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Screaming In The Night


I've lived in the same house for the last 10 years, without any highly unusual experience. The last week has been different. I live at my parents house with my boyfriend. The first time I felt creeped out was a few nights ago, when I was laying in bed next to my boyfriend playing on my phone while he slept. It was about 12am when I started hearing this incredible loud sound that seemed so close to me. It was hard to describe, but it was almost like crowds cheering or multiple voices whispering. It was really frightening, and only lasted about 30 seconds.

A few hours later at about 3am I was woken up by the sound of music being played really loudly. The noise was so loud it seemed like it came from my living room. It might seem silly, but the music I heard was undoubtedly Abba. This time it was loud enough to wake up my mom, who texted me to turn it down. No explanation for source of music.

Fast forward to about two days later, where I had my biggest fright. At 10:32 last night I was in bed with my boyfriend who was playing video games. My mom was asleep in the next room. Suddenly there was a screaming voice that went through my house. It was distinctively human and male. Once again my mom texted me to be quiet. It was not us though.

At the first occurrence we put it off as maybe a noise from an animal outside or something. At 1am I was laying in bed, once again the only one awake. I heard the same screaming, except it was 10 times as loud. It sounded like it was coming from right outside my door. I'd describe this scream as the scream of someone that's in pain, it 's a painful scream. It lasted for a good 15 seconds. I tried waking my boyfriend up, but he didn't hear it. After explaining it to him we were both scared and decide to sleep with the light on.

After a while we go back to sleep until about 4am, when we were both less scared, he asks me to turn the light off. I do, and about a minute later we heard the scream again. Not as loud as the second time. But louder then the first. My mom wakes up for work a few minutes after that, and I asked her what she heard. She agrees that it was obviously a scream and that it woke her up.

We can't think of any ideas as to what this could be. We live in a neighborhood in the country. Each house about 2 acres of land. So it wouldn't be possible for it to be a neighbor. It came from within the house. I'm honestly so frightened.

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Jitow (362 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-18)
If you don't mind me asking, how long has your boyfriend been staying in your Mom's house with you? Thanks
Whodat (42 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-14)
Several species of owls can make really frightening screams at night, but they don't really sound like a male human voice as you describe. Are there security cameras on the outside of your house? Maybe there's someone trespassing on or near your property and you can catch a glimpse of him on the cameras' hard drive. Also, and I hate to say it, it sounds like maybe this stuff started only after your boyfriend moved into the house. Could he have brought some troublesome spirit with him? Or perhaps the spirit of a man who has been in your life and doesn't like your boyfriend being there?
MysteryResearch (23 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-13)
Hi Embem04,

It does not seem like your house is haunted because from your account it sounds like this activity started recently, and you have been in your house for some time with no prior incidents. Is there anything or anyone new in the household? A new TV maybe? My first thought is that your TV may be turning itself on at night. Or possibly a TV, computer or radio was left on and you were hearing the loudest parts. Is there anyone else who could have turned some electronics on after you went to bed?

A while ago, I had come downstairs really early, before the sun was up, and heard what sounded like ominous whispers. It was definitely not the neighbors or anyone outside, it was coming from inside the house. I looked around but there was no one downstairs. We have an open floor plan so I could clearly see no one was there. I thought either we had a ghost or I was hearing things. Then I heard the whispering voice say something like, "I like to get a lot of paint on the brush" and I thought that the voice sounded familiar. I checked my son's computer. He had stayed up late playing video games. The computer was on but the screen was dark, and the headphones were plugged in. The sound was coming from them, from a Bob Ross video marathon on Twitch that had been left on all night. I had a good laugh, but it was actually pretty unnerving before I realized what was causing the raspy voice.

The screaming you heard could have been a fox or some other animal screaming, as AugustaM said. There are several videos of foxes screaming on You Tube, like Hopefully these were isolated incidents. If they do happen again, maybe try a motion sensor security light outside, in case it was an animal/trespasser, and a recorder inside to try to get a better idea of what is going on.

Good luck!
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-13)
First, I would suggest researching the nocturnal species in your area. A night creature can't explained the burst of ABBA but it could account for the far more frightening occurrences. A local nature museum or park ranger station might be the best option since it would allow you to talk to a real person, which in this case could do more good than looking for a sound in print references! Meantime, gather what information you can. I am assuming your boyfriend also has a smartphone - if so you can both download a free app called Alfred - it turns your phones into a motion activated camera with sound and a viewer/receiver. Put one where you think the sound is coming from before bed and if anything happens, it'll catch it. Anyway, since its free, its worth a go and if it allows you to record what you're hearing, more's the better!:)

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