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For the last couple of nights I've been hearing noises in my bedroom at night. The noises sound like there is someone walking around in the bedroom and when I'm asleep. I get woken by a rustling noise, like someone is crumbling paper or moving a plastic bag. I thought maybe it could be a mouse even though I sleep with my cat at the foot of the bed. Usually when we hear noises my cat becomes alert, raises his ears and always looks down at the floor looking for the noise. The last couple of days, when I hear noises, I will turn on the lamp light and look around the bedroom from my bed. I have noticed that my cat does not look down at the floor but up, as if he was seeing someone. The funny thing is that he does not seem to be scared. Hearing noises is not new to me, usually when it happens my cat refuses to go in the bedroom or anywhere else the noises are coming from he always runs into my son's bedroom and stays there for a while. I try to bring him in the bedroom and he runs off as soon as I put him down, not lately. He does not seem to be afraid.

My morning routine is when I'm ready to leave the house to go to work I call my son whose bedroom is across from mine. He calls out to me "coming" and then gets up, walks downstairs with me, opens the gate, waits for me to pull the car out and then shuts the gate, waves goodbye and goes back upstairs and starts getting ready for school. So, this morning I'm ready to leave and I call my son but I do not hear a reply. I call out to him again, this time a little louder. No reply. He's a really light sleeper so right away my first thought is he's not in the bedroom, maybe he snuck out and hasn't made it back in. He's never done it before but who knows, there's always a first time. Maybe he's really tired and is still asleep? I call him a third time really loud. Nothing. I head for the door knob and I'm just about to turn it when the door opens. There's my son, wide awake. He tells me "let me put my shoes on" and turns back in. I can't believe he was awake and was ignoring my call!

I start asking him why he wouldn't answer before, it is really obvious he's been awake! He just answers "I don't know". He walks downstairs with me and all the while I'm asking him "what do you mean you don't know? When I call you you need to answer me!"

I get in my car and right before I shut the door he tells me this. "Mom, I heard you calling me and I woke and responded that I was coming, when I came out of the bedroom you weren't in the hallway waiting for me so I waited for you. Then I realized you were not coming out of your bedroom and I noticed the light in your bedroom was off so I go back to my bedroom to wait for you to call me again and looked at my phone and realized it was only 3:09 so I figured I had been dreaming. I was falling asleep again when I heard you call my name so I responded that I was coming, I go out my bedroom and you're not there. So I went in your bedroom and you were sound asleep. I thought that was weird but I thought maybe you were calling me out in your sleep. I go back to my bedroom and lay down thinking about what just happened, I could have sworn you sounded like you were just outside my bedroom. I stay there for a while and then I hear you walk out of your bedroom and head to the restroom. A few minutes later I hear you call my name, I didn't answer right away so you call my name again, it sounded like you were just outside by door again, so I get up really fast, open the door and you're not there. I've been awake since then. This last time when I heard you call me I didn't think it was you, I was actually on my way to your bedroom to wake you and let you know what was happening".

What the heck is going on? Why are they bugging my son now pretending to be me? Why isn't my cat afraid like he usually is? The only other thing I have to add is something that use to happen a long time ago. The house this happened in used to belong to my parents. Back when I was a teenager, my son's room used to be mine. I remember I used to experience a lot of activity in that room. Almost every night my bed would shake as I was trying to sleep, books would "fly" off the bookshelf and I would hear whispering next to my ear. This went on for a long time, so long that it became almost normal for me. I never told my parents, my mom would get really scared and upset when I would tell her about stuff like this so I just stopped. It was no use, she wasn't going to do anything, the rest of my family would just mock me and my grandma would try to make me pray the devil out of me. Anyway, when I moved out that room stayed empty for several years until my parents moved out and I took over. As an adult, I was still scared to go in there at night. I had an experience in that room (I will tell you about it in a different submission) that made me have a catholic priest bless the room several times and I had a medium cleanse it as well. The medium said she put a "barrier" around the room so nothing would enter it. So now I'm wondering if something was trying to get in that bedroom?

