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Mouse Apparition Pushing A Protective Shield


This story is from our current home that we purchased September 2020. This home was built in the early 1990s; it's partially remodeled. It has newer fake wood floors that look good, but they SNAP and CRACK all the time, day and night because they were installed improperly. The first couple of weeks the floor and house noises would wake myself and our Yorkie, as my head is 2 feet from bedroom door opening, where the wood floor stops and carpet begins. We have plug-in nightlights and I would get up and look around, but realized they were just house noises.

November 2020 - Having found the YGS site, I was up early typing one of my visitations, with my back to the small dining room and kitchen opening, and I heard an odd noise coming from the kitchen (at my back). I got up and moved to the left-hand side of the couch so I could see the kitchen entry. My wife said with her new grandbaby coming, she hoped I wasn't going to be bringing spirit activity into our new home by bringing up all of these past experiences. So, I was a little on edge about the noise in the kitchen, and heard what I thought was a metal clanking sound.

I stood and slowly walked into the kitchen. This entrance is the farthest from the sink and fridge area. I followed the sound to the sink - some dishes are in the sink and I moved some around and found nothing. The next morning, I looked under the sink to find two holes in the cabinet floor and droppings (MICE!) I had some snap traps from our last home and placed one trap under the sink. I trapped two mice in one week. The wife sent me out for steel wool to put in the holes. All is well and I'm not worried about mice getting back under the sink.

Many days passed, and I was laying awake early a.m. In bed and heard a new noise echoing along the wood floors. I finally got up and snuck (kind of) into the living room and realized the noise was in the kitchen. This is the large entrance into the kitchen, closer to the sink, refrigerator and back door (all windows area). Took a light step into the kitchen and the noise was radiating from the sink area. Standing there, I realized a mouse was dragging a tooth and is trying to chew a new hole into the bottom of the cabinet floor to get into sink area. I opened the cabinet door, yelled a couple of cuss words at it, and slammed the cabinet door shut. It stopped chewing (haha!) The next morning, I pulled the steel wool, set a trap and got the mouse the same day. I took a good look at this poor little guy in the trap, and noticed how beautiful the little creature was. I replaced the steel wool and left the traps, just in case.

I believe it was some time after Thanksgiving, one beautiful morning around 10:30a.m., just cleaning up after making Omelets for breakfast. I was in the kitchen and all the drapes at our back wall were open (many windows), so daylight is sparkling off our syrup brown flooring. The kitchen entrance here is tight, between refrigerator wall and dishwasher, with a 4' angled opening. We left our old fridge when we sold, and had to wait for new one. In the meantime, a neighbor had loaned us an old one that leaked and we kept in the garage. I was standing where our fridge should have been and had food in both hands to return to the fridge in the garage, and I heard my wife's footsteps coming towards me from my left and cannot see her through the wall. I was facing the angled opening and looking down for wife's reflection or feet so we don't collide at the opening. Maybe 4 feet in front of me, I saw a black V (like an arrowhead) materialize. It was black and a half inch thick and about 1 1/2 inches tall and the point of the V is coming straight at me. It was slightly billowing and had kind of a hop to it. Not really thinking, and more in awe of it, it was over 18" wide at the back, this V is coming at me. I continued to look down and it was almost 1 foot in front of me, and I saw a mouse as black as the V ribbon it was pushing. It's nose is the point of the V, and the protective ribbon was hugging its cheeks, front legs, and back legs. I saw it's front shoulders moving, and hips moving, and its long tail was moving from side to side of the V. This little critter is scurrying across the floor towards me, looking like it was alive, and runs and disappears at my feet. This was maybe a 4 second encounter.

My wife came around the corner, and I asked, "DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!" She said no, she wasn't looking down. I told her I thought she spooked it and made it run. If I hadn't been looking down, I would have missed this crossing. A spirit mouse pushing a protective shield - what an amazing sight.

I have since bought a live trap and can walk them to a nearby park to let them go now. In late December, my wife told me that the mice had gotten into our cabinet with the lazy Susan. Mostly bulk stuff on these shelves, and the mouse had gotten into a bag of rice at the back and we threw it away. Pulled everything out and cleaned the cabinet with bleach. Found our old salt and pepper shakers, and lo and behold they were a man and woman mouse dressed in 1600s hat and clothing - very cute. They're back on the counter now as a reminder.

