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The Livingroom Light


1983, I was 4 or 5 years old and sitting on the floor of my room next to the heating grate. It was very cold that winter and time for me to go to bed but the sheets were cold and I wanted to stay on the floor. My mom came in and told me to go to bed, I got up and got in bed and pretended to go to sleep. After she left, heading up the stairs to the second floor, I grabbed a blanket and returned to the floor by the very warm grate.

I had been there not a minute when a light glowed in the living room that I could see through my doorway through into the hall, through into the TV room, and finally into the living room. The light grew and got closer to me, as the light came closer to me it turned into an old lady.

She had wild, curly, salt and pepper hair to her shoulders, thin lips that had a hint of amusement, and a big nose. She was about 5' 5" and looked down at me with her little smile. She had on a heavy thick skirt with an apron and a 19th century style peasant top and a heavy sweater that hung open, she wore black boots like women's Sketcher lace up/zip up boots. Out from behind her left foot stepped a black cat that curled around her leg, arched its back, and hissed at me. I can still see the fur on its back bristle.

There was a noticeable electrostatic humming occurring while all this was happening. Once the cat hissed at me she faded and was gone. I never saw her again and I have not lived in that house in over 20 years. As I grew up in the home and got older I always felt like I was being watched, like there was someone in the next room, as if I could feel their energy but when I got into the next room there was no one there. I do not feel this at my current home which is very blank as far as those ghostly feelings go. The difference between the feelings of the two houses is amazing. After the woman went away I got into my bed, I wasn't scared or anything, I knew her appearance was not normal and I knew that she was harmless, she was not evil at all.

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loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-28)
Wow great story, My actual thought was that maybe the lady appeared because you did not want to listen to your mother at the time. It's still a bity weird and I have no clue what the cat would be doing there.
roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2016-11-27)
Very strange and interesting experience you had. Sorry I have a different conclusion from Tweet this time, the woman's appearance seemed to have meaning, the cat... Perhaps it appeared just with the woman nothing special. Do you know the woman? If so who was her?

The electrostatic humming that you hear is common, just like what we call "tom rap" (in English the rap tone?) that you will hear during any investigation in a powerful haunted spot. Just some information that might help you. Cheers!

Blessing from São Paulo

Tweed (34 stories) (2488 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-26)
Hi there,

Don't suppose that cat wanted to sleep by the same grate. Perhaps it thought you were in it's territory, or something. I don't know, there's something about you curling up on the floor which makes me think this was more about the cat than the woman. Perhaps she came up to find out why her cat wasn't in it's usual spot, where you were.

Thanks for sharing. 😊

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