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This is story is probably the first of its kind. Or I may not have heard or read any story like mine.

I don't know if I can include myself as a person who has a "gift" to see creatures from the beyond, but I have a handful of stories to share. This 1 incidents I'm about to share happened in 2 different locations. But involves the same people.

I was working for a well known bank last year (now I'm working on a bank in my hometown) and rented an apartment. I had a roommate then who is also my colleague. We had shifting schedules so we seldom see each other.

Last January '16, she left earlier than me because her schedule is 2 hours early than mine. I was on a video call with my then boyfriend, but now husband. Just to give you an idea on how the room looks like, there are 2 bunk beds in the room, 2 fans, and a small chair. My bunk bed is on the side where the window is, her bed is on the other side.

I was fixing my hair when my husband told me ui niloloko ka ng roommate mo (hey your roommate is playing games with you)

Me, ha? Wala sya umalis na kanina pa (Huh? She already left earlier, couple of hours ago)

Him, eh kanino kamay ung susunggab sayo? (Then whose hand was that then? It was about to grab you from behind.

Then his face went white. At first I thought he was just messing with me, but after that he called his mom and told her what happened. They told me to go to a priest and be cleansed. He described the hand, it was dark brown and like an old man's hand, but bigger, and the nails were long. I had to brush off that thought because I was about to leave and go to work.

The second time was when I went home to my parent's house. I was sleeping in my room when I awaken by that noise, the noise was like someone was jiggling the doorknob. I asked my husband if he heard it too (we were talking through video call again) he said yes. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just dreaming. I said no one could have done that. Since the door that we were talking about was the door leading to my closet, and they have to enter my room first to enter my closet. After hearing the noise, I couldn't go back to sleep anymore and just watched movies until dawn.

My mom told me that I have a "friend" who was with me when I was just 5, I guess that "friend' never left at all. I can still hear, see, feel it. I have a handful of stories to publish here, I just don't know which one to share first. I also don't know if I should seek some help from experts. Sometimes it is harmful, sometimes it just play games with me.

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Spiritual_Paganist (15 posts)
5 years ago (2017-08-13)
I think its trying to get your attention, it wants to tell you something, try communicate with it, and because its been with you since you were 5 says a lot that its wanting to say something
The_Banker (5 stories) (16 posts)
6 years ago (2017-01-23)
Hi Tweed,

My husband and I did try to bend my arms to imitate the hands behind me, but we weren't able to. It was about to grab me, and as mentioned, the hand was dark, huge and wrinkly. I have quite a fair skin and my hands are small.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2017-01-23)
Hi The Banker,

Just a thought about the hand. Could it be the blur from the motion of you brushing your hair on camera made your boyfriend think he saw a hand? I'm not doubting your experience, just thought I'd add that possibility.
Thanks for sharing. There's another similar experience to yours here:
The_Banker (5 stories) (16 posts)
6 years ago (2017-01-22)
Hi KikiGirl, I have yet to see the comment. Was it similar to my experience?

The more I try to think of it, the more I become sensitive with its presence. So I try my best to ignore it.

BTW I am no longer living in that apartment. I went back toour house in my hometown And I re-decorated my room. I can still feel its presence, sometimes hear things as well. My brothers are scared of my room, they say they can hear someone talking / moving things / walking inside my room when I'm not at home. They told me to ask a priest to bless me and my room. I told them I need a solid proof that someone / something is in there or with me, but I'm scared as well to find out.
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
6 years ago (2017-01-22)
The_Banker, I think your story is true and intriguing.

The strangest thing is that somebody on this site wrote a comment almost exactly like this one on a different post today:
Almost everything that happens which is supernatural, such as, seeing a person, object/s moving or electriconics that turn on and off on their own is related to the amount of energy that can be manufactured, accumulated and used by a ghost or spirit. We call it "energy", and sometimes it is just that in the term of the word, but the "WHY/s" of;
WHY can some one, only SOMETIMES, see the hand of a ghost or
Why can a ghost move an object, only, sometimes?
That is a process completely unknown to us. We only understand that sometimes through some force, or energy or psychic-buildup -
This will allow for us to comprehend the paranormal and make it visible to us, in which time -
We are able to capture and see ghosts and spirits in our physical world. Whether it be, on camera, with our eyes, hearing or other equipment.

So, if there is a spirit, and it is around the apartments at times, it is only able to utilize, just, enough "energy" for you to see a hand, or jiggle a doorknob.

If the experiences are bothering you, you definitely should try looking for a new place, or decorating your room in such a way that makes you feel safe and happy. Whatever "energy" that these spirits need, YOUR ENERGY of love, security and happiness will provide YOU with a way to FIGHT them. So, if you feel safe, happy and comfortable, it will be harder for them to make these things happen.

We will have to hear more before making 100% sure that this is the answer.
The_Banker (5 stories) (16 posts)
6 years ago (2017-01-22)
Randy M: it seemed it was about to grab me on my shoulder from behind. It was easy for me to brush it off since I mentioned that I have handful of stories to share and also I was getting ready to leave the apartment. Where I used to live is a very busy city, and with all the stress I get from work, I don't think of those encounters that much. I still am scared of the living more than those entities. And what scares me most are the bills I have to pay lol. I'm not that scared of them as long as they don't harm me.
The_Banker (5 stories) (16 posts)
6 years ago (2017-01-22)
Randy M: I apologize for the confusion. Since we were on a long distance relationship, we would leave our video call on until dawn, or until our phone dies.

2nd, the hand he saw was about to grab me from behind. But disappeared when he mentioned about it.
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
6 years ago (2017-01-22)
Hello Banker

Sorry but I'm confused

You said you were sleeping when awakened by a jiggling of the knob but then you asked your husband (who was on video call) if he heard it also?

If you were sleeping how were you talking to your husband on video call?

In your first story about the hand.
Where did he see the hand? Was it coming up from behind your head?
It would seem hard to just "brush that off" and go to work.

Perhaps you could explain a little better to help me understand


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