As of this writing, no more mice found in our house. But I am constantly looking at the floor now. Many of my sightings have been after eating breakfast. It seems I'm at the right vibration when I am fat and happy. I am now current with all of my visitations. Thanks for reading. Good luck out there. (typed and edited by wife)

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CantunSEEit74 (1 stories) (13 posts)
10 months ago (2021-08-06)

I was looking strait down on mouse. It was black and did not look dead. Had a mouse in the house last week and tried to sweep it out front door and it passed away, there kind of fragile. Mouse jumped out at me on 3rd shelf of pantry yesterday when I opened door. It climbed up spice rack on inside of door to get up on shelves we figure, it got out and under my couch now I think. Nothing in live trap yet dangit. Bought door extensions so mice can't go under doors. Bleach cleaned, got to find where there coming in. Our wonderful yorkie passed July 15. R.I.P little buddy. Good luck out there.
MrsRamsay (guest)
11 months ago (2021-06-29)
Ah, thank you for the explanation. My brain was seeing Can... As opposed to can't unsee (the apostrophe was missing for me, so I couldn't see it). Which could be an analogy for how/why some people can see things like your mouse and some cannot. Reminds me of those puzzles where you can see two different pictures...

I've read all of your stories and really enjoy them. Your wife is a sweetie for typing for you! Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

Also, quickly... Did the mouse look dead? Did it look similar to a living mouse or skanky? Just curious (should not have read Stephen King's "Dead Zone.")
CantunSEEit (16 stories) (17 posts)
11 months ago (2021-06-29)
MrsRamsay I called it a protective shield from seeing its nose was the point of the V and a 1/2 inch thick. The shield V was only there because a dead mouse was running. Was it the only way mouse could show itself? Was this dead mouse so smart it produced this V so I would see it? To let me see what I have done. I felt it was a protective shield. I really don't know anything. I CANTUNSEE that amazing V.I know my stories are just out there it would be easy to call me a liar or starved for attention. But many have been full on apparitions like this one and I have good attention to details. I told the wife when I was thinking up new name here, I just can't un see this stuff. I feel lucky to have seen this mouse. Many of my crossings seem to be learning lessons. And no my 1st encounter was couple in the cloud in the late 1960s. No ghost stuff for over 40 years. Then it started only noticed when adding mirrors. When myself and medium sent curly hair to the light I asked medium why would this start happening so many years later and she said it can start and also just stop at any time. So If this is my last sighting ever that would be ok with me I feel I have seen my share.
MrsRamsay (guest)
11 months ago (2021-06-28)
Good morning! Saw the title and just KNEW it was you, for some reason. Sometime, explain to us your chosen avatar name, if possible? CanTUNseeit? Just curious.

The "protective V" you describe has me fascinated. Why would a ghost mouse need protection?:)
From your traps?
Just super interesting, this "ribbon" of black with the black mouse on the brown shiny floor. One of my first stories here was about seeing my late husband in the black ribbon of my VCR video tapes (that I could only see on my camera, not when playing them on the tv). I wonder if the black stuff is what helps them appear (which might also explain black shadow figures... Reminds me of a void of some kind, or light refractions maybe being different between here and where they are).
Is it possible the "shield" was just the black light refraction being left behind as the mouse moved quickly forward, almost like a wake on the water?
It seems like you see things that only my camera would see, does this go back to when you were a kid?
Wild. I don't like to kill things either, even mice. But sometimes you gotta do it!
Rajine (14 stories) (413 posts)
11 months ago (2021-06-25)
Hi cantunSEEit

This is just proof that every living thing on earth has a soul, interesting experience you had.
CantunSEEit (16 stories) (17 posts)
11 months ago (2021-06-25)

Maybe it's already had a run in with YORKIE. 😜 Maybe shield was needed to show itself. I feel the title of this story was accurate.
CantunSEEit (16 stories) (17 posts)
11 months ago (2021-06-25)

This one kind of hurt my heart a bit. Mice have been in this home a long time but I may have killed this one. Shield was amazing. Every thing has a purpose and a right to live. This was a wake up call for me to let them live. Trap and release.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (708 posts)
11 months ago (2021-06-25)
Well, no more known mice anyway. 😁

I wonder what the shield was to protect the mouse from.

Macknorton, the church I belong to teaches every living thing has a soul, but a human soul has an extra piece to it. This is metaphysics I'm not to clear on.

I think, however, we would need a ghostly/spiritual microscope to see a ghost germ.:)
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
11 months ago (2021-06-25)

I gotta admit, the title of your story was like, the freshest click-bait ever! I was thinking; "Wow! I HAVE to read this one!"

You may be the first person EVER to ever see a phantom / ghostly mouse! 🐭

I wonder: how small can something be to produce a spirit? Could we feasibly see phantom fleas? Ticks? Ants? Ghostly microbes?

If something is "alive" and has a consciousness, does it automatically mean it exists in spirit once it's physical body dies? It's a very interesting idea.

Thanks for sharing, your post has got me thinking again...🤔



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