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Dealing with the strange odor in my kitchen and sometimes dining room was an ongoing issue. I tried chemical deodorizers, and scented candles, incense, etc. It always seemed to come back. Then, one day - with no more warning than I'd had when it started... It was over (at least for a few months). The smell was gone and I finally had my apartment, all of my apartment, to myself again. It definitely made me wonder about the building, if it was haunted. My family was pretty superstitious growing up, so it wasn't a stretch. My grandfather used to tell me stories as a child about his home growing up and the strange things he and his siblings would see. I was spending less and less time at my apartment anyway - so it wasn't much of a concern.

About three months passed without incident. Things were going very well at the station, and I was developing a group of friends. I started dating a woman who worked at the office complex across the street from the station and we'd catch dinner together several times a week. She would be getting off work, and I'd be getting ready to head in for my night shift on the air. I remember the first night she came over to my apartment very well as it was the first time I heard a strange noise in the middle of the night. We had hung out all night, went to a movie, came back to the apartment and ate, then watched some TV before she went home. That night at around 1:00am, I heard this strange mechanical buzzing or "whirring" noise. It was very brief, probably only a few seconds and I probably would have dismissed it as part of a dream if it hadn't started again a few minutes later... A very high pitched whirring noise that lasted a few seconds, then stopped cold. I laid there in bed with my eyes shut, trying to figure out if the noise was coming from inside my apartment, or maybe a neighbor. While I waited in the dark, eventually I drifted back to sleep.

The next night it happened again, a high pitched whirring noise. It woke me up, but unlike the prior night, it didn't stop right away but kept going - continuously. I pulled myself out of bed and searched the apartment for the sound, finally tracking it to my bathroom. I had a cordless shaver, which sat in a charging dock. I have a sort of scruffy beard and goatee, so I don't shave every day. I hadn't shaved a few days prior to this incident actually, so the shaver had simply been sitting there powered off. There it sat now however, in its cradle, running at full speed. When I saw it, I admit, I stepped back and a shock of "WTF" went through my mind and down my spine. I rushed over to the shaver, grabbed it up and pushed the power button to turn it off, but it wouldn't power down. It kept running in my hand. I turned on the bathroom light and turned the shaver over in my hands trying to figure out what was going wrong. I pushed and held power, and bashed the button over and over again trying to make it power down. I tried plugging it in, I tried taking off the blades, eventually resorting to banging the shaver against the edge of the sink... Nothing would work to silence the shaver. Finally, being the "patient" person I am, I filled the sink with water and dropped the shaver in. No matter how "water resistant" it was, after a minute or so it was overtaken by the water and FINALLY fell silent. I actually left the shaver floating in that water over night and made my way back to bed.

The next morning, I took the shaver and the charging dock and threw the entire mess into the trash chute. I met Ludya and we went to the local GUM (closest thing would be a shopping mall in the States) to buy a new shaver among other things. We returned to my apartment late that afternoon and she asked if she could stay over while I went to the station to do a night shift. We hung out for a while, and eventually I left her there while I went to work. Before I left however, I set up the new shaver and charging dock in the bathroom so it could begin its initial charge. When I returned around 3am, I was surprised to see Ludya still awake. It seems that at some point in the evening, the shaver had powered on by its self and she couldn't get it to shut off. She ended up putting it in a drawer so it could run until the battery died. I took the shaver from the drawer and powered it on and off several times... It seemed to work normally. Ludya suggested it was defective and I should return it in the morning, but when I told her I had thrown away my other shaver for behaving exactly the same way - she didn't like that answer. Actually she refused to come back to my place for at least a few weeks. The apartment always seemed to "act up" around her as well. Light switches which would work perfectly well for me, would glitch when she tried to turn them on. She'd flip the switch and the light would come on, but then immediately turn back off again. She'd have to flick the switch 4-5 times before the light would come on and STAY on. I called building maintenance countless times trying to fix it, but the problem would always come back after a few days.

She was a trooper though, and she did stick it out, even if the apartment played these little tricks on her. She eventually moved in with me on a part time basis. The strangest stuff however didn't start until after our next door neighbors moved out of their apartment a couple years later. That was the craziness that eventually made us pack everything and move.

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Sid926 (2 stories) (25 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-24)
Hey dreyk just a curiosity. I read all of your stories. Just want to ask that have you asked about the history of the flat to the manager or any other resident living in that building. Now that you have left that apartment no issues... But just a curiosity that did you tried to know about the history of that flat or the tenants living there previously.
Once again really great stories 😁
Caz (342 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-19)
Not exactly a comment on your experiences Dreyk, but you don't appear to need any help anyway, so just to say you have such an interesting way of telling them and I liked this one so much, I've just read the other two and they're every bit as good! Thank you for sharing them and please do let us know if you have any more encounters! 😊
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)
Dreyk! Interesting article with a lot of unexplainable and peculiar incidents! It is strange, just recently I was reading a story from another girl on a spiritual website. She spoke a lot about "mundanes" - people without gifts or sixth-sense and "others" who are sensitive. It sounds like your girlfriend may have had some sort of sensitivity to the invisible or ghostly-realm. I remember watching a program about a person who was bewildered because some types of mechanics/technology would malfunction when in the vicinity of the person. It turned out that the person resonated and gave out a particular frequency, I cannot remember if it was through their brainwaves or because of a medical procedure. The scientists did numerous tests to see how their frequency would alter and change technology or cause it to malfunction. In some belief systems, however, some people are more sensitive and in-tune with their sixth-sense or third-eye, and this is why they are able to perform tasks which normal people are not able to do, ie) Pyrokinesis - the ability to manipulate fire or light an object on fire or aflame without matches, a lighter or fire - purely through chi or other methods. Or, clairvoyance - the ability to perceive person, object, location, and physical events through extrasensory perception. Https://

Lighthouses have also been discussed at lengths lately. A person who attracts spirits and ghosts et cetera to them, innocently and naturally. There is something in particular or especial to the person which magnetizes ghosts and the undetected to the person or "lighthouse".

I was saying to this girl, "it is not a bad thing to be a mundane, at all!"
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)

I'm really enjoying every experience you post here.

You write it as though were right in your livingroom with you and your telling us all about it.

I can hardly wait for your next one about after your neighbors moving out.

I'm excited about it!

Thank you for sharing

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