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The Attachment We Are Being Followed


Here goes, we go back to 1999... I and my husband had six children at the time the youngest and last child born the following year, my husband being a long distance truck driver was working away most of the time,

So that left me on my own to look after our children,

In the summer of 1999 five of my children where playing outside in the afternoon, leaving my second eldest son Anthony aged then 10 years old indoors with me but he was upstairs,

Anthony came downstairs and was visibly shaken and his eyes filled with tears, I asked him... What's wrong love? He said while he was sat upstairs he had heard a woman say something to him very close to his ear but he couldn't make out what the female voice said,

A few months later my friend Janette came around one night she had a few glasses of wine while I had a soft drink, we had a good laugh and catch up she went home at about 11-30pm, so I retired to bed,

At 4-45am I was woken up abruptly by what sounded like breaking glass from downstairs, my heart hammering my chest and heavily pregnant, I thought someone had broken into my house, so I strummed up the courage to go downstairs, When I walked into the kitchen I saw the two stems of the wine glasses stood perfectly upright while the smashed off tops of the wine glasses where rolling about on the sink drainer,

I'm baffled as to what has just happened, I didn't have a cat or any other pet and my children where all still asleep in their beds upstairs, I just couldn't find a rational reason to explain what had just happened and why would the wine glass stems remain upright?

I always felt uneasy in this particular house I felt like I was being watched, we had lived in this house for three years and decided to move to a larger house,

So I and my husband bought a hairdresser shop and renovated it into a seven bedroomed house, while one evening I and my husband where stood in the kitchen deciding a plan for a new kitchen, this was at about 10pm all our children where asleep in bed, when all of a sudden about a handful of skittle sweets, smarties and about 50pence in small change/money was thrown at I and my husband from the 20ft galley hall way, my husband ran quickly down the galley hall way and then upstairs, he thought it was our children messing about although we didn't hear any laughing or the patter of footsteps running away, It was a three storey house and my hubby ran up the two flight's only to find all our children fast asleep,

So over time lots of paranormal stuff was happening in this house such as knockings on my daughter's window in the early hours of the morning usually around 4am she bravely on each occasion looked out of her window and no one in sight,

On another occasion my husband stayed up to watch a movie alone when he saw what he could only describe as a black mass formation about 7ft in height and 4ft wide moving down the 30ft livingroom towards him he panicked and it just faded away at about 6ft away from him,

Lot's of things where happening in this house but it would go quiet for week's or months and start up again,

As years pass by we are becoming complacent to the paranormal goings on,

We moved again and in this next house we realize we have an attachment we hear knocking on the windows and again I and my husband have skittle sweets, smarties and small change thrown at us when our children where upstairs in bed, when again we are both planning to decorate the hall way in this new house,

Our children where in bed and their bedroom doors visible to us were shut, we have also heard whispering close to our ears in this house both female and male voices,

My daughter who was 14 years old at the time started to hear what sounded like a child running along the roof of our garage conversion which we had made into a bedroom for her,

Christmas time was nearing and I and my husband decided to buy our children chopper bikes, my daughter insisted her bike stay in her downstairs bedroom she was chuffed to bits with her new bike. One night she was awoken by something being thrown at her bike, on her investigating what was thrown was something that had no place in our home and didn't belong to our children a pair of tiny little black boots about 2in by 3, they where wooden inside with a rubber outer coating, I reckoned they where off something like a Pinocchio kind of toy,

We threw them away in the bin and the bin men took them with the weekly rubbish collection the same day, I and my husband decided to moved away from Lancashire in England to North Devon England about 250 miles away, we stayed there for eight months and couldn't settle so we decided to move back to Lancashire England to a place called Lytham St Annes, stayed here for three years we seem to move every three years not planned that way just coincidence.

One morning my daughter said you won't believe what I've found on my bedroom windowsill mum, my daughter produced the little black boots we had thrown away years previously,

We are still seeing black formations and hearing what I could only describe as a death groan from a male entity, the knocking's on the windows also continue.

On many occasion something strange that has happened is when we put an unused bar of soap in the bathroom, something during the night has destructed the soap leaving what can only be described as a males finger indentations wrapped around the soap, but this only happens to new unused bars of soap.

On another occasion the soap looked like it was attacked all around the edges with a dinner fork, In total over three years this has happened six times.

Also my dog who has now passed away was frightened whenever the living room door was opened she would run and hide in the kitchen, so I'm guessing she had seen something... This was really strange behaviour my little yorkie was displaying,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my and my families paranormal experiences

I wonder if any reader's have been through anything the same?