I will cleanse my house and sage it like I often do. Things will be "normal" for a while until activity picks up again. I know the drill, I'm almost used to it by now. What I do not like is when it bothers my children. My daughter has been living in Nevada with my mother and sister for the last 7 months. She was experiencing sleep paralysis and night terrors and they completely stopped when she moved out. She is coming back in two weeks to spend the summer with us. I do not want her to come back to this.

I'm not sure if there is something about this house that has different entities passing by or if it is the same one that keeps coming back.

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Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-08)
Hi, LuciaJacinta.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

I believe in demonic entities as well. I have been witness to some very scary stuff. I've been around two different people that were possessed. I don't know if it's just my luck but I seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I will be sharing those experiences with you all next.

Yes, you are correct about a mother's love being very powerful. I hope my love and prayers keep my children safe from any kind of evil. I'm lucky to have my mother still with me, there are times that I have gotten out of some pretty sticky situations and I know that my mother's prayers for my protection has a lot to do with it, it's like I can feel it.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-05)
I always enjoy your submissions Haven. You certainly have an *active* life.

Interesting theory of the time slip. Hmmm. Could be.

I'm more of the demonic entity or something along those lines theory though. I understand not everyone believes in that though. Sometimes what ever these nasties are they just don't leave and hang around and I'm not sure why no matter how many blessings or sages we do. Sometimes houses retain the same spirits for generations.

Learning to live with it is the issue I think. I'd just daily say whatever prayers you believe in to protect you. Envision white light surrounding your family.

A priest once told me a mother's love is one of the most powerful things there is. Focus on the love you have for him and use that to protect him from whatever entities may be annoying him. Tell whatever it is to leave him alone. You just never know if these things are good or bad so regardless, use your love to shield him.

Hoping for all the best. Take care.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-03)
Hi, Jubeele. I have my moments of weakness but for the most part I tough it out and wait for it to quiet down. The house that has the most activity right now belonged to my parents, I am hanging on to it because of the memories and will do what I have to do to keep it.

My cat is very lazy and spoiled and will not move if he doesn't want to even when you try to make him. So when he jumps and acts weird I know he's sensing something. Most of the times a few minutes or seconds later I feel and/or hear it too. I have learned to trust his instincts.

I find the Time Slip theory very interesting. I had not thought of that. The noises he heard like someone was moving around outside his bedroom are the typical noises I make every morning when I'm getting ready for work. After that, I call him and he wakes up. It actually makes a lot of sense.

The room that is now my son's has been the center of many unexplained experiences. My son has never complained of anything weird and I have asked him, I want to make sure he doesn't go through what I did when I was younger. I will continue to bless and cleanse that room along with the rest of the house and family. It has been effective, even if whatever haunts it seems to come back.

Thanks a lot for your comments, Jubeele. You're always very supportive and understanding and make me get that warm and fuzzy feeling when I read your comments ❤ ❤
Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-03)
Haven, your house is certainly 'active'. I'm glad you've been taking precautions and are staying brave and strong about the whole situation. Chicken that I am, I'd have insisted to Rex-T on moving out at once.

I'd trust your cat's reaction to the recent noises in your bedroom. An animal has better senses and survival instincts than ours about such things. Hopefully, it's not anything to be worried about. Maybe your cat was not afraid in your bedroom because it was the echoes of your own activities?

Not sure if there was anything mimicking your voice and playing tricks on you and your son. You said you had called him a few times but received no answer. Then he said he had heard you calling a number of times just after 3am, responded but you didn't answer him and when he went to check, you weren't there. I was wondering if some kind of Time Slip could have happened. You called your son and he answered - but a few hours earlier... Some people have expressed theories that time might not be as linear as we think.

But that doesn't explain the other disturbances you had in the room when you were younger. I'm sorry to hear you had a hard time of it when you were a teenager. You had every right to feel safe in your own bedroom. Is there anything particular spot in the room that is especially negative to you? When you had the room cleansed and blessed, did you also extend it to your family?

Our prayers and well-wishes go out to you and your family. You know the YGS family will be here to offer whatever help and support that we can. ❤

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