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The Thing Scaring My Sister


I am the oldest of 3 children, we grew up on a farm in North West, South Africa.

It's a lovely farm, lots of things to do, trees to climb, places to hide and wide open fields to run in.

Back then, when my dad bought the farm, I was 6, my sister was 4, and baby brother was about a year old.

The house was another thing. When we moved in, it was already about 100 years old. Built before the Anglo Boer War. To give more background, the original house had a kitchen, sitting room, dining room, 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The rest of the house as I know it was built later on. The windows were made of wooden frames that slide up, (nothing like we get in SA today) sand bricks and had slate floors, and the most beautiful Oregon pine ceilings.

I remember walking down the hall and it being so cold, that I would run down the hall to get away from the cold. The odd feeling that something is watching us. I used to lie on my bed, looking at the roof, hearing a white noise and seeing the paint moving, consistent with the noise.

We were always scared. But parents being parents, they always told us that there is nothing to be scared of. Apart of being scared, and our family pets and some relatives not going into the "older" part of the house, nothing major happened. That is until my grandmother passed of cancer.

My sister and I shared a room, my bed was on the far side of the room, and her bed was right below the wooden window frame. Every single night since my Gran passed; my sister would wet her bed, and complain about a tummy ache. (She was about 6 or 7 then). The parents thought she had a bad time accepting my Gran's death, and she had to see a psychologist once a week. It didn't help.

At this time my Mom started getting pains in her hands, making nothing of it. (The parents' bed also set up below the window frame, as it makes a pretty headboard.)

Still wetting the bed, and now walking in her sleep, boiling the kettle and making everyone a hot cup of coffee at 1AM, my sister was not getting better. I don't know exactly how it came about, but my sister was sent to family friends, she spent the weekend with them and never ever wet the bed. Apparently that was the test, as their house was "cleansed" just a week or so back. (We as kids were never told, we only learned this couple of years ago, all grown up) We kids were sent away for another weekend, spending it with our other grandparents in town.

That's when my Mom and Dad went into a nearby town, and collect an old man - a clairvoyant homeopath - he actually helped my Gran before she died with her homeopathic meds. They brought the old man into our house; it apparently needed to be after dark. He said that there was a spell/thing placed on the house, the thing entering through the window above my sister's bed, doing his rounds in the house, and when he leaves he exits through the window above my mom's bed. The thing woke my sister every night, scaring her so bad she wets herself, the thing also caused my mother the pain in her hands when he left through her window. The old homeopath went out the backdoor, dug a hole and took some dirt out of the hole, placed it in a plastic bag (wish I knew what he did with it), and said that he was done. He told my parents that the thing was not "placed" on us as a family, but on the previous owner of the farm. My dad told the old man that the previous owner committed suicide shortly after he sold the farm, the old man said yes he knows, that's why the thing came "home", the thing did its job...

Well, after the dirt was taken away, my Mom's pain in her hands eased up and eventually cleared. The biggest turn was in my sister. She never wet the bed again, sleepwalked or complained about a tummy ache. She doesn't remember anything about it though. She can't tell what it looked like, or what happened when it woke her.

Today about 24 years later the old house has been demolished and a new home has been built. We still visit there weekends and my daughter is playing in the same trees and fields as we did.

Thanks for reading.

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Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-18)
Hi Johnny,

Being from SA myself, I don't find it strange to hear of a sangoma cursing a home or person with bad luck and/or ill health. The sangoma usually does so at the request, and payment of an aggrieved person. (Please read my submission "A Gorilla?"

I may be wrong, but I always thought that a sangoma's curse could only be lifted by another, stronger, sangoma. I know that the curse doesn't automatically go away if the object of the curse is no longer there. Your "Oom" must have had knowledge of African curses, and how to lift them. I know the favourite place to 'plant' a curse is at the front door. I think he dug up the bag of "muti" placed there.

Thank you for your interesting submission. I am happy to hear that all members of the family obtained relief after the lifting of the curse.
Johnnyaffiplaas (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-18)
Thank you for reading and your comments Bibliothecarius and L_Melb.

The hall was in fact used as a travel route for the thing - I don't know what to call it anymore - as it was placed as a curse? I would like -or not- to investigate black magic more and find out how the Sangoma did this. But anyways our room was on one side of the hall and my mother's room on the other side of the hall. What I reckon is that the thing was not *set for a certain time* and would travel in day time as well? That causing the cold spots... I always thought that the one tapestry hanging in the hall was watching me, but when the parents told us about what went on, I specifically asked if the Homeopath said something about the tapestry, and Mom said no, there was nothing said or "wrong" with it. So thinking I watched to much cartoons? (thankfully she doesn't have the tapestry anymore)

I suppose the "job" of the thing was to haunt the prev. Owner. As far as I can remember the thing caused him bad luck; no children, wife leaving him, illness (don't remember what kind) and also financial difficulties, thus he had to sell the farm (sounds crazy as other people don't even need a entity to get them to get this bad luck) So I believe he committed suicide out of DEPRESSION AND FEAR - saying this as I don't know if the thing "presented" itself to him as it did to my sister-. He didn't commit suicide on the farm as well, he gassed himself somewhere else, and they found a Bible next to him in the passenger seat. (still sounds "normal" for a suicide though) The thing returned "home" after the suicide, don't know why *if its done its job* it would just not go away - to be added to investigation in black magic... I really don't know why it staid then.

