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Phantom Statue In Salem, Ma


I grew up as close to my grandmother as I was to my parents. She lived only 15 minutes away in Massachusetts; we lived in New Hampshire. One day, my grandmother and I were driving through Salem, Massachusetts for some reason. I don't remember what the reason was. We were talking as we usually did when we drove together. And we suddenly both looked up. We saw a statue of a witch. My grandmother said, "Look, there's a statue of a witch!" My grandmother kept glancing at it while she was driving, but I could look at it far more closely, of course, because I was in the passenger seat. It was a Prototypical witch: she was standing with a pointy hat, long dress, cape, ugly face with big hooknose, and angry expression. She was pointing at something below her with her right arm extended, if I remember correctly. And in her left hand, she had an orb. I remember thinking at the time, wow, that's pretty radical for conservative New England. Now, there is a statue of Elizabeth Montgomery, who played the witch in Bewitched, a TV show in the 60s I think or 70s. I used to watch reruns of that show. But this wasn't like that statue. The statue we saw was very animated and very fierce. And if any of you are from Massachusetts, don't write and tell me that it was the statue of the pilgrim, Roger Conant! That statue is often confused with being a statue of a witch, I know. It does sort of resemble a witch if you look at it quickly, but it's not the statue I saw. To further complicate matters, the statue of Roger Conant stands very close to the Salem witch museum, so it's understandable that people would think that it's a statue of a witch. But I know that's not what we saw.

So a couple years later, my dad and I and my grandmother were talking probably at Thanksgiving or something, and my dad said, "There's a statue in Salem that a lot of people think is a witch but it's not." And my grandmother of course speaks up and says, "Yeah, there is a statue of a witch in Salem." And of course I agree with her. And my dad says, "No, there's no statue of a witch, there's a statue of a pilgrim." And my grandmother and I insist so vehemently that we saw the statue of a witch that my dad gets all quiet (which is pretty unusual for him).

Fast forward about 20 years. I read on the Internet that there is a phantom statue of a witch in Salem that appears to some people. I believe that's what we saw that day. We've never been able to find it again. And we don't remember where we saw it.

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Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-17)
I am a tad late to this party but I, perhaps, can help you out. There is no witch statue in Salem, there is a statue of a man that looks very much like a witch, hat included. The statue is of Roger Conant, the founder of Salem and Danvers, perhaps other localities as well. Conant died in 1679 so he would have had very little to do with the trials of 1692.

The Cuddlewife and I spent about a week in Salem investigating the maritime history of the area. She thought the Statue of Mr. Conant was a witch too.

The Statue was executed by Henry Hudson Kitson in 1905.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-06)

Now for the 64 dollar question... What time of year did this happen... Was it spring, fall? Summer, winter?

I ask because in the summer Salem has some events that commemorate the actual trails that happened between February 1692 and May 1693. Then there is Halloween in Salem... Need I say more?

In July and Aug there is a re-enactment of the Bridget Bishop trail based on the actual testimony given during her trail and maybe the statue was part of an ad for that OR maybe... Just maybe... If your drive happened in the fall... Say in the October time frame... It may have been a temporary set up for the towns Halloween Festivities. (Something like this perhaps... Http://

I believe the two of you saw something, and it sounds as if you are familiar enough with the area to understand that you were not looking at the Pilgrim statue. I think the 'key' may be in what was happening in Salem at the time of your ride.


Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-05)
Hi Butterflyguide, it's a real shame you weren't able to find the statue. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered even if you did remember where - it may simply not be there anymore...

I've always kept my Canon SLR camera handy when my husband and I go on road trips. It's taken some surprisingly good shots even when the car was flying at over 100km per hour. The next time you go searching for the statue and have a camera handy, you might just get lucky!

It was good that you had your grandmother as another witness. If either of you are artistically inclined, maybe you can try sketching a likeness of what you saw from memory. Or get the help of someone who can draw. At the very least, you can then have an image to show everyone, especially your dad.

I looked up the statue of Roger Conant. I agree, he doesn't look like a "witch" at all. I couldn't find anything on a phantom statue of a witch though. Can you please post a link to that article if you can find it again?

Thanks for sharing this mystery with us.

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