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This creepy story happened to my younger cousin, when he's about to leave our province in Sta. Monica Laguna to study in Manila. The day before he left, his two playmates Kat-Kat and Karlyn asked him if he can still play with them for the last time. My cousin agreed to them and told them to comeback at 4 pm since he still have errands to do. At exactly 4 pm he heard Kat-Kat calling his name coming from the outside of their house, so he immediately went out but to his confusion, Kat-Kat was not around and there's no other kid around the area.

My cousin just decided to went at Kat-Kat's house to ask if she's calling him. But Kat-Kat said she didn't go at his house yet and she's just about to leave and call him. After confirming to Kat-kat, he just thought it was just his mind playing tricks on him, so they just fetched Karlyn and started playing beside the narrow road.

They decided that my cousin will be the "it" since he's the oldest. After he counted up to ten, he immediately left the spot and started looking for the two girls. Few minutes of checking every corner and possible hiding place near the spot area, he first found Karlyn hiding behind the tricycle parked beside the road. He just peeped underneath the tricycle and saw Karlyn's feet on the other side of the tricycle, he was sure it was Karlyn since he saw the same slippers and pajamas. He shouted "Boom Karlyn!" and ran as fast as he could. But after he reached the spot, there's no Karlyn running behind him. He just decided to keep looking again for more minutes, until Karlyn approached him and told him it's getting dark, they should just find Kat-Kat and go home. He asked Karlyn if she was hiding behind the tricycle but she said no, since she's hiding in one of the nearest alley. He told Karlyn that there seems someone's copying Kat-Kat's voice and Karlyn's appearance. Both of them got eerie feeling so they hurriedly looked for Kat-Kat. When they both reached the short alley they saw Kat-Kat's shadow from the other edge, they're both sure it was Kat-kat since the shadow has the same body built and hair length. They started shouting "Boom Kat-Kat!" but when they're very near to Kat-Kat's shadow, they got terrified and ran so fast back to the road, since they both noticed that the shadow whom they thought belongs to Kat-Kat was on the opposite direction of their shadows. They're both sure it was not normal since the sun was setting behind them and there's no other light near the area. When they both reached the road they found Kat-Kat waiting for them. While they're telling to Kat-Kat the creepy shadow that they both saw, they all heard a giggle near the area and on split seconds, they all saw a kid running so fast entering the alley, and they all freaked out when they realized she just looked like Karlyn, they didn't see the face but the hair and clothes were just the same.

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MAMORU (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-12)
I read about some doppleganger articles and it said if you see yourself, something bad will happen to you and it's also known as a sign of bad omen. 😨
Toby (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-11)
Sounds like a doppleganger but I've never heard of one who copies a different persons voice instead of the persons who shape they stole. 🤔
queenlol (9 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-05)
WoW! Maybe it was an one of those coping ghosts! 😲 😊 that was one of a kind of story and it was an chiller! I'm confused on but I'll handle it! Please don't take this comment negeatively! I know that I spelled it wrong! 😊

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