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Thinking back to my younger years I have always had a few events that happened shortly before I moved that never sat quite right with me. I was very young at the time, around the time I turned 8 or shortly before, so even when I told others they wrote it off as nothing more than an odd occurrence.

My brother and I shared a room. We had bunk beds and I had the top since it was a lower ceiling and I was the smaller of us. On the opposite wall we had a white wooden desk with drawers and a TV/SNES setup on top of it. Other than that we had very little in our room that wasn't Legos or clothes.

One day while my brother and I were playing a game (meaning I watched and he played) I noticed a small hotwheel-like toy, which I had recently found outside, start to roll off from next to the TV and landed upside down. My brother didn't notice this but I got up to grab it. When I reached for it several large earwigs started crawling out from the cracks. I was no stranger to picking up the punchy little things so I scooped them up in an empty cup and went downstairs to toss them outside.

I scrambled back upstairs and sat down next to my brother again. This was when the first really strange thing happened. Mid game, several feet away, I watched the SNES shut off. This requires a switch gets physically moved and makes an audible clack when it does. My brother and I stared in shock since neither of us were anywhere close enough to touch it. Without a word we went downstairs and told our mom what happened. She said we probably didn't toggle it the whole way on the and it just settled on a side.

That night I woke feeling my back was a little chilly. The thing that caught my attention was that I was sleeping on my back and I could feel the metal guard rail on my right. It was on my left when I went to sleep. I opened my eyes and saw my bed to my right, my eyes level with the top of the mattress and still laying stiff as a board over nothing. I took several deep breaths to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. As I shifted my weight to grab the rail I felt something shift beneath me, the shoulders of a muscular animal walking away from me, and only then did I plummet to the ground.

Neither my brother or mother believed me that I found myself floating beside the bed. We had to put the rail up since I fell off so often.

Within a month my mom had remarried and we left the house so I never got to experience anything else.

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The_Puffin (guest)
7 years ago (2017-01-27)
I had intended to say that was the closest sensation I could relate the feeling to. Like the way a cat's shoulders roll when they walk, just much larger.
Enlightened1959 (8 stories) (118 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-14)
The Puffin- Wow that is a very interesting experience!
I've heard about this type thing happening to others in the past. Very strange.

You said you felt the shoulders of a muscular animal walking away from you? Was the animal holding you up? Not quite sure what you meant.

Anyway, thank you for sharing!

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