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My Brand New Haunted House


My father was in the Navy until I was 18 years old. Spooky things have happened in many of the places my family has lived, but our home in O'Fallon, Illinois was the worst. My parents planned on retiring from the military so they bought a brand new house. We lived here 2006-2010, my 8th grade to junior year of high school.

On move in day, my dad (an excitable yet skeptical man) came into the house all flustered, asking if anyone had come outside but no one had. He swears that while he was moving boxes in the trailer with his back to the unload ramp, he heard distinct footsteps walking up the ramp that made the whole trailer shake. He assumed it was one of us, and when he turned around to ask for help, it immediately stopped and no one was there.

Quite a few strange, menacing things happened in that house. I can't remember an exact order because so many things happened so I will list them as I remember them happening.

My parents bedroom was on the main floor, my older sister's, mine, and my younger brother's bedrooms were upstairs, and we had a finished basement with a few individual rooms. My parents bedroom light turned on while my dad was laying in bed and my mom was folding laundry in the room. We regularly heard footsteps.

Once, I came home while only my mom and brother were home. I went straight to my room to change. While I was on the stairs, I heard footsteps SPRINTING across the living room. My brain did not register what I heard at first and I continued to my room. My mom called me a minute later asking if I was home and why I was running. I said that I thought it was my brother who was running. They were both in the basement.

In the basement we had a bar that was it's own room with French doors. Everyone in my family has separately heard footsteps above them in that room, to the point where we thought someone came home.

Once, my dad and I were watching tv in the bar and the volume control came on and went all the way down, then back up but the remote was on the counter between us.

My brother, dad, and I were home alone and watching a movie together in the basement. We heard a loud metal pop from upstairs. Upon investigation, we realized that the French door to my parents bedroom that they kept latched shut (and would regularly use the other door) was wide open. It is a difficult latch to pull.

My sister would hear footsteps come down the hallway toward our rooms almost every night for a few months. At first she would close her laptop and pretend to be asleep thinking it was my mom coming to check on us, until one night she realized there were no footsteps leading away from our rooms.

I remember having a dream that I woke up in my bed. Everything was the same in my room, but there was a large, opaque black mass in my doorway that would shrink if I looked directly at it. It gave off a dreadful vibe. I woke up from that dream laying in the same position in my bed.

Soon after, my sister and I were in my room talking about a magazine photo of Ville Valo that was tacked near my bed. I jokingly said he was protecting me, and a small painting of Arch Angel Michael striking down a demon that I had on my dresser leaning against the wall slammed down by itself. We high tailed it out of my room.

My sister and I would switch rooms periodically. She swears that she saw a face in the doorway one night.

Once my sister left for college, I permanently moved into her room because it was larger. My brother, whose room was at the other end of the hall and connected to my old room via Jack and Jill bathroom, was around 11 years old. I remember that I was half asleep when around midnight he barreled into my room, a nerf gun in both hands. He swore that his bathroom door moved on its own and he begged to sleep with me. Once he was under my covers, it took a while for me to go back to sleep. Maybe half an hour went by, when I heard footsteps downstairs. Our floors were wood and we had a basement, so they were loud. It sounded like heavy boots stumbling around, like someone was drunk. The peculiar thing is that there was a wine rack by the staircase that always clinked when you walked by it. It did not make any noise. I woke up my brother and we sat, terrified and holding each other, as we listened to something stumbling around. We whispered about waking up my parents, when it started to go up the stairs. It was very slow, only four steps, before I grabbed my cell phone and called the house to wake up my parents. My dad flew out of bed and came into my room holding a baseball bat. There was nothing there, and no sign of a break in.

I believe that something tried to possess me. I had just gotten off the phone with a boyfriend one night, and I lie in bed for only a few minutes. I felt very cold, and I could feel my body tighten up. My eyes were half closed, and I could feel my face become hot and my limbs go numb. Suddenly, I heard what I can only describe as a wind tunnel. Rushing air that was deafening, but no wind. I was completely aware, but I could not control my body. My face contorted into what felt like an evil smile that felt unnatural. My hands, which were resting on my stomach, moved down to my pelvis. At this point, I was actively fighting it. I was screaming "F*CK YOU!" in my head, and that it was my body, while trying with everything in me to move. It stopped in an instant. I hysterically ran to my mom, who years later admitted that the exact same thing happened to her. I know this sounds like a bad creepypasta but I was terrified and my mom is a very superstitious person.

Plenty of other things have happened that I will probably remember later. I believe there were multiple entities in that house - some good, some bad. My family nearly fell apart in this house. My parents nearly divorced, I fell into a severe depression, and my siblings were struggling with their own battles that they do not like discussing. We moved to Virginia after this and other things happened but I suppose that is for another post.

A friend and I researched the history of the property my brand new subdivision was built on. It was previously a corn/soy farm. O'Fallon used to be a huge KKK town, and this farm had a barn where the town lynchings were held. There is also the Cahokia Mounds, the largest Native American village in the midwest, only a short drive away. I believe the land is imprinted as a neighbor once told us about their problem with lights coming on and doors opening. I do not know if their experience was as intense as ours.

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Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-04)
Regardless, here's another female perspective.

The overreaction on the topic of taboo, as displayed here by a couple of female posters, is blatant contradiction.
I would urge the ladies reading this to think hard about their own reactions to this, as I think it's a symptom of arrested development.
As for this occurring to both the OP and her mother. Paranormal or not, seriously either way, that's something that needs to be addressed. Which comes back to the overreaction on the topic of taboo. Inner work ladies, got to do that inner work.

The black mass on the doorway is relatively common. I personally think it's a build up of negative energy. That you dreamed it is interesting. I think you were tapping into what was around you, paranormal wise, with that dream.
Sounds like the place could've done with a cleansing.

