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Help! This Spirit Won't Leave Me Alone!


This story starts back in September of 2019. We randomly had an Ouija board downstairs in our basement and it had been down there for years even before I knew what it was. One day I got the idea to just see what would happen if I tried it but I got nothing. Then on another occasion after that I tried it, I think I may have gotten some movement but nothing that was really responsive. I don't remember if I requested any presences from anyone, I think I just wanted to see if the scope would even move.

The third time, I was a little bit more prepared or so I thought. I brought some palo santo with me (I didn't have sage at the time), a few candles, and I set an intention that only beings with good intentions were allowed to contact me and nothing else was allowed. I wanted to speak to my ancestors but I was open to anyone speaking to me. This time, I actually got an answer.

At first it kept spelling out a bunch of random letters for like 30 minutes. He managed to tell me that he was my 4th generation great-grandfather or something along those lines (A family member who I wasn't familiar with) but kept talking gibberish. At one point I had enough and said "I'm sorry, I can't understand you." then ended the session. I tried to start a new session but the same spirit showed up. I should have just ended it there but I was curious as to why he still wanted to talk to me. After more time, all of a sudden it started talking like normal. The spirit said that it was all a prank and that he was a family member I knew. He said he was my 1st grandfather and I believed that because from the stories I had been told, he was a bit of a prankster.

Side note, I had never met any of these family members before they died but I have heard countless stories. I have also always wanted to talk to them because even though I never met them, I have felt connected in some sort of way. Unfortunately, this is what made it so easy for the spirit to trick me. Even I know about them through stories, I don't know them as actual people so I just have a general idea of what they would be like. The spirit could easily manipulate me and try to be like them as much as possible or also try fill in the gaps of what parts of their personality I didn't exactly know about.

Once I found out who I thought I was talking to, we chit chatted for a few hours and I asked a bunch of random questions. Long story short, not only did the spirit make me believe that I was talking to a dead family member of mine, throughout our conversation he tricked me into thinking I had a dead sister that I had no idea about and fed me a bunch of other random lies. After a while, it was late and I was tired so I went back upstairs to sleep, planning to talk to this 'sister' the next day.

I woke up the next day after I got home from running errands, I immediately went back downstairs to the board. Me and this sister would talk about anything for hours end for at least two weeks. I had my suspicions and sometimes I felt really weird after using the board but I didn't think too much of it.

Then one day me and the 'sister' were talking and 'she' said that I had a family member who was alive and whom I didn't know about yet (They were also supposedly from another country). Apparently, 'she' had the phone number for this family member and gave it to me. Through an international calling app, I tried to contact the person but it didn't go through. Afterwards, I really began to suspect that I was not talking to my family members and that it was something else. I tell the 'sister' that I was suspicious and I asked if I was really talking to them. Finally the spirit confesses to have completely lied to me this entire time.

I asked the spirit who he was and he lied to me again and said that he was the ghost of person who once lived at my apartment before me (This place is not very old). Apparently his name was James and he was mad at us for not taking care of the apartment like he wanted and that's why he pranked me.

I didn't really believe this, especially since it's not like it's hoarders paradise around here. I confronted him about it though and told him that if it was all true, it was wrong to go that far and he should have just came forth and told me who he was. Though I was angry, I tried really hard to stay cool because I heard that sometimes getting mad at a spirit only make things worse. He apologized and I tried to send him on his way to a better place.

After that, I felt horrible over the next few days. I couldn't stop thinking about what happened and I was really confused. Then I came across a video talking about automatic/spirit writing. I decided to try it out to see if it would work and I thought it might be a safer way to get answers. In the video it said that it might take a while to get the hang of automatic writing, but to my surprise, it came naturally to me.

I tried contacting someone who was a guide of mine to get some answers but I ended up getting tricked again. Shortly after, I started talking to who I thought was my relatives again. For some reason I talked to more of them and I got what I thought was better, clearer answers at first. I was still skeptical though because I had been through so much with James already but I wanted to see if this was all real.

Eventually after a few weeks of writing, I started to be able to hear them. I could hear what they were going to say even before it was written. I could start to hear full sentences, voice tones, pitches and even multiple people at once. I could even speak to them through my mind. Sometimes if I couldn't hear them, I'd ask a question in my mind and they would write down the answer. I didn't mind it too much at first but then it started to become a lot to handle. I could hear them 24/7 and it became a huge part of my life.

