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I am not new to YGS but this is the first time I am posting my personal experience. Before I start, please excuse my English I am not a native speaker.

The experience that I am sharing was not a single incident rather it continued to occur daily for almost a year.

My father was in the Army he kept getting posted to a new location every three years, his last posting was in Bangalore where he retired. We initially decided to settle-down in Bangalore but later decided to move to Chennai where my dad had purchased a piece of land long time ago, and where most of our relatives had settled down. We thought we will construct our house in that plot of land and settle-down. We rented a house in Chennai, the house was big the house had two kitchens and a lots of rooms. We didn't use the second kitchen and the room opposite to it. We had an extra bed that we kept in the room opposite to the second kitchen. The owner of the house and his wife had some misunderstanding and were living separately, they were not divorced, since both of them were not using the house they decided to rent it out and share the money they get from the rent.

When we moved in we could see the owner had performed some kind of pooja (prayer) there were lot of coloured threads (usually used in poojas) we removed them when we cleaned the house. I was still in high school and both my elder brothers in college, the eldest was studying in Bangalore and he visited us once a month. The other brother was doing college in Chennai.

My dad had found a Job in Chennai (he felt it was too soon for retirement). He and my brother will come home late (around 8:30 PM) almost daily. My school will be over by 1:40 PM and I'll be home by 3:00 PM. My mom is very religious she will be in the church almost all the time she will go for all the mass and readings. She will leave the house around 3:30 PM and will be back in a hour or two. That is the time when I will be all alone. When I am alone I started hearing heavy breathing like someone was angry. At first I thought it was the TV, I switched it off but I was still able to hear it. Then I for some reason I thought I was hearing myself breathing I tried holding my breath and check if I can still hear it and I was still hearing it. I thought it was my dog, I put my ear near its snout but it was not her.

At first I didn't think it was something paranormal I thought it was my mind playing tricks but I kept hearing the breathing every time I was alone.

It sounded like a woman and felt like she was very angry. I tried ignoring it by turning on the TV and increasing the volume, but I could still hear it. It felt like the entity was breathing near my ears. There was one particular room in the house where you can hear it real loud.

This continued everytime when I was home alone I kept everything to myself, didn't tell anyone. Then one day during dinner the topic of ghost came in the discussion I told everyone about what I was experiencing to that both of my brothers said they also experienced the same.

During the week of Christmas we had a lot of visitors at our place, my brother had to sleep in the extra bed that was in the room opposite to the extra kitchen. During the middle of the night my mom heard something and woke-up, the sound came from the passage from near the second kitchen. She looked at the passage and she saw my brother walking towards the kitchen. My mom called his name and he didn't respond. She got up, gave him a shake and he woke up. In his entire life he had never sleep walked! My mom asked him what happened and he said that there was a woman in the kitchen dressed in white with open hair ("yupp stereotypical") who was gesturing him to come near and he felt the compulsion to go towards her.

The whole time we were in that house nothing went well. We were not able to start the construction of our new house, and I felt a feeling of sadness in the house, I don't know why. We moved house and rented a house near to the place where we were going to construct our new house.

Long time after this few of my colleague in office were talking about ghost and stuff, I narrated my experience and they said it was a mohini that was haunting our house, what I understand is that a mohini is the ghost of a young unmarried woman.

Thank you for reading my story, I would like to apologize for the long backstory.

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cthulhu (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2019-03-24)
Hahaha, I don't come to that side of city that often, when I come I'll say hi and claim my free Vada
Bodi-Gundamma (1 stories) (21 posts)
4 years ago (2019-03-21)
Good that you're in Chennai. Please come and visit my stall near to the beach. I make good masala dosa, chutney and sambar. Will give free vadai for you.
cthulhu (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2019-03-13)
Hi Sushantkar,

Thanks for reading my story. I have heard about chudail, I have spent a part of my life in North too... They both are same or different I really don't know, I thought mohinis are like succubs but are human spirit... I don't know the history of the house, I use to think the entity was responsible for the house owners issue.
sushantkar (16 stories) (532 posts)
4 years ago (2019-03-11)
Hello Cthulhu, Your submission was well narrated. From the authors belonging from down south often wrote about Mohini. I belong from Northern part of the country where we generally use the term "Chudail" whose meaning in english is Witch. What I have found (which could be wrong) that Mohini, Chudail are synonyms of Witch. Characteristics of Mohini or Chudail are almost the same. They both are elusive and have power to lure their victims into wilderness and kill by deception.
However, as much as I have read about Mohini, they do not inhabit/haunt a particular place. Rather than they rome in the wilderness where she haunt people who are traveling either alone or are separated from their group (as said in the tales or folklores).

I think there must have been an accident between that woman and her husband who lived separated, whose direct or indirect relationship must have been related to sighting of Mohini.
Have you tried to dig some history of that place?


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