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The Black Lady And The Girl


I have been reading real ghost stories for quite sometime. I don't know why, but I found it very interesting though others think it's weird. But this is my first time to post my own experience which happens 8 years ago.

I was born and raised here in Baguio City and all those years of staying here we never actually owned a house (although we have have our ancestral home in the province) so we moved from one house to another due to certain reasons like because it's near our work area or because the house needs to be renovated and so on.

So, anyway, there's this one house that we moved in (I'm a single parent, by the way, with 3 kids so I had my mom and dad live with me to look after my kids if I'm at work). It was a 5 floor apartment and each floor has 3 doors. Although it's a little different because the top floor's the one you can see on the road, so from there you needed to walk down a long stairs to go all the way to the first floor (so, it's more like the first floor basement already). And from there, we occupied the first door which is the only vacant apartment at that time.

It was pretty dark in this apartment and it only have two rooms, so the one near the living room was for my mom and dad and the other, which is next to the bathroom and kitchen, was for me and my kids. Both rooms doesn't have any windows leading to the outside of the apartment, so basically we only have small windows at the top of the bedroom doors for ventilation which, at some point was okay with me since I was working in a web design company at a graveyard shift so I get to have a good sleep at a pretty dark room even if it's day time.

But things changed after a few days. First incident was when I was preparing to go to work one night. It's almost ten in the evening and everybody was already sleeping. I was sitting at the edge of my bed where my kids sounds asleep, door open and you can actually see the living room from where I am. I was holding a mirror putting some makeup on when suddenly, out in the corner of my eye, I saw a little girl in a white dress run from what I think from my mom and dad's room going to the corner of the living room. It went straight at the back of the sofa. I perfectly knew what I saw but didn't have the courage to go look at it and tried to just wash it off my mind. As I left the house, I just gave a little look at the back of the sofa (since I have to pass by it going to the front door) and when I found nothing, I just went to work and didn't think about it anymore.

Then my older brother came to visit us one day. Since there's only two rooms in my apartment, he slept at the sofa that night and the next day, as I went home around 8am, he told me he had a strange dream that a little girl in a white dress was running around the living room and stopped at the edge of the sofa and just stared at him. Though he said it was a dream, it hits me knowing the girl in her dream and the one I saw was identical. And from this, my mom and my eldest son told me they saw the same girl as well.

This thing doesn't bother me at all because it never did any harm to me and my family so I remained quiet about this because I don't want to scare my kids mostly. But the next thing that happened was really the one that scares me the most.

I came home from my regular shift one morning, had breakfast with the kids before they went to school and had myself ready to go to sleep. As I lay on my bed, I felt really strange because my room was colder than usual (Baguio City is located at the highland so we are surrounded by mountains and most of the houses and apartments are built at the mountains so it's always cool/cold in my city). So anyway, I just ignored it and went straight to sleep.

I was awaken by a very cold hand holding my feet. As I woke up, I tried looking at the edge of my bed only to see a woman standing in front of my build-in cabinet wearing black long dress and having such long hair staring straight at me. Though it's a little dark, light coming from the kitchen which goes through that small window at the top of my door had helped me identify the look of the woman. She was smiling... Not a friendly smile, it was an unbearably scary smile. Then in a split second, she was on top of me, sitting on my waist having her face really close to my face. I heard noises from our living room and identified one of the voices, it was my nephew, so, I tried to shout his name out loud but all that came out from me was a moan and I can't move my body at all. I did my best to get out of this situation until finally I was able to move my feet and right there and then, I woke up. I sat on my bed, scanned the whole of my bedroom and there's no one else there but me but the cold feeling was still there.

I was catching my breath and as I got out of my room to get myself a glass of water, there at the living room was actually my nephew, who had just visited us and having funny stories with my parents.

I didn't tell them about those things and we have already moved to a much nicer house but until this day, I still can't explain what happened. I never had sleep paralysis in my entire life until we move to this apartment. And this incident happened to me not once but for a lot of times that I end up sleeping with my door open all the time. But this is the most scariest experience I ever had.

Thank you for reading my story.

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Queen_Rias (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
Hi czamantha as for me I'm always having a sleep paralysis. I'm also scared before but as of now I just shrug it off. Whenever I'm having sleep paralysis I just force my fingers to move cause every time I do that I already escaped.
czamantha (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-17)
shelbyloree -- Thanks for the comment. I think you have a good point there. I might have gotten it from my mom... Too bad though because it is something that really scares me up to this days since I started having them again recently and I am not as strong as my mom so I'm really paranoid thinking what if I won't be able to overcome and escape from it the next time it happens...? Is this possible?
czamantha (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-16)
Randy -- Thank you so much for that explanation... It was really scary and yes, I thought it's real and that I'm about to die at that moment but part of me somehow manage to think about my mom's experiences and she once told me that you just need to lift at least one finger from your hands or feet and you'll eventually wake up...

I just had another experience just a few nights ago and at least it came to my senses that it's a sleep paralysis and I know exactly what to do next... Experience does really helps a lot.

One question though, will there be a possibility that what you used to do to escape sleep paralysis will not work on some other cases? Are there other things we should consider doing if this happens? Though I have experienced sleep paralysis again, it seems pretty easy for me to get out of it now but it does give me this uneasy, scary feelings afterwards... Makes me think, "what if I won't be able to escape it again the next time it happens?" this possible?
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-16)
If sleep paralysis is hereditary and your mom has it, you may have it to a lesser degree that you haven't noticed.