I think it was cool to hear them but it was overwhelming to hear them so often. I thought it was a 'psychic power' I had that was 'overactive' which made it so I heard them all the time. This went on for a few months and as it continued, I got more and more suspicious but they kept reassuring me that one day they'd be able to prove it to me that it was them. The entire time I felt something was off but I didn't know what it was. I knew James was still hanging around because I could hear him too.

Then in December, my father passed away. Afterward, the voices seemed to stop and it was a great relief. After a while of not having anyone talking to me, I began to suspect that the entire time James was behind it all. I didn't think he could make it sound like I was hearing multiple voices and even different tones but it seems to make the most sense at this point. I can't exactly remember when I came to that conclusion but that conclusion has not changed since.

Gradually I started to hear voices often again and now I am hearing him 24/7 but it's as himself this time, no one else. Before when I thought I was talking with my relatives, we'd just chit chat all the time even about the most mundane things. Now he just criticizes me and makes snarky comments. This may sound like a joke but he does stuff like this to annoy me: if I even brush my teeth the wrong way he'll make comments. It's really strange but he'll do literally anything in his power to annoy me or even upset me.

Nothing I have done to get rid of him has worked so far. I have tried prayers, that white light trick, sage (even different kinds of sage), I have stopped automatic writing, and even burning the notebook I used to do the writing in. The only thing I haven't done and I'm really kicking myself in the rear for not doing, is burning the Ouija board.

Back in October, I wanted to get rid of the board really bad. This entire time I have not had a mentor or anything so I have been going by the internet or what I think might help, since I have no prior experience with the spirit world. I thought about burning the board but I heard somewhere that it could actually make the situation worse, so I just gave it up to a place that sells board games. They said they didn't accept Ouija boards because they already had enough of them. However, if you leave something there that wasn't accepted, they will just trash it and that's what I did. So most likely it was trashed but it probably wasn't burned.

I am really desperate for your help. This is not something I can live with for the rest of my life. I wish I knew what to do to make this all go away but I don't. The worst part is that no one knows. I can't tell them about this in fear of people thinking I'm absolutely insane. I appreciate any words of wisdom at this point!

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snowflakes211 (4 stories) (24 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-04)
Your mind like your house is your property. Just like it's your responsibility to keep the house clean, it's your responsibility to keep your mind calm. No human or spirit can annoy you if you decide not to be annoyed. Be calm. Let the negativity in your life and thought's go. He might be real but he definitely isn't all powerfull to destroy you or anyone. He's just a tricking lying spirit. That's all. Stop believing him or even reacting to him.
Deepika_V (4 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-15)
A few more things that I'd like to mention:

*As far as I know, evil spirits after knowing that you've started doing serious remedies to ward them off, by all means, will try to stop you from doing them.

*They can do almost anything or everything to stop you from getting rid of them. (Sometimes unimaginable)

*You must be very cautious and highly determined about successfully completing whichever remedy you choose to start.

*Maybe that could also be the reason why you weren't successful in getting rid of this thing even after trying white/golden light remedy.

*This evil spirit will give you depressive thoughts and intentions. Don't get distracted.
Deepika_V (4 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-15)
If everything you told here is 100% true according to you, I don't think it could be a psychic ability. In fact, it's this evil spirit (or demon) that's trying to take possession over you. Hearing voices constantly inside your head (which you don't want to) is not at all fine. This so called "James" isn't James in the first place. Let me tell you, all his predictions about you and your life were to increase your fear. The more you get scared, the more you'll get vulnerable for possession. We know that "curiosity is the key to learning" But, in this case, your curiosity about ouija seance became the key to the door of dark and evil entities or energies. If you tried "almost everything" to get rid of this thing but in vain, then I can assume that you're definitely not doing any remedy in a proper way., or even if you are doing, then maybe you are not doing them consistently enough to ward off this evil thing from your life. Because, you have to have patience and faith for any remedy to work. So don't lose hope, Keep doing whichever remedy you're currently doing. And if, you lost hope in everything, (you shouldn't but if you notice that you're growing more vulnerable for this evil entity) I highly advice you to recite HANUMAN CHALISA everyday in the morning after taking bath for 41 days. Make sure you are reciting Hanuman chalisa written by TULSIDAS (original version of HANUMAN CHALISA). Make sure you don't skip even a single day within these 41 days without reciting HANUMAN CHALISA. Have faith in Lord hanuman as he is the SUPREME DESTROYER OF EVIL. This remedy is highly safe and extremely effective. Either you are a theist or atheist, it doesn't matter. This will work for sure 100%, whichever religion in this world you belong to, or even if you don't follow any religion, it doesn't matter., you can definitely follow this remedy. And after these 41 days, you will surely notice miraculous good changes in your life, you will be totally free from all kinds of negative entities or energies. You will have all the happiness and good health.


