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Encounter With The Black Spirit


This is my second post in YGS, and also one of the scariest experiences I had. I had many experiences about paranormal and spirits and this one is really spooky and give me cold in my veins when remember even now.

This is not only my experience, my brother also experienced it. The incident was happened three years ago. On that time I and my brother was working in a private call center in Pondicherry so we usually came to our town once in a week.

I remember that day it was a Tuesday because we usually take week offs on Wednesday. So we return to our town on Tuesday after our work shift closed. That particular day was an new moon day. According to Hindus belief, it is a active day for demons and bad entities. Our shift on that week is 1.30pm to 10.30pm. As before said, the next day is our week off so we decided to go to our native town. So we down at Pondicherry bus stand from our company cab at 11pm night. We take bus there to go to our town. Our town is actually 60 kilometers from Pondicherry so we reached our town at 12. 15 at midnight. From there it takes another 15 minutes to reach our home by walk. So we we reached our home at 12.30. There we had our dinner. On that day me and my brother had quarrel on particular subject and and both of us did not speak with each other all the day. After our lunch I go to was my plate on water tap. Our water tap is actually on just right side of our house's entrance just near main door. When I washing my plate, I felt something weird and cold. Also I can smell like something is burning. I felt its a different thing and tried to find what it is.

I tried to look around the street. To my shock I found a dark black human like thing is moving on the middle of the road just 2 houses after our house. Its looks like a foggy appearance and I guess that burning smell is comes from it. I felt unmoved for a few seconds. Then I back to normal and quickly go into our house. At that same time, my brother came out to wash his plate. I alarmed him to not go outside and wash his plate inside. As I said before, we had quarrel, so he did not mind about my words and answered me, "I know everything. Don't put orders to me" and he goes outside and tried to wash his plate. I followed him just few feet from behind.

Soon after he washing the plate, he noticed something weird on the street and immediately he moved onto our house with heavy breath. I asked him did you watch that? He replied "yes that black one". I replied to him that what is the reason behind that am shouting him to don't go out. Further he explained, that black thing is moved towards a particular house and suddenly vanished when he saw it. And also he reported that the apparition looked like a girl. We really had a spooky on that scene.

Thanks for reading

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tigrisvpm (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-24)
[at] HunterJack your experience is really spooky 😭. I worried why people spoil their own precious life for failure things in the world. Its a good thing that you reported it to the house owners and arranged for cleansing. Thanks for sharing.

HunterJack (4 stories) (26 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-17)
[at] lady-glow, I will explain the whole and next incidents that occurred after this incident on my next post. So I can explain all the things happened in this experience.

With Respect

Arunbabu [at] Hunterjack
HunterJack (4 stories) (26 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-17)
hi lady-glow, thanks for your comment. Year after that incident, I investigated that it is a spirit of an girl who committed suicide by burnt herself. I know that incident. Hers house is just few yards from our house due to fail in her love she decided to leave this earth by killing herself. After few months from this incident, hers family moved to another place and the house is kept closed for 6 months. But the hers spirit was wandering on that particular new moon days. (the thing is, she committed suicide exactly on a new moon day). After some months the owners of that house returned from their native town and stayed on that house. I and one of my friend reported the incident to them and also I requesting them to do some cleansing program. They also did some spiritual activities using a priest. One year have been passed. After that we can't feel any incident like that. I believe that her soul may rest in peace.

With Respect

Arunbabu [at] Hunterjack
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-16)
Knowing the unfair way in which many of the women of your country are treated, I wouldn't be surprised if what you saw was the spirit of an inocente woman wandering around the place where she met the cruel and untimely end of her life.

Did you get a chance to investigate if any young woman was burnt to her death by the very people that should have taken care of her? Not sure if anyone would say anything but it would be worth trying.

I don't think that you and your brother were ever in danger, though I understand how scary it must be having to witness such an unexplainable event.

Would it be possible to do something to try to help the spirit?

Thanks for sharing.

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