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A while ago I wrote about my own experience, this time I'm going to tell you the story my grandma told me. Five years ago there was a death of a young girl in her village, the village is pretty small so everyone knows each other. After the funeral some time later my grandmother kept having this dream of the young girl appearing before her as a normal person would but, her feet were all scratched and bloody. She would only say that she couldn't find her shoes and she would start crying asking for shoes, my grandma would have this dream for 2 or 3 days. So one day she decided she would go to the girls family and tell them to buy shoes and leave them somewhere aside in their home, she didn't really want to worry them but decided that they should know of the dreams and that she's been seeing their daughter with bloody feet crying that she can't find her shoes and she can't walk. The next day her family went and bough her nice white shoes and just placed them in some place at their home. After that my grandma says that she stopped dreaming of the girl, but one night she had a dream about her again this time the girl was happy she didn't say anything but my grandma says she could tell that the girl was happy, that she could walk again and that was it, she never had a dream about her again. And I really think that this is all possible, that we can communicate with them in our sleep.

Why I think that's possible because a year ago, a really close person to our family died in a car accident, leaving 2 children behind and a wife. When we gathered one time my mothers cousin said she had a dream about him in which he looked horrible, his hands were all bloody he looked worried, hurt, his clothes were torn, he was trying to give her money and said that she was helping his family and want her to have these money. They all thought that he looks like that because after the accident his family decided to move to a different city get a new home, and start living there maybe he got worried that they were selling everything and leaving stuff behind, he got worried about his children that they moved from the home they had before, she said she couldn't take the money because she was just there watching him even if she tried he looked distant.

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SleepyOwl (2 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-30)
Hello KikiGirl I apologize for the late answer thanks for reading I'm sorry I'm answearing your questions so late... Life just doesn't stop, well atleast for us.
Im going to answear all of your questions
1.Yes she did see the little girl and yes she alone went to the family to talk about her.
2.Grandma said they were sad, if it was me I would be sad too they weren't mad about it people in that region are believers and they believed her right away.
4.The girl used to get fresh water for my grandma.
5.As far as I know I think they just left them inside near the front door.
6.I don't know about that I didn't ask.
7.No, I think it was just logical for my grandma to do so. She knows stuff.
8.I don't know, I'm sorry.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-27)
Hi SleepyOwl

Thanks for sharing these experiences. I personally believe that in the sleep state, we leave our bodies and spend time in the spirit world. Apparently sleep serves two purposes:

1. To rest our physical bodies (which are essentially machines)
2. To become accustomed to the spirit world, in which we will be spending the greater part of our existence, once we pass over.

It would appear that when we pass over, we are exactly the same people as we were when we were "alive" as it were. You have your mind, your consciousness, that sense of "you, or I" that you have now.

So it's no surprise that when people pass suddenly, and unexpectedly, such as the poor man in the car accident, he will be distressed and wanting to communicate and be with his loved ones.
Some people aren't really aware they have even "died" and it can take some time before they realise they are "dead" and accept it and can move on as it were.

If the gentleman in the car accident was providing for his family in the material plane, he will still want to be providing for them in spirit. Some things just don't change. These spirits will either naturally gravitate towards, or actively seek out, people in our material plane who can sense them and maybe pass on information, or assist them.


KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-26)
SleepyOwl, thanks for telling us your stories!

I really wish that I could hear the story about the little girl from your Grandmother. I have so many questions like;
* Did she really see this little girl and go to her family?
* What did the little girl's family say to your Grandmother? Were they happy that she had come to speak with them? Were they upset, thinking it is impolite to talk about their daughter who has passed-over?
* Did any of the little girls direct family dream about her?
* How did your Grandmother know the little girl? Were they friends?
* Where did they put the box of shoes? Did they do a ceremony? Did they put the shoes somewhere special to the little girl?
* Did something happen so the little girl asked for shoes? Was she buried without shoes? Did something happen?
* Did someone, a priest or something like that tell the parents how to deal with this situation?
* What did the parents say about your Grandmother's last dream where the girl was happy?

The second story, I am also a little bit confused and have questions but again, thank-you for writing up these experiences even if they were not your own experiences. In the second story, the man who was deceased was trying to offer your Aunt money through a dream... So, she could not accept the money in this world, correct?

Sorry for all the questions! Thank-you for keeping to the point and putting in as many details, as you can remember!
Meghana23 (3 stories) (32 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-25)
Wow great story. It's very sad a small girl lost her life. May be her soul rest in peace.

Thanks for sharing!

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