Please get back to me if you have... Regards Cupcakes1

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Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-11)
YES! I lived in a haunted house for 3 years and have had similar experiences. I've thrown things away only to see them out in the open on a table months later. I've heard a mans voice yell "HEY" twice in the bedroom. I also saw my name scratched in a bar of soap, that REALLY freaked me out. We moved soon after only to have these kinds of happenings happen in our new home. I don't feel so alone now. 😐 Thank you for sharing your story.
Cupcakes1 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-24)
Hi Rookdygin

When my Mum moved next door to my Grandmother, my Grandmother was single, she had never lived with my Grandfather and he had passed away when my Mum was 12 years old, so unfortunately I'd never met him,

I do believe this paranormal activity to be an attachment with me,
I understand you thinking it may have been Psychokinetic outbursts, however having said that doesn't quite relate with all that has happened regarding the paranormal goings on... Ie being pushed downstairs I'm sure was some kind of paranormal force,

On going up the stairs I and my Mum where met with what I can only describe as a see through wall,
we where stopped in our tracks by a force that pushed us down the stairs together, luckily we weren't injured but in shock,

Another reason I don't believe this to be Psychokinetic is other members of my family have been witness to the paranormal goings on aswell as myself, whispering close to our ears, sweets and small change/money being thrown at I and my husband, more than one of us seeing black shadow formations at the same time and something mimicking our voices calling out our names and a host of other poltergeist activity I'm not always present when things have or are happening,

I was in hospital in 2012 having an operation, my daughter heard me shout her name (Gemma) from my bedroom, she momentarily had forgotten I was in hospital,
When she came to her senses she panicked and told my husband to phone the hospital to see if I was okay and to see if my operation was over with,

The Doppelganger happened only four years ago,
I was downstairs with other family members when we heard my Son David who was then aged 19 chatting to someone upstairs but all us other family members where downstairs,
there where no visitors at our house either, I shouted upstairs who you talking to David? He replied I don't know? I saw what I thought was you on your bed and you was chatting with me,
I replied well no I'm downstairs, we where all shocked by this,

Rookdygins, you asked was there any other paranormal happenings before my Mum moved next door to my Grandmother, thinking on this yes only one paranormal event unbeknown to myself being only aged four in the year 1969,
my older brother who was seven years old at the time while we lived in the previous house before moving next door to our Grandmothers... This is what happened to him... He had told our Mum he was met with something halfway up the stairs that wouldn't let him go beyond and it was an invisible force,
This was the same kind of force that had pushed I and my Mum down the stairs.

Thank you for you're reply back Rookdygins

Kind regards Cupcakes1
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-23)

You have just mentioned some details that COULD have a LARGE bearing on why/when your experiences began.

I refer to two quotes from your comment to pokemon-trainer...

"In 1971 my mum decided to move next door to my Grandmother, this is when the poltergeist activity started,..."


"When I and my mum where pushed down the stairs when I was aged 10 I think whatever it is poltergeist / the attachment... That is with me it's intentions where towards my mum,
She and her partners over time where very abusive towards me, my mum regularly saying I was meant to be an abortion,
This I believe could be the reason why I have an attachment that remains with me until the present day,..."

Had there been ANY experiences BEFORE moving in beside your Grandmother?

Was your Grandfather still alive at the time of this move?

With these extra details I think your experiences may come in one of two forms... Either an attachment (your Grandfather watching over/Protecting you/Letting you know he is around... Did he like skittles?) or Psychokinetic Outbursts from you as a form of 'protection' or outlet of built up frustration/anger/sadness for the way you were being treated.

You even mention a Doppelganger of yourself... So much of this points to 'you' being the possible source of so many of these experiences... Did the majority of them happen during times of 'stress' for you? Maybe you were simply worried about something/someone, or something was happening 'to' you?

I am not trying to pry into your personal life, just trying to figure out if there was a trigger that set 'you' off or who the attachment is and when it took place.


Cupcakes1 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-23)
Hi pokemon_trainer,

Yes it has been a very terrifying experience for I and my family,
I'm intrigued by all that has happened and is still ongoing, although we have become complacent to the paranormal activity that would have most people quaking in their shoes,

Plenty of my friends have said I would be out of you're house if that was me! Asked them how do you get away from something that follows you? Being (The Attachment)

My husband was a sceptic when I met him, he changed his opinion with time when he realized there was no rational explanation for what was and is still ongoing,

I no longer have the little toy black boots, strange thing is on both occasions and year's apart they appeared in my Daughters bedroom, that made me feel uneasy,
I made sure I threw them out on both occasions on bin collection day, I had the creepiest doomed kind of feeling when they had returned for a second time,

I agree pokemon_trainer I have an attachment that is trying to communicate in some kind of way, seems to become worse with imminent trouble on the way,

