink pjs with long brown hair. He asked her to go upstairs and play. Still she stood there. As he moved closer he noticed the little girl's face looked terribly burned on one side and her hair looked short on the front part of her head. My father stopped in his tracks and looked at the little girl, he said she just giggled and disappeared before his eyes.

My father bolted upstairs and told the owner what had happened the owner told him her name was Cindy and she had died in an accident falling into the coal fire ten years ago. The previous owners had left but still Cindy appears now and then, probably looking for company or to cause mischief.

My father often wondered if Cindy had finally moved on.

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