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Don't Stay In The House Alone At Night


I have seen and heard things in this house before but I've never been bothered by it because in my village I'm known as " brave" so I'm embarrassed to admit I am terrified of what's happening.

I know everyone that has lived in this house has stories about what they've seen. My uncle said he would see his grandpa sitting at the end of the bed, my little brother was staring at something with so much fear and tears in his eyes saying Do you see him? He standing right over there! Do you hear that it's so loud? Everything seemed so harmless until recently.

I live home alone 5 days out of the week. It usually happens when one is alone.

Everyone in my family is scared of the attic door. We will double lock it go outside when we come back in it would be unlocked.

My room will perfectly clean when I leave but when I come back my room is trashed. It started really bothering me when I was watching tv I heard " Hey there Elly", I ignored it because I thought it was the tv until a few hours later I heard outside my bedroom door " hey there Elly" again.

Last night I had my feet at the end of my bed, I felt something pushing on my feet I thought it was my cat because sometimes he sleeps on my feet until I felt hands gripping my feet making its way up my blanket, I sat up to look at my cat was on the other side of my bed.

I can't sleep anymore after the recent fear of my bed shaking again, something touching me, the whispers and seeing the man standing in my room at night and the constant feeling of someone is next to you.

Since it's starting to be more visible no one will let anyone be alone in this house at night.

I called my younger brother crying to please come and stay at my house for one night so I'm not alone and after that night he refused to leave me there another night alone. Before I end this story I also want to say if it is possibly a spirit I think it would be attached to this old picture I have of my great great grandpa.

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Aakanksha10 (6 stories) (20 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-26)
hello Elly. Well tell me a few things:
1. Has the spirit tried to harm you as in any physical attack or something?
2. Do you constantly feel that you are being stalked even while not in your house?
3. Did you ever felt the spirit is trying to kill you or anyone else in your house?

Well you know spirits do not always try to harm you. As you said that you keep your room clean and when you return it is mess, you lock the door but on our return it is unlocked and someone grabbing you foot. See all these are indicators that the spirit might wants to either
-talk to you
-convey you a message
-needs your help
-alarm you against any danger
or may be something else or may be all of the above.
Try to get in touch with a person who can make contacts to the spirits and get to know what is all this about. Why do you feel that that photo has any connection to all this?
Please try to provide more details to your story and try and contact that spirit.
For how long has this all been going on? You said that these appearances are now more visible. If all this is going on for quite some time then the chances are that the spirit doesn't wants to harm you.
Please get back to provide more details of the story.
Maelstrom (23 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-23)
Elly, attempt talking to it. Tell it to please leave you alone or not to do specific things it is doing. Generally, this helps.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-20)
AugustaM is right, there's not enough information in your narrative as to understand what is going on.

"Since it's starting to be more visible no one will let anyone be alone in this house at night."

If that's the case, how come your family isn't there for five days out of the week?
Has your brother stayed with you or have you moved out of the house?

Looking forward to your feedback.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-20)
How old is the house? Was it built by an ancestor? Why do you think a spirit is attached to a photo of your great great grandfather? Do you think the spirit is your great great grandfather? If so, why would he be trying to frighten you? Has anyone else in the family experienced anything? What frightened your brother that night?

Sorry for the barrage but there is a lot of information missing here. There are more questions to be asked but I'll leave it at that for now.

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