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I had a guitar teacher/family friend (lets call him L) passed away this year suddenly, sadly and as a part of his will his stuff was left to me, my mom, sister, and our other good friend. After all the head ache of a funeral, his Will, and so on we got his belongings sorted out and placed with who ever was he said to have them.

One night I was in my room and went to go have a shower before bed, and when I came back to my room I noticed right away that my guitar was out of its case leaning against my dresser? And it was not like that before. First off it was in the back of my closet and I mean like WAAAY in the back and is pretty hard to take out since it kind of heavy and has a bunch of other things in front of it.

I originally thought that my mom had moved it and I was kind of annoyed since I don't like people touching my instruments with out asking first. So I told her to ASK before moving my guitar, she just stood there and gave me this blank look on her face, It turns out that she was never in that closet to begin with so it had me question who moved it since its just me and her living in the house right now. It probably took me about a minute to realize it's most likely (L) trying to tell me TO PRACTICE! Since I haven't since I had broken my hand.

I even have a Large TV that he gave me when he was alive and now suddenly it will turn on and off at random times of the day after he passed away. I tried to figure out the TV and the only thing I find that works is telling him to quit it... So I'm pretty convinced that (L) is hanging around making sure I continue my guitar playing.

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Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-07)
skeletonsRIOT - It probably is L letting you know that he's keeping an eye on you.

If you have broken your hand, the chances are that he would know that and simply wanted to let you know that he was around. The most obvious way to do that would be to move your guitar as that was a passion shared by the two of you.

Use the same tactic you use with the TV - tell him as soon as the hand is healed, guitar practice will resume. Perhaps you could just hold the guitar now and then and tell him you'll be starting up soon again, or something to that effect.

Regards, Melda

Regards, Melda

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