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Grandma's Kiss


The story that I'll be sharing is my personal experience. Although this happened when my grandma died in 2001 (I was 16 then), I can still remember how exactly it felt.

I was grandma's favorite apo (grandchild). I have asthma since birth and the doctor ordered my parents to have me in a place where I can have fresh air. So my mom and dad sent me to my maternal grandma's house in Laguna to follow doctor's order. To cut it short, my grandma took care of me from birth to (I think) 4 years old and every summer I go back to her house in Laguna to spend time with her.

It was June of the said year and their annual Fiesta in Laguna. I was invited by my grandma's neighbor's grandchildren (which were also my friends in Laguna) to go to the basketball court since the municipal Mayor had set up a party there to officially start the Festival. I asked my grandma in the morning of the said day if I could go and she agreed. I had a very pleasant conversation with her that time, not knowing that it was our last.

The party was about to be finished so I went back to my grandma's house at around 11PM or 12AM. I can still remember how I saw my grandma grasping for air as I walk towards her house. She was literally reaching out, trying to breathe. Months ago, she was diagnosed with emphysema; she was also asthmatic. So I thought, she was having an attack and woke up all the people in my grandma's house.

My dad rushed to the garage to get our car so they can have my grandma sent to the hospital. I was already crying and shaking because I don't want anything to happen to her. When they left the house to have my grandma brought to the hospital, I was left with my cousins and my cousin's wife. And we slept through the night.

I woke up in the morning missing my grandma since I always sleep beside her every time I'm in Laguna. That day was not the usual morning that I was used to. There was no breakfast served even though there were cooked meals (grandma's helpers have prepared foods for the Fiesta). There were no morning kisses from her. It was just so empty. The day went by as if my grandma was not in the hospital, but my mom and her siblings were all there to take care of her. Since grandma was in the ICU, her children (mom and her siblings) did not allow anyone to go and visit her in the hospital because the hospital's admin told them that only two relatives were allowed to see her so my mom and her siblings just took turns in seeing her inside the ICU while the others had to wait outside.

While they were busy taking care of grandma, we, in her house was also busy entertaining the visitors that my grandma invited for the festival. As tiring as it was, I slept at grandma's living room's couch. Then suddenly my oldest cousin's wife woke me up. And since my earthly body was so tired in entertaining grandma's guests, I was not able to clearly hear what Ate Kim (not her real name) was saying and walked towards my grandma's room at the second floor. Halfway through the stairs going to her bedroom, Ate Kim stopped me and told me that my grandma already died. Realizing how hurt I was to hear that, I ran outside the house; crying, no, I was wailing (for whole one hour!). I was about to have an asthma attack when suddenly, I felt a cold wind brushed (particularly) on my left cheek. That exact moment, I stopped crying and the feeling of having an asthma attack died down.

I don't believe in ghosts or anything paranormal, I haven't seen any of those things. Yet, I was able to feel it for an instant. It was June back then and the wind was still humid, summer was just about to end (summer in the Philippines is from April to May), yet I felt the cold December winds.

Maybe it's my grandma's way of saying goodbye, or maybe she just kissed me one last time since she wasn't able to do it the morning before she died. One thing I know for sure; whatever that cold wind that brushed off my cheek, I won't be having my grandma's kiss this lifetime.

Sorry for the long and melodramatic story but I hope you liked it.

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_username_ (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-06)
Thank you for reading my story. Point taken Manafon. I just wish she could/would show herself to me so I can somewhat hug her.
Manafon1 (7 stories) (718 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-04)
Username - It does seem like your grandma came to give you a farewell, possibly drawn by your great grief. You state, "I don't believe in ghosts or anything paranormal, I haven't seen any of those things". As your account illustrates, one doesn't need to "see" an apparition to experience something paranormal. Since you seem convinced your grandmother paid you a farewell visit you should probably revise your above statement. Paranormal experiences can be dramatic or very subtle. Your experience falls on the more subtle side but hopefully has shifted your earlier dismissal of the paranormal to at least suggest the possibility that there is much more to existence than can be seen with your mortal eyes.
eloisa28 (6 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-03)
This story is so touching! I love it. Thanks for sharing this one. It is really a sign for a grandmother's love for you dear. Such a heartfelt.


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