In 1971 my mum decided to move next door to my Grandmother, this is when the poltergeist activity started, I and my three brothers where all sharing a double bed, the flooring in the bedroom was wooden floor boards, we heard what can only be described as if an old person was shuffling around the bedroom wearing slippers, well that's what us kids perceived it to sound like,

When I and my mum where pushed down the stairs when I was aged 10 I think whatever it is poltergeist / the attachment... That is with me it's intentions where towards my mum,
She and her partners over time where very abusive towards me, my mum regularly saying I was meant to be an abortion,
This I believe could be the reason why I have an attachment that remains with me until the present day,

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my post

Kind regards Cupcakes1
pokemon_trainer (guest)
7 years ago (2017-06-22)
Hello Cupcakes1,

I am amazed by the amount of paranormal activity you have experienced throughout your life. It must have been both terrifying and intriguing.

I've got to say, it seems as if the spirit has attached itself to you in particular within your family, as it began in your childhood. I'm not experienced nor knowledgeable in this field of expertise, however the poltergeist activity seems almost as if it is trying to get your attention or just cause havoc, not to hurt you - although the instance where you and your mother were pushed down the stairs when you were a child would indicate otherwise.

I was particularly astounded by the incident regarding the small pair of toy's boots. I would have found that ridiculously terrifying, I commend you on your calm and collected demeanour and way of dealing with it! Did you dispose of them the second time round or did you keep them? I would suggest trying to throw them away or destroy them if you still have them, or get them blessed in case they are attached to a spirit or entity.

Thank you for sharing your story!

Pokémon_trainer ❤
Cupcakes1 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
Hi Biblio

I will re-type my post with the narratives and sequence,
Thank you for the advice Biblio,
Kind regards Cupcakes1
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
Oh, damn autocorrect! "U.S., and" with a lowercase "a." I also forgot to finish the thought "either telling the narratives in sequence..." With "or tell about a single phenomenon as experienced by all the members of your family.

Time for my mid-morning tea break so I can concentrate!
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
Hello again, Cupcakes.

I always tell my students that there's nothing wrong with a jumbled-up first draft, you just need to clarify what is important for the moment, and leave the rest until later.

*Please* do not remove the narrative, nor drop out of the conversation based upon my critique. I was trying to get the events organized in my head, that's all. It may be that you need to state the chief reason you've posted **now** (stress, panic, escalating activity), and to focus upon that point. You can fill us in on the other events in later submissions. If something has precipitated a crises, START THERE! We'll know how to help talk you through this (e.g.: Rook's cleansing process doesn't require religious belief of any kind, despite his being a minister; it's compatible with any faith or lack of faith). Some of us have had totally inexplicable, creepy, or terrifying experiences that we have trouble putting into words, despite having been members for a while.

If you just needed to vent on a forum that is an outlet for the events, the forum IS HERE for that, too. Sometimes, it's best to focus on either telling the narratives in sequence (I did this with some events from my childhood "my parents' first house" and "my parents' second house) because I have moved to the U.S. And I no longer live in Leicester. I hoped the stories would make for interesting conversation topics (they did!), but didn't expect to learn anything new about them (but I did!) from the conversations.

Cupcakes1 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
Hi Biblio
Yes I agree my story seems all over the place, the outset of my original post was just brief, yes I did add to it about the doppleganger which happened four years ago along with items disappearing and returning,

I'm in no way suggesting anyone should believe my story or it's credibility it's my and my families experiences, I respect the sceptics aswell as the believers,

My Mother had four Children three son's and I the only daughter,

My husband worked away truck driving all around Britain for 6 days of the week, He had been doing that Job for about 10 year's,
Then became self employed in the year 2000 working locally so he could be home more often,

I think I will take this post off the site, I'm being brought to the fore of the truths of did this really happen,

It would take writing a book to explain it all for this has been going on for 18 years,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and replying
Kind regards Cupcakes1
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-20)
Greetings, Cupcakes.

I'm more than a little surprised that your narrative did not include "Doppelganger of myself chatting with my son from my bedroom... Things going missing and being returned weeks or even months later, things turning up that don't belong to us... Something mimicking family members' voices, [and] seeing blue lights around my house." The first three you'd listed in your second response to Rook were described in the narrative you submitted (poltergeist activity, disembodied voices, apparitions/ black shadows); perhaps living with near-constant paranormal activity has a desensitizing effect, but some of these phenomena --such as the doppelganger-- should have been more disconcerting than others.

It is difficult to establish the timeline for these events, and the houses in which they occurred; however, the progression of events is further muddled by the weighty list of data you did not put into the account, but mention as an afterthought. This disorients the reader's sense of your intent and undercuts the effort to trust your experiences. For example, your first response to Rook included the statement "the disembodied female voice that whispered in my sons ear happened on a lot of occasions from that day onwards," which is the first time I considered that the voice had not been a singular event; did this occur only within that house, or did it persist despite your moving to other homes? Did it follow you south, or not? Did it stop, but resume once you were all back in Lancashire? These are the questions that will fill in the details so that we, as a forum, might be able to help you to create some peace of mind by limiting negative events.

