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I have been reading a lot of post in here and I am really learning a lot of things about paranormal activities, entities and so on...

Anyway, as I've said from my first post, that was the scariest experience I ever had but there were still some incidents that, if I may say, not that bad but still remained mysterious for me and had given me that chilling feeling until now.

These are about my kids (from my first post, I am a single mom of 3 kids)...The first incident was when I was pregnant with my first child. We live at my ex-husband's house at that time which is known to be haunted. People said that the lot where this house was built on used to be a vacant lot with tall grasses and people had been seeing a lot of things in here at night like 3 nuns floating or a white lady and even gnomes. The first time I set foot on this house (when he was just still my boyfriend), the feeling was so awkward that it seems like you are being watched by entities you don't seem to see physically but can actually feel them being around.

By the time we decided to stay together and I got pregnant with my son, Glenn, things started happening to me.

First, the habit of waking up at exactly 3am and get that urging feeling of going to the bathroom to pee. It's a two-storey house that has three bedrooms, bathroom, living room and a small kitchen area at the top floor and down at the first floor it has two bedroom, bathroom, living room, dinning area and a bigger kitchen. It has stairs right in the middle of the kitchen/ dinning area and the living room going up to the top floor.

We stayed at the first floor and my ex-husband's bedroom was the first one from the main door facing the living room, so I have to pass through the stairs and the other bedroom (his older brother's bedroom) then would turn left before the dining area, walk pass through a hallway going to the bathroom (Sorry,I have to describe the structure of the inside of that house).

There's this one time that I was doing my business inside the bathroom when suddenly the doorknob moves as if someone was trying to open the door. I just said "someone's in here" then it just stopped. Only to find nobody as I went out and my ex-husband was sleeping like a baby in our room (his older brother seldom comes home to this house at that time as he was studying college and preferred staying in a boarding house next to his university so it was just the two of us at the first floor).

Another incident was when I woke up and was about to go to the bathroom, I heard footsteps at the top floor and I knew to myself that no one could possibly be there since her mother and older brother went to the province at that time and it was just the two of us in that house. Scared of going up to see who that person was, I woke up my ex and told him about the footsteps and that he should go check it out, scared as a hell, he didn't go, instead he said let's just get back to sleep and pulled the blanket over to his head. So did I, although I'm still hearing the footsteps just right above us, I locked our bedroom door and forced myself to sleep.

The next day, I went upstairs to go check thinking maybe someone had crashed into the house but there was no sign that someone had been there that night. The following night came and it was 3am again, only this time I didn't wake up naturally instead, I was awaken by an electric piano sound coming from upstairs. I again, woke up my ex and he,too, heard the strange sound and as usual, he hid under our blanket again.

When I checked on the electric piano the next day (it was his mom's piano and has not been used for a long time and just sitting at the corner next to his mom's bedroom door) and saw no sign of it being used since it has a white sheet cover that somehow had dust all over it since no one's using it anymore, then checked on the plug and to my surprise, there was none, only the wire but no plug. When I ask my ex, he said his mom cut that part of the wire and he doesn't know why.

I also asked him about those incidents and he just told me that those things had been happening since they moved into the house and he somehow got used to just ignoring things but admitted he was scared to death every time those entities decides to "play around" the house. I said "those" since according to my ex, it's not just one but a lot of entities in there including his dead grandmother who happened to have died in that house due to old age.

He also mentioned about the house not being blessed because every time they try or even start to plan for it, crazy things happen and a side note that his mom talks to these entities whenever she's alone upstairs inside her bedroom mostly. A lot of things happened every 3am and I don't understand why, but it all stopped as soon as I gave birth. And to my relief, when my son was three months old, we moved to our own apartment in another barangay.

Then comes my youngest daughter, Czam... This happened about a few months ago. I am at this time, living with my parents in our current apartment, separated and is now a single mom. There was this one time that it was just the two of us in my apartment, Czam, who's at that time was just 2 1/2 years old (she's now 3 years old). I was in our bedroom fixing our bed early in the morning and she was at the living room watching morning cartoon show, when suddenly, she ran towards me and looks so pale and frightened. I then asked her why and she just pointed at the main door then shifted her little hand on her chest as if she was gasping due to shock and so I looked at where she was pointing at and saw no one.

I then asked her what she saw and she just said "mumu, takot ako" (ghost,I'm scared). Naturally, I got scared as well but I can't let her see that so I picked her up and tried to divert her attention on some other things, placed her on the bed and gave her toys to play with brushing off what had happened.

