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The Terrifying Experience I Can't Remember


Even to this day, I still find this experience to be the strangest thing I've ever experienced. I don't remember how old I was, but I was pretty young. I don't remember many things from this experience, but my mother described me as always being scared, looking around as if something was there, and feeling a dark presence around me.

From what I remember, this all started when my mother was making me read the bible. Being a little kid, I thought reading the bible was boring. The one thing that was weird is that every time I would read, I would get extremely sleepy. After reading a few words I would start to get tired. My mother said it was the Devil keeping me from reading. I really didn't believe her since I thought it was crazy for that to be happening. And the next thing I can remember was that strange things began happening.

I don't recall sleepwalking or the things that I did while in that state, but the things my family said frightened me. I remember them sharing the things they had seen me do.

Our apartment at that time was small, and it had only two bedrooms. In one room, all seven of my family members slept in that one room. The other was for my cousin who was staying with us at the time. My mother told me I get up out of bed, stand in the corner of the room, and watch everyone sleep, sometimes stand right in front of them. My Older brother said he would see me walk around, look out the window, open the door to the room as if to see if anyone was on the other side. He said I would face the walls and talk with someone.

I don't recall any of that. But what I do remember is the many dreams that I had during that time. I had dreams of my family's doppelgangers. There were only two dreams that I can fully remember: one about my younger brother, and the one about my older sister. In the dreams, I would be with a particular family member that their doppelganger would appear and come after me, but the dreams would end right after they attack. The one I had about my younger brother was the one that scared me the most. I never told anyone about these dreams, as I didn't want to frighten them more.

The sleepwalking only got worse later on.

I was starting to physically hurt myself and doing inappropriate things. My mother said I stopped talking, and being more frightened as if something was tormenting me, something we cannot see. I was literally going insane. My mother could not longer bare to see me in such a state, so my parents contacted the church and arranged for me to be blessed.

I remember going to the church, standing in front of a large crowed. The priest said payers and sprinkled holy water on me. After the ceremony, everything stopped. The sleepwalking, the dreams, my odd behavior. Everything had returned to normal. My older sister described it as the light finally touching me. The dark cloud had been lifted. The entire experience was pretty frightening, and I still can't wrap my head around it. Even with my family's testimonies, I guess I'll never know what was really happening.

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Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-13)
zaqxswcde I'm really glad that you are over that period in your life. I am sure that God has something great planned for you. Keep up the faith.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3161 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-13)
Well... Reading about anything a person doesn't understand will make them sleepy, no matter if it's quantic physics, nuclear reactors or the Bible, and for this I don't mean the Bible to be boring but if you were a little kid it would have been better to provide you with a more kid-friendly version of some selected stories.

Would it be possible that your sleeping pattern was altered with the sleeping arrangements during that particular period of time? It has to be difficult to have to share a room with six other people and, perhaps, the nightmares and sleepwalking were a consequence of the cramped conditions.

Was your family over religious? Would it be possible that you felt guilty about getting bored while reading the Bible and afraid of attracting "the 😈" with your actions?

Anyway, I'm glad to know that your problem was solved.

Thanks for sharing.

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