How many siblings did your mother have?
Does your husband's career include hauling all over Europe (6 days on the road, home on Sunday, & repeat)? I know that routine can cause stress on a family with two kids, let alone seven...

There's a deluge of details that need to be cleared up, here. Until I can distinguish scope, sequence, and severity, I'm going to back Red's advice and refrain from suggesting any other ideas.

Cupcakes1 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-18)
Hi Rookdygin

Sorry if my original post had confused you, so many things have happened over the year's since the haunting started in 1999,
Far to much to mention will briefly say what has happened,

Poltergeist activity, disembodied voices, apparitions/ black shadows,
Doppelganger of myself chatting with my son from my bedroom but It wasn't me
And things going missing and being returned weeks or even months later,
Things turning up that don't belong to us such as the little black toy boots, tea towels and cutlery,
Something mimicking family members voices,
Seeing blue lights around my house the list goes on,

Kind regards Cupcakes1
Cupcakes1 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-18)
Hello Rookdygin

I had six children at the time of the haunting in 1999, I gave birth to my seventh child in 2000,

Yes I agree I think there was and is some poltergeist activity but the disembodied female voice that whispered in my sons ear happened on a lot of occasions from that day onwards,

Kind regards Cupcakes1
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-18)
I am going to start here because, well there is just something about this...😕

"Here goes, we go back to 1999... I and my husband had six children at the time the youngest and last child born the following year,..."

Followed by...

"In the summer of 1999 five of my children where playing outside in the afternoon, leaving my second eldest son Anthony aged then 10 years old indoors with me but he was upstairs,..."

Cupcake are you trying to say you have 7 children total OR did I just misunderstand what you said about your children and you have a total of six? Either way it sounds as if your newborn was outside with the other children OR you only had 5 children at the time of your first related experience, 4 outside while your 10 year old was in the house with you and your 6th to be born in 2000?

Some of these experiences could be Poltergeist in nature... With some many of your children either entering puberty, being in the middle of puberty or finishing puberty.

There's just something... I can't quite put my finger on it...

I will read and re-read this a few more time and I will post again when I have figured it out... Or I will at least let you know if I can not figure it out.


Cupcakes1 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-18)
Hello RedWolf

When I was a child the home I was brought up in had some poltergeist activity going on and something pushed me and my mum downstairs and we would see what looked like an adult sit on the bed where the bed would have an indentation of someone sat there,

There was a continuation of paranormal activity after I left home aged 18 for about another 2 years, seemed whatever was there I thought might have been residential to the home or so I thought, maybe it was with me but was dormant for the following time up until the paranormal events started happening again in 1999,

My mum left that house soon after I moved out, another family moved there and left 6 week's later leaving all of their belongings behind stating they had seen and witnessed something paranormal that had frightened them,

Maybe whatever is with us now was dormant for year's and maybe have an attachment with me,
I don't have any belongings etc... That I can pinpoint for why this attachment is with me and my family, something paranormal happened before I was aware my mum and her friends had been playing Ouija board,

I will do the Rookdygins cleansing and shielding method, will have to read up on that one sounds interesting,

Thank you for reading my post RedWolf and for what sort of cleansing to do,
Kind regards Cupcakes1
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-18)

You may be being followed by something attached to a thing or a person. Thankfully nobody has been injured so I don't think that is it's intent. Regardless I would do Rookdygins' cleansing shielding method. You may have to do this several times, the weather is getting warm so it's a reason to have windows and doors open.

Think back do you have anything that you bought years ago that felt "off"? Or even brought it or something else from one house to another? If so get rid of it. If you think it may be a spirit tell it that it is not welcome in your home and it must leave.

Cupcakes1 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-17)
Hello Argette

The haunting started happening in our first bought home in 1999,
We hadn't done any renovations in that house,

We moved again in 2001 and 2004 and renovated both of these homes,

Moved to 4 different rented homes since without doing any renovations but the haunting is still ongoing,

I agree dogs can sense what we cannot.

Thank you for getting back to me Argette about my post,
Kind regards Cupcakes1
Argette (guest)
7 years ago (2017-06-15)
You mentioned renovating, and of course, I immediately wondered if you have done some of this in all your homes.

The voices and noises will be familiar to others, as they are to me. Every time we make a change in our 1896 house! But the other stuff is definitely weird.

And dogs sense what we cannot!

Thank you, Cupcakes! And welcome!:)

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