Could be you were picking up the unhappy energy with the little girl along with other subconscious energies of tragedy while you were there. This could have triggered a small, almost unnoticeable problem into full blown episodes while you were there.

When you moved away, everything went back to normal for you because that depressing/stressful energy was gone. That would be my guess anyway.
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-15)

I really enjoyed your story

I have had many episodes of sleep par. The first time I didn't know what it was and I thought I was dying. It can seem so very real and one side effect is the feeling that someone or multiple beings are in the room with you.

There is no cure. They say that it can be caused by many things and stress can be a major cause. You can have stress and not even know it.

As for the mechanics of it this is what I have found out.

When we go into REM sleep our brain releases a chemical that causes our bodies to not be able to move. Much like a surgeon gives a drug so we don't move while they operate.
When we sleep and start to come out of REM sleep that chemical is suppose to wear off first so by the time we wake up we are able to move. Sometimes, we happen to wake up BEFORE the chemical has shut down and we are stuck in paralysis until it wears off.
It may be more complicated than that but basically that is it.

I have found that the more I struggle the harder it is to move.
It just won't happen. It also appears to last longer than it really is. Something strange for me is that when I have it I have the feeling of being on my back, even if when I wake up I'm on my side as I always sleep on my right side. Now that I've had it enough times I can recognize it and don't get scared. What I do is try and relax and start by only trying to move a finger a little.
Once I can move my finger just a bit it breaks pretty fast and I can move my whole body again in a matter of seconds.

I'm sorry for anyone that has ever had it, especially if you don't know what it is because it is so very real and scary as you can imagine. Totally helpless and at the will of whatever you think is with you.

Try and relax, eat well, and exercise and hopefully you won't have it again.

czamantha (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Thank you Melda...

That's okay... I really do hope I'll find answers somehow with the other members but thank you again for the reply... Really do appreciate it... ❤ 😊
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
czamantha - Thanks for your quick response!

It would then seem to me that the little girl is attached to the land and not necessarily the building. Perhaps her home was located on the land where your apartment building was built - it is a possibility.

As far as sleep paralysis is concerned, I would prefer to leave that to more knowledgeable members. I merely have my own opinion on it, related to personal experiences.

Many members out there have differing opinions 😊

Regards, Melda
czamantha (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Sorry, let me correct that first line... Not newly built but was built like a year ago or so prior to when we moved in... 😊
czamantha (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Hi Melda 😊...

That apartment was newly built when we got there. They said a house used to stand there and was one among those houses that had been washed out by the landslide and the lot remained vacant for a long time since the owner at that time decided to go abroad after the incident (He was the only survivor they
Said...his whole family including his son and two daughters, his old parents and his wife, had all been washed out and was later found dead in different part of La Trinidad's Balili river which is more likely at the next town... He then came back after how many years and decided to build an apartment to that same lot where his house used to stand...

As for the black lady... I consider that as a sleep paralysis, though it's really the first time I have experienced that and there are some questions that still lingers on my mind... Does sleep paralysis happens depending on what place you are in or is it something that once you experience, will likely still happen even if you're in a different place? I asked this because I only experience that in that apartment and never again as soon as we moved out but my mom always (I mean, really...ALWAYS) gets sleep paralysis anywhere as soon as she gets into deep sleep... Even when she's sleeping sideways... She sometimes growls or cry like a dog when this happens so we automatically wakes her up... Another question is, how does a person gets sleep paralysis, I mean, is there or are there anything that causes this to happen to a person? Because as I have said it's the first time and only in that apartment so I want to understand why I had that experience...

Sorry for the long reply and hoping to get any answers from you guyz...

Appreciate it much! Thank you! ❤ 😊
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
czamantha - The storm, the landslides and the deaths could certainly cause a lot of paranormal activity. The little girl was possibly one of the victims of this tragedy.

Just as a matter of interest, was the apartment where you lived already built at the time the landslide occurred or was it built afterwards on the same site?

What you experienced with the scary lady could be put down to sleep paralysis. I've had sleep paralysis experiences which I actually knew I could put down to sleep paralysis but some of the events I instinctively knew were not sleep paralysis.

You'll have to think about that and decide for yourself. Most posters here, I believe, will put it down to sleep paralysis. However, I'm sure they'll let you have their opinions!

Just some of my own thoughts on what you experienced 😊

Regards, Melda
czamantha (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Hi shelbyloree,

Thank you for the comment... 😊...I tried to ask around neighborhood but the only information they told me was that it's because the land was next to the creek that way back years ago, there was a big storm that had caused massive land slides and a lot of houses had been washed away in this creek and causes a lot of people to die including young children and adults because it happened late at night just as when people were sleeping without knowing what danger lies ahead of them. That little girl could have been one of those who have found dead. But I'm not sure about the black lady though. Was not able to get a good story out of her but people said they have been seeing a lot of entities since that incident had happened.

Czam 😊
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-13)
So the 'apartment' was actually a renovated basement of a larger house?

Well, anything could have happened, the little girl may have fallen down the stairs, or any number of sad unfortunate things. Maybe she liked the family atmosphere you brought with you, so made herself known.

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