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My Nights With Mr. Bad


It seems I'm going in order of my ghost experiences. The last story I submitted was my first sighting and this is my next experience.

Again, I was around 8 years old. My brother and I shared one bedroom with a bunkbed. It was a nice little setup, since my brother didn't like to sleep alone. At first, I could sleep peacefully, and I rarely thought about my window kid or any other bumps in the night or things falling. That ended when I started actually researching the paranormal. I had a sudden interest in all things ghost. I checked out informational books about them at my school library, along with people's 'true' experiences.

I still felt no fear in any rooms of my house. No presences. Most kids would have had nightmares after reading those books, but I was fine. I wasn't scared to sleep with my covers off (it's pretty darn hot here in Utah during the summer) or to walk around my house at night.

Then, it started. I was suddenly terrified to set foot in the bunkbed room, and I didn't know why!

I dreaded going to sleep every night, and my parents assumed it was insomnia. It wasn't. You see, I could have fallen alseep if I wanted to, but instead, I forced myself to stay awake. It was that terror. That fear that I was going to die if I slept.

Every night, it took me hours to work up the courage to stand and dash across the hall to my parents' room. And sometimes I was just too scared to move. I'd spend those nights huddled under the covers, crying and sweating.

My mom and dad let me in the first couple of months and let me sleep in between them. Strangely, I felt safe in their room. I had no problem falling asleep. So, then, it was the bunkbed room, right?

I guessed so. By then, I was feeling like I wasn't alone. I wasn't, of course, my brother was there, but you know what I mean. Like there was someone next to me. Watching me. Waiting to kill me.

It escalated further when my parents started locking their room. It was horrible! I'd pound on their door and cry for them to open up. Luckily, my dad's a bit of a softie, and he'd always let me in.

This whole thing lasted nearly two years. My Abu (grandpa) died while it was still going on. Of course, he would never make me feel so scared.

Then, as suddenly as it came, it stopped.

I was suddenly able to sleep in the room at night. I could get up and walk down the stairs to get water without fear. I could use the restroom in peace. What a relief this was for me! By that time, I knew ghosts and demons were real. I knew my Mr. Bad was real (even if I don't know exactly what he is). I also knew he was gone. Sadly, not for long, as he made a grand re-enterance recently. That's a seperate story, though.

I talked to my brother about my experience recently, and he said he felt nothing. That was strange to me. It was such a powerful terror that came and left suddenly. Surely it wasn't my imagination, right?

I didn't end up telling my dad about these experiences for nearly four years. He felt bad for locking the door and confided that, he too, sometimes had to endure a night with our Mr. Bad. I never told my mom, and still haven't. She'd think I'm crazy.

Of course, during those night terror years, other small things happened, concerning the window kid and some others, but, again, that's another story.

Thank you for reading. Any advice concerning Mr. Bad is greatly appreciated.


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AFieryCupcake (1 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-03)
Hi Mythem,

If you want to read my story, something following and watching me... We have a few similarities! While as a child I thought that the paranormal goings on were my grandfather, I'm now unsure as I'm seeing a shadow figure that feels darker lately. I'm now 20 and nothing really has stressed me out to cause such things to be seen. Like in your story, I was not bothered about the dark etc, while my little sister, who I shared a room with, always hated being up there alone (and to this day claims that my grandmothers upstairs floor is haunted). I love researching the paranormal too, but I don't really feel any fear from what I'm reading. It's both strange, but comforting to see someone that has experienced very similar things as me!
trentinray (3 stories) (67 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-02)
mythem-I agree with Manafon1. As I read that was just what I was feeling. Children can be terrified over even insignificant seeming things, so even though it was grade school material, I am inclined to believe it affected you, and you may have convinced your conscious mind that it hadn't, but it may have ended up manifesting anyway. That was just my read on it. But I did find it very interesting, thank you for sharing!
mythem (guest)
7 years ago (2017-01-01)
Manafon- I have considered that the books were having an affect on me, but even after those years I continued to read and research the paranormal. Nothing like that ever happened again (well, for some years). But, I can't entirely disprove that the books affected me. The thing is, the stuff I was reading back then was what you'd find in an elementary school library. It was never particularly scary, as you might imagine.
No, I wasn't stressed out. My family was well off, I was doing well in school, I wasn't abused or anything (thank goodness), and I can't really find any other reason for an 8 year old to stress. But it could have been a kind of panic attack. I'd never really considered that.

Thank you for the suggestions. I'm going to do a bit of research on that panic attack thing.

Dreyk- Yes, that's what I was thinking. Well, if it really WAS paranormal. But I don't think I ever really forgot. I think I just started to get used to it. Feeling probably annoyed, he might have left for a while.

Thanks again,
Dreyk (9 stories) (27 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-01)
It was probably interested in you because you were acknowledging it. Fearing it... Some people (I included) believe that "spirits" can draw on a person's energy and you were probably keeping it pretty well fed. Over time, little by little you probably forgot about it and eventually it retreated to wherever it had been before this started.
Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-01)
mythem--I read your account with interest. When I was between the ages of five or so, up until my teens (on and off) I had very similar feelings about sleep somehow being equated with death. To quote Edgar Allen Poe, "sleep...oh, how I hate those little slices of death." Like you I would on occasion force myself to stay awake. The idea of laying there trying to lose consciousness and, hence, my waking self, troubled me.

I never sought my parents room for comfort but the feeling you describe seems more akin to a psychological matter than a paranormal one. You should also consider the strong possibility that the books on paranormal subjects you were reading could have subliminally affected you. The young mind is very impressionable and easily affected by books, movies and stories.

Was there something very stressful going on in your life when "Mr. Bad" would visit? The way you describe your symptoms it sounds like some type of a panic attack. Consider these possibilities before replying.

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