The atmosphere actually cleared up, we were less scared of being in the house, though I didn't like to be alone in it. The pets also ventured into the older parts of the house, and sleep on our beds.

I hope that I answered most of your questions, and look forward to your comments.

Regards, Johnny
L_Melb (220 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-17)
Hi Johnny, it was after having another look at your experience that I got a little confused.
It would seem there was a curse but you make it seem as if this curse manifested as an actual entity (sorry if I've used language really badly trying to describe all this)
Do curses produce a "being"?
I don't think I've heard of a case like this or maybe I have simply misunderstood - also there is the fact that I am certainly no expert and this could in fact be quite normal in these situations (although the situation is not normal 😜)
Also, as it came "home" would that infer that it followed the former resident until his suicide?
That line of thinking confuses me again regarding who/what this curse was aimed at - the former owner or the house (it's "home")
I think I've worked myself into a state here 😆
Thanks for any help!
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-07-17)
I have a theory, but I'll wait for Johnny to answer Biblio first.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-17)
Greetings, Johnny, and welcome.

I enjoyed reading your account of these childhood experiences, but I would like to know more about the hallway in your house. I get the impression that something there has been overlooked in your narrative. I'm not criticizing your experience, as I believe that you've presented the details in a clear, matter-of-fact manner that describes activities consistent with other paranormal events. I just wanted to see why there was a loose thread.

Now, the clairvoyant stated that the entity causing the problems entered the house at night. He climbed in through one window and exited via different one, thereby causing sister's fear and your mother's pain. (Good for your parents, by the way, for trying Psychotherapy first; even if it was not the solution, it was the best possible first step!) As the symptoms of *both* people cleared up after his ritual/intervention (and your sister had **no clue** that the house was being cleansed), I'll go along with his explanation for the repetitive haunting/attack.

The problem I have, though, is determining how the hallway factors in to the events in the rest of your narrative. I presume the entity used the hallway to travel from one room to another, but there isn't a clear indication of a source for the fear you experienced when using the hallway. What was the entity doing there while "doing his rounds in the house"? What, to the best of your knowledge, was "its job" in the house? If the nightly behavior of "the thing" was a result of a Sangoma summoning it to the site because the previous owner had caused some sort of imbalance between nature and the spiritual world, why wouldn't the Sangoma remove the "curse" (for lack of a better term) once the prior owner had committed suicide?

Suicide is a desperate act, based on overwhelming fear or chronic depression; someone in that state of mind is unlikely to want to file all of his paperwork and collect payments before committing the irrevocable act. Do you know *where* the previous owner took his own life? Could *that* be related to the cold spot, if he had sold the property but continued to be tormented by this manifestation? It seems most peculiar to me that he would sell the property first, then commit suicide. (Did he have children or other family members he would want to benefit through inheriting the money? That's still a bit odd, but I think it would rule out chronic depression as a cause.)

I was pleased to read that your mother and your sister both improved after the cleansing. Did the cleansing *also* clear the atmosphere in the hallway? I presume it would a positive effect if the atmosphere was created through the repeated actions/reinforcement by the entity, but you didn't include that in your description.

I know from personal experience that people sometimes conflate two separate phenomena into a single supernatural event; this is why I'm trying to understand the connection between the first phenomenon with the second. Valkricry, one of our mods, pointed out that the only connection between two events in my childhood home was my fear of them! One permanent atmosphere in a room at one end of the hallway did not mean it was connected to a one-time surprise at the *other* end of the hall. I felt hugely relieved (and just a little embarrassed) that I had not noticed there was no reason at all to believe they were related events beyond my initial panic.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to clarify this; I look forward to your response.

Johnnyaffiplaas (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-12)
Thanks for reading Melda, as they say, a lot can be said from ones name...

No, he was an actual homeopath, practicing from his home in a nearby town, a white man, though a sangoma could have placed the thing in the first place? I don't know...
Glad the "Oom" could get rid of that thing - scary to know that it caused someone to commit suicide...

Yes pre-war! If we have not been so scared of the place, we would have enjoyed the history and the beauty of it more. When the old house was demolished, we saved all the Oregon pine from the ceilings -now I have the lovliest diningroom table ever... ❤
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-12)
Johnny - I really enjoyed reading your account.

By the way, only we as South Africans can appreciate your user name - I just love it 😊. "Johnny from the Farm". It loses a lot of the typical Afrikaans cadences and humour in translation.

House built pre Anglo Boer war? I'm not surprised to hear of strange goings on there. This country was in turmoil at that stage and all races were very badly affected.

You mention an old man who was a clairvoyant homeopath. Was he actually a Sangoma?

Nice to know that you still visit the farm and that the old man was able to remove whatever caused your family so much fear and stress 😊

Regards, Melda

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