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Ouija Board - First Contact


BACKGROUND: My first time using a Ouija board was Friday 16th June 2017 in my bedroom with my sister. We made sure the room was dimly lit. We wanted to "test" the board by only asking a few questions before saying goodbye, just so we could ease ourselves into a proper session afterwards.

Below is the test session:

Q: Is there a spirit here with us?


Q: Are you friendly?


Q: What's your name?


Q: Do you have a message for us?


Q: Where did you die?



This test session told me that we were able to get responses, although they weren't clear and didn't make much sense. However, the next session we did, which was only 15 minutes or so afterwards, was crystal clear. I wouldn't call it frightening, because at the end of it I felt like I had made a positive connection with the spirit we talked to. I do not believe that this is the spirit that has been causing me a lot of distress, as I believe I came across that spirit in another Ouija session (will post a separate story for this).

Below is the session with the friendly spirit:

Q: Is there a spirit here with us?


Q: What is your name?


Q: Are they your initials?


Q: Will you spell out your first name for us?


Q: Ok, that's fine. Are you female?


Q: Where do you live?


Q: Are these initials as well?


Q: Where is JWC?


Q: Ok. Can you tell us how old you are please?

A: 88

Q: In what year were you born?

A: 1834

Q: What year did you die?

A: 1921

Q: JG, do you have a message for us?


Q: Do you mean that you're fading away?


Q: Is this a good thing?


Q: When we say goodbye, will you feel at peace?


Q: Do you have any last messages for us before we say goodbye?


Q: What do you mean by fag? Do you mean you want a cigarette?



After this session, I did some research to see if I could find any information on the initials she gave us regarding where she lived, but I couldn't find anything. That's not to say that what she was saying wasn't true, but it just means that it could maybe have been a much smaller place with little information on the internet, or maybe I wasn't looking on the right websites, or she could have been talking about somewhere that has since changed name (after all, that happens quite a lot). The fact that she stated she was 88 years old fits in perfectly with her birth date and death date that she provided us with, which leads me to believe that the messages weren't garbled but were in fact clear, coordinated responses. She clearly had a sense of humour when she said she wanted a cigarette, which made me believe that she was a friendly spirit.

Nothing bad came from this Ouija board session, although my sister and I used the board again several times the following day and from those came a lot of negative responses, which I will explain in another story as I prefer to write chronologically.

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L_Mak (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-27)
Do not mess with things like this. You may live to regret it! No offence.
Whodat (42 posts)
6 years ago (2017-09-15)
Going by the initials the spirit gave (JWC and EAS), perhaps she lived around the villages of Willingdon and Jevington Civil parish near East Sussex.
Integrist (83 posts)
6 years ago (2017-07-23)
Hi Trainer,

I'd advise to stay away from the board. You can never know what it is you really are contacting: just remember that at times even those of flesh and blood like to pretend to be different folks to mess with other folks.
One cannot trust anything the board says. Best to stay away.

Btw: any developments from the last story?

spookie1 (5 stories) (72 posts)
6 years ago (2017-07-15)
Hi there.

Quite the story. I have to say, this story is pretty mild in comparison to the other Ouijia stories I read before.

Have to say I couldn't help myself from laughing when she said fag. XD


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