Possession usually builds up very slowly and is, or can be, exceptionally hard to get rid of. The only time I've ever heard of it not building up was with one of my teachers. But she purposefully went into a trance to evoke something, silly mare.
You and your mother may have experienced some kind of psychic vision, albeit an over the top vivid one, to do with something that occurred at one time in the home. The fact you dreamed the black mass and woke in the same position, kind of points me along those lines.
It's also possible you had a blocked ear that cleared itself at the same time as having a very weird nightmare. I wake up with a blocked ear sometimes and it can mess with balance and even give me the odd vivid nightmare. So I wouldn't rule that out either. Certainly better than experiencing a past event.
Manafon1 (5 stories) (696 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-31)
ChickenLittle - I do believe that Overrated did overreact a bit. I completely understand being uncomfortable discussing the hormonal change theory with a male. That's why I stated it would be helpful to have a female YGS member chime in on that aspect. I also felt that sex might have been a taboo subject within her family due to religious beliefs. Overrated stated in her reposnse that sex is not a taboo subject in her family but that certainly wasn't stated in the account.

Overrated seems to be suggesting that something was attempting to possess her and I was suggesting a more prosaic explanation. She stated her mother also experienced a similar attempt at "possession" and it would seem that as she wasn't that something else was likely taking place. I agree that what she describes seems outside a normal experience related to hormonal changes but I was suggesting that the sound of wind, numbness and a hot feeling on the face, could have been subjective impressions brought about by intense emotional feelings. Would that be weird? Yes. However it seems more of a stretch that something tried to possess her and her mother once each and never again, failing in both instances.

Overrated also stated I should read before commenting, which I did. I found the majority of her account compelling and interesting but found that one bit questionable. I was only stating an opinion. Believe me, I wasn't thrilled to comment on that one aspect but certain things Overrated wrote hinted that what she was describing was indeed related to her boyfriend's phone call. By the way, thanks for your female perspective. That is much appreciated as I REALLY don't want to discuss that aspect any further.
ChickenLittle (11 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-31)

I also don't think Overrated was being unreasonably defensive with her response. I think she felt uncomfortable, as a young female adult, discussing hormonal changes and sex and guilt with a male. I feel she stated so simply without calling you names and was not at all out of line.

Now, regarding the experience itself:

Since you asked for a female perspective, as a "mature" female who has experienced the "hormonal changes" associated with puberty, the imbalances associated with endocrinal issues, two pregnancies (talk about raging hormones!), and other life changes, I can honestly say that I have never experienced most symptoms Overrated described within that short time. No hot AND cold flashes, no numbness, no loud rushing wind sound, and no involuntary urge to grab my pelvis. (Okay, maybe I had an evil smile or two during pregnancy). If I were to try to find a biological reason, I would look more to circulatory issues (numbness, hot and cold feelings, involuntary grimace, and rushing wind sound).

Manafon had a good point regarding telekinetic energy. You mentioned arguments, near divorce, depression and other struggles. The stress combined with teenagers and pre-teens could be responsible for some of the activity. Also, had some of this started before the move into this house? If there were entities in the house, cold they have tapped into the beginnings of this and caused it to escalate, or do you think the stresses were solely caused by what ever would have been in the house?

A lot of questions, I know, but I find this account interesting. Thank you for sharing this!
catleyablu (17 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-30)
I have to say I don't think Overrated was out of line for feeling the way she does about the comments made, but I also don't think your theory is off, Manafon. Evil does prey on our desire for pleasure and who knows what this negative entity was trying to do! It's a scary experience but thank goodness you were able to fight whatever negativity was trying to take hold of you. Thanks for sharing and I hope things have/are getting better for you and your family! <3
Manafon1 (5 stories) (696 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-23)
Overrated - I was simply throwing out some possibilities. There is no reason for you to be put off by my suggestions that what you experienced after talking on the phone to your boyfriend was related to hormonal changes. That the same type of thing also happened to your mom actually makes the potential that it's a familial hormonal phenomenon seem at least in the realm of possibility. The first thing that is always done on this site is to eliminate ALL non-paranormal possibilities.

I believe you had paranormal activity in your house and discussed that. Your prickly attitude is out of line. I read your account twice and very carefully. If you are unwilling to engage in a discussion without becoming defensive then this is the wrong site for you. I have absolutely no intention on offending you but it does seem that you are misreading me.
overrated_07 (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-23)

As previously stated, the land that the subdivision was built on was used for farming. These farms go back generations, and original houses are still in use. I am put off about your insinuation that my experience was hormonal. Sex is not taboo in my family, and my mother had a similar experience in that house as I have already explained.

Please read before commenting, thanks.
Manafon1 (5 stories) (696 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-22)
Hi overrated - Your account encompasses a lot of commonly reported paranormal activity. I personally have experienced several of the things you reported in multiple houses that had been recently constructed including the sound of footsteps, lights turning off (instead of on as happened to your dad) and doors opening when nobody was around.

Often, it seems, spirits gravitate to new houses if they were constructed near a house they once lived in or a building they worked in but has since been demolished. Do you now if there had been a house or other building on the property before the house you lived in was constructed? That could explain where the activity you experienced migrated from.

As for your experience after getting off the phone with your boyfriend, well, this is a sensitive subject and I hope a female YGS member can deal with this aspect a bit more directly, you seemed to be at the age when you would have been going through a lot of hormonal changes and your imagination might have taken on a life of its own as it were. Was sex a taboo subject in your house due to religious beliefs possibly? Did you feel guilt attached to such thoughts? Just a couple of possibilities.

Actually some of the activity, such as doors opening and the light being turned on, could also have been telekinetic outbursts or poltergeist activity that you, your sister or brother were creating unconsciously while going through puberty.

Interesting account. Thanks for sharing.

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