In case you are unable to recite (pronounce, I suppose) you can even listen to someone else who is reciting HANUMAN CHALISA. Listening helps too. MAKE SURE you're doing this every morning after taking bath. And if you want to know the meaning of the verses in HANUMAN CHALISA, you can just google "hanuman chalisa" And refer to it's wikipedia page. [ (HANUMAN CHALISA is even very much effective in healing all kinds of illness) ]

*Please be consistent enough for the results to show, don't skip between these 41 days.

*Many people notice good change even before these 41 days, but doing it for 41 days can not only help ward off evil but can also change your whole life in a positive way.

PATIENCE AND FAITH in yourself and in God are so important.

msecrose (guest)
4 years ago (2020-08-14)
Hi [at] rookdygin

I did end the session but maybe that wasn't enough. Maybe I should have actually destroyed the board but I can't do anything about that now unfortunately.

I figured that might be the case. I will repeat it as needed but if I get to a point where I have already performed the ritual several times and I don't notice a difference, should I continue? Or would I most likely have to investigate other methods?

To answer your question, like I've said before, there was no other reason behind me using the board except for pure curiosity and skepticism. I didn't think it was a big deal to be using it alone and no one that I knew of would want to join in anyway. I was exploring the idea of the paranormal and other things that people believed in. I was pretty much on the verge of becoming atheist at the time. I didn't believe in anything and though I always respected people's beliefs, I didn't think what they believed in was real. I am a very logical thinker and a total realist. All of what I believed in was science-based like the big bang theory for example. But when science exists but people still continue to believe in other ideas, I wanted to find out why that's happening and if those ideas actually exist. And well, here I am now. I still don't know what I believe in but this whole experience has shaken me up a lot.

Sorry for the tangent but that's my reason. I hope that answered your question!

Also, there was something else that I have been investigating for a while that I wanted to mention. Is this possibly a psychic ability? My main focus is just trying to get to the point where I don't hear him anymore. Though I'd like for him to be gone completely, even if he still hangs around, it's a lot better than being constantly pestered. However, I have not been able to figure out how to stop hearing him and why I am still hearing him after all this time. Also, through my research I have exhibited other psychic abilities besides possibly having clairaudience. I'm still unsure though so I thought I'd mention it.

Thank you for your reply and I hope you have a good day!
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-01)
Wow, just wow. First to the OP... DO NOT GIVE UP... This is just what 'James' wants. So never give up.

Do you remember if you closed you last session with the board? Just because the board is gone does not mean that the 'connection' that was created between you, the board and the spirit was closed.

My method can take some time to's not a 'one and done' type ritual. But if the connection created by using the board is not closed them 'James' will keep returning. Biblio and the others have given some great advice. I recommend that while you are preforming the cleansing ritual... Just before you begin to visualize 'sweeping' the negative things out, go to the location that you used the board the most and visualize a door closing and locking. Hold that image in your mind for a few minutes and then complete the cleansing. I repeat you may have to preform the cleansing repeatedly before you feel a difference. But if you combine it with things others have suggested you can get through this.

May I ask why you chose to use the board alone? Really think about this question... Because that is, in my opinion, the hardest and most risky way of contacting the otherside.


msecrose (guest)
4 years ago (2020-07-28)
[at] Melda


I have tried to push through and work to test and find different solutions for a long time. Of course because of that, I am going to be exhausted from it all. I'm also dealing with a lot of other stuff in my personal life on top of this hot mess (Including my father's death). Therefore, I'm not giving up so easily. I feel like giving up right now because I have yet to find a solution. Though it may not seem like I've taken a lot of action towards this situation, trust me I have. I did list a few things I've tried, but keep in mind, those are not all of my attempts.

I realize that I'm probably going to sound like a negative Nancy sometimes but please just disregard it. I haven't been given