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An Apparition In The Bathroom


A couple of months ago I submitted a story on this website regarding two strange experiences I had here in Beijing late in 2019. I have to stress that before these two incidents I have never had any paranormal experiences at all, and I had none since - that is until a fortnight ago.

I have a generally rational and skeptical worldview, so I am not given to flights of fancy, nor do I have an overly-active imagination. I live in a flat on the 36th floor (which is the top floor) of a modern high-rise block in Beijing, China, with my girlfriend. It's certainly not the kind of place you'd imagine anything supernatural would occur. My girlfriend is only the second person to live in this flat, the first having been her older cousin, who moved away to work in another city with his wife and daughter. He sold the flat to my girlfriend when he left. I mention this because I want to stress that our building is only around 10 years old and nobody has ever died in our flat.

Anyway, about two weeks ago (it was the middle of June 2020), I was in the shower and was washing my hair. My hair and face were covered in shampoo bubbles, so my eyes were closed. I heard a female voice say something in Mandarin which translates into something like 'Ok, that's enough. Stop it now.' Thinking my girlfriend had come into the bathroom without me noticing, I wiped the soap bubbles from my eyes and opened them expecting to see her standing there. To my surprise, I saw not my girlfriend, but a strange, middle-aged Chinese woman I'd never seen before. She was just staring straight at me, in fact it almost seemed as if she was actually looking straight through me. She made no sound at all and did not move. I must have seen her for a second or two when the shampoo dripped down into my eyes again, causing me to close them to avoid the sting. I once again wiped my eyes, but the woman had gone. There was no sign of her.

I called to my girlfriend, she came into the bathroom and I asked her if anyone else was in the flat. She said there wasn't. I was a little worried about this incident, but tried to find a rational explanation. I remembered that when my grandma back in England had had a brain tumour, she had had hallucinations, seeing people in her house when nobody was there. As a result of this, I went to the hospital and arranged to have a CT scan. The results showed nothing abnormal in my brain.

I'm a bit worried by this. I haven't seen the woman since, but the fact that this apparition happened inside my home and while I was actually taking a shower has freaked me out. I don't know what's going on, but I want it to stop.

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DaughterofDarkness (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-09)
Hi, Cunobelinus83 -

I have a narration channel on YouTube where I narrate people's real life ghostly tales. I would love permission to use your story.

I would give you onscreen credit (or you can choose to remain anonymous) and link back to the page on this website page.

Here is a link to my channel if you'd like to check it out before giving me an answer

You may email me at DaughterofDarkness_Stories [at]

Please let me know!
Daughter of Darkness
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-05)
Hello Cunobelinus83,

I do recall in your previous narrative that the area of your current apartment was previously occupied by Beijing hutongs and there you go a lot of history to find honestly. I know you must've came across similar statements in your previous account as well.

If you've lived in that apartment for long enough and are experiencing "paranormal activites" now, then it is possible that you're going through a spiritual awakening, therefore, developing sensitivity to the energies surrounding you.

I can understand your current state of mind that certainly having to experience such activites on a sudden instance are certainly not pleasing to you. But I can assure you the more you'll try to understand these things better then gradually you'll be least disturbed by such things.

Just a few questions if you won't mind:

Have any of the tenants of the neighbouring flats had such similar experiences?

What about your girlfriend's cousin? Did he ever mentioned of any such encounters?

Since these activites are not only limited to your house but you've also witnessed them outside as well hence, it can be possible that someone other than you might have seen it.

I believe performing a cleansing ritual might help in curbing the growing activites inside the household considering you're pretty disturbed by all this.

VeronicaMarie (5 stories) (106 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-04)
Hi, Cunobelinus83...

Wow, wish I could think of an explanation for what you experienced, but I am stumped. I wonder what the lady meant by, "Ok, that's enough. Stop it now." My first thought was wondering if she was trying to protect you from something. Like maybe you were about to slip in the shower or something like that. I have never seen an apparition, but there are people here who have, who might be able to shed some light on this. It's especially hard to figure out, because you know the entire tenant history of the flat, and your only experiences like this have been in this flat. Maybe it's something about the building itself, since you saw that other old lady in the elevator previously. And maybe you are very sensitive to paranormal phenomena, and never knew it before, possibly because this is the first place you've lived where something very different is going on for some reason. Thanks for sharing that fascinating story. Keep us posted if you experience more!

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