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I've been reading several stories on this site and I thought I'd share mine and see what other people think. Just a side note: My mother passed away after giving birth. In the legal documents, she died three days after but only because they decided to stop the life support. She was brain-dead a day or less after giving birth to me. Okay, now on with the story.

Growing up, I lived in a secluded house in the highlands. As any toddler would, you only focus on having fun or getting stuff you really like. In addition to this, I was terribly naive. At the age of around 3, I started seeing a shadow at the edge of my eye. Like a small part at the very edge of my peripheral vision goes black after some time. At first I was scared but as the frequency of the thing increased, I just thought that's normal and everyone sees it. This only stopped happening after I moved out of my hometown at 16.

At the age of 11, we moved houses but still inside my hometown's vicinity. The shadow didn't stop, and I thought of it as a natural occurrence at this point. Except during this one time, it was somewhat different. At the age of 12 or 13, I was watching a movie one late night in the new house. I was the only one awake and all the lights of my house were off aside from my room's. The light lit a portion of the hallway which I can see easily just by looking right. While watching, I saw the shadow again. Same as always except it wasn't the shadow itself I see. Its more like the shadow's shadow, if you get what I mean. Like the shadow is inside my room, right before the doorway with its shadow on the floor. When I turned and looked, it was gone as usual. I never experienced this before and its the only one like it until now.

After that several months later, I was up late again. This time I was in my room. I was lying down playing with my phone when a lady's voice called my name. The voice came from the direction of my closet. It wasn't inside, rather it was outside as if its was just there looking at me. The voice as also elevated, near the ceiling. You can imagine the the thoughts going through my head by then. I couldn't sleep much that night. The exact same thing happened a year later while I was reading a book, also late at night.

After moving to Manila for college, the ghost stuff stopped and temporarily came back when I was 16 after I told all these to my sisters, then pretty much left after a day or two. I also told my girlfriend about it and said it might be my mother. She said it could be, but warned me not to think too much into it as we don't know who or what that is.

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Katie212 (guest)
4 years ago (2020-04-12)
I am sorry about your mum, but I feel like perhaps this is your mum watching over you. You haven't mentioned anything negative about your experiences, nor that you were involved with conjuring anything.
I would like to add that my husband sometimes smells his Grandmother's perfume or cooking smells in our home. She passed away a long time ago and in another state, but he feels that she is also watching over him too perhaps like your mum.
Please be careful about going to a medium, my opinion only, but sometimes bad spirits attach to good ones we want to communicate with. It's a territory to tread carefully on.
I am now learnng about witchcraft and it's scary and fun at the same time. I also need to be careful about what I do but thank you for sharing your experience.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-02)
It's always wise to be cautious just in case though I don't find it unreasonable to assume this is your mother. If it isn't against your personal beliefs, have you ever considered visiting a medium or spiritualist to see if they can detect anything about the entity attached to you? You could also try a personal cleansing (according to your beliefs, of course) - if the entity is benign, it should not be effected but if it's negative, that should at least weaken it if not totally remove it (sometimes multiple cleansings are required to get rid of a thing entirely).
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-31)
anijavesrever - How sad that your mother passed away after giving birth to you. Devastating for your entire family and mostly for you.

Did your father marry again and if so, was your step-mother close to you, or were you raised by grandparents or relatives? I'm not trying to delve into your personal life but I think it might have a bearing on why this spirit was visiting you.

From my own perspective, if I had died giving birth to one of my children I would like to think that I would have been able to watch over them, to be there when they were sad but also to share the happy times.

Don't be surprised if you start seeing your shadow again. Perhaps it's your mom, perhaps not but I believe that when you need someone around, during happy or difficult phases during your life, your shadow will once again appear.

Regards, Melda
VeronicaMarie (5 stories) (106 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-30)
This is a very intriguing story! The voice calling your name on two occasions really makes me wonder if maybe it was your mom. And something about you not seeing the shadow for a while, and then seeing it briefly after you told your sisters about it seems significant.

Thank you for sharing such an amazing story.

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