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A Ride To Remember


To begin with my story, I am a banker somewhere in Taguig (Mckinley Hills). I live in Makati, taking my motorcycle everyday to work.

That day, everything was just normal. I always take the route Osmeña Hwy - Gate 3 - Lawton and then Mckinley Hills; it was just a 30mins ride as I drive like there was a race that I need to be in the first position. When I arrived in Mckinley I slowed down as there was a marshall (traffic enforcer). If he saw me doing banking on the road that could cost me my license.

As I am approaching junction road, there was a bike in front of me with a passenger wearing pink and a black helmet and jeans. When I get to approach them, my vision started to get blurry that made me worried. I immediately put the bike on the side of the road then all of a sudden the bike in front of me, the passenger was nowhere to be found! I look around, checked the whereabouts of the girl but I couldn't see her any more. It was just seconds passed! It was impossible that she's like a bubble who vanished in front of me into thin air.

I continued driving and there I saw the driver just had an accident where he's bike slipped on a sand beside construction site. It give me chills down to my spine that I know that 'ate girl' (the passenger) has something to do with it. So when I passed by the incident, I was praying going to my work and until now I was thinking what was that? I hope someone could answer me.

PS: that was around 7:45a.m or so, no more than 8 in the morning.

Thanks YGS! More power! More stories!

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-07)
This topic of ghost riders and the deadly havoc they seem to foreshadow or create has come up before and quite recently too in an account from Sri Lanka. Here is a link:

Perhaps there may be some answers for you there, Eerie.
Eerie69 (5 stories) (19 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-29)
I honestly don't know. Perhaps it was just only an accident but it can be.

But what is the reason why the apparition showed up, right?

Thanks reading my story ❤
Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-10)
So, do you believe the apparition caused the accident, or was it the apparition of someone who died in the accident?

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