Then, some other things happened the following days and months, small things, like she would suddenly laugh hard as if she was being tickled by someone while in fact she was just playing by herself or things like she would just stare blankly at some part of the house like walls then would mumble something and will smile or laugh, at this point, I was just thinking she befriended the ghost.

Last night, she slept at my mom and dad's room. Inside that big room was a bed for my mom and dad and just 5 steps away from the foot of their bed is a double deck bed. Top part is for my son and below that is for my second child (my youngest daughter sleeps with me and we have a smaller room). She fell asleep at the top bed of the double deck while playing with my second child and just so her sleep won't be disturbed, Czie (my second child's name) left her there barricading her with lots of pillows.

I was still at work at this time and my mom and dad was the one looking after them. My dad and my two other kids were watching TV at the living room and my mom was busy tidying up the kitchen when all of a sudden, they heard a loud bang noise like someone had fallen from a high place, thinking about my daughter, they all run to the bedroom only to see my daughter sleeping soundly on my mom and dad's bed, unharmed, all the pillows they used as somehow barricade for her not to fall out of bed were untouched and aligned exactly as how Czie had arranged them. There's no way that she jumped off the top bed and moved to my parent's bed since it was pretty high and there was no stairs. It was just assembled by my dad and they have to get a high chair to climb to the top bed and that high chair is sitting at the corner of their room away from the double deck.

My daughter is pretty much smaller for her age since she's premature when I gave birth on her so, I really don't think she can just jump that quick then go back to sleeping soundly at my parent's bed. Whatever happened really puzzled us (they immediately called me after it happened). But one thing I'm sure is that whoever that entity that's been showing itself to my daughter means no harm instead, protecting her and playing with her... I just hope I'm right about this, or is there something I should be afraid of?...Any comments will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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czamantha (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-28)

Hi...Thanks for the comment. I'm not so sure about the things but when I got separated and took my parents to stay with me, my mom brought all her things to my house including appliances and furniture. Some of these things I think were just given to her by some relatives and even my late grandmother.

I have read an article lately that entities or even bad luck can be attached to some things or even a person and this made me think a lot. I think there's a possibility but I don't know where or whom the source is coming from and I've been having sleep paralysis again that's why I don't sleep with lights off anymore which at some point gave me a good sleep at least.

As for my daughter, she would just point at some place in our house whenever I ask her about her "special friend", usually at the living room or bedrooms. She wouldn't say a thing as to how it look like or how many are there. But she still do those things like laughing out loud or talking while she's by herself acting like there's someone with her playing, tickling her or talking to her. What's new about this is that lately, she speaks while sleeping and there's this one night that she screamed and cried without any reason while sleeping and it really bothers me thinking what had happened to her.

I think it's not just one entity. And I think there's this one that had been protecting her and one that's been scaring her that could be the reason why I'm having sleep paralysis lately, too. But I'm not sure.I'm actually confused right now and scared at the same time. We are also having a lot of bad luck lately and I don't know what's causing it. I am seeing some apparitions, too.

Please, I really do need help. I'm so desperate in finding possible answers and I'm scared for my daughter and I. It's a good thing that this only happens to me, my mom (sleep paralysis) and my daughter. As for my dad and the rest of my kids, they have never experience any of these.

Whenever I try talking to these entities, all my hair seems to stand and it scares me a lot.

Please help.
pokemon_trainer (guest)
7 years ago (2017-06-24)
Hi czamantha,

After reading your story, a few questions arose. Were there any haunted/affected objects that you brought with you when you moved house? I ask this in case a spirit or entity has attached itself to the object and that is why you have since experienced paranormal activity at your new house.

Has your daughter managed to give you any descriptions of the ghost she sees? I think it may help you to identify the type of entity you are dealing with, and whether it is friendly, harmful, playful, etc.

I agree with you when you say that you think the spirit has befriended your daughter and is not out to harm her. I believe that if it wanted to hurt her, it would have done so before now. I think it seems quite protective of her, and this may suggest (but not necessarily) that the spirit could be that of a mother or father, or that of another child? Of course these are just suggestions and I may be entirely wrong!

I suggest that you keep regularly talking to your daughter about the spirit, especially as she becomes more articulate with age. If your daughter was able to befriend the spirit, then you should be able to as well with any luck!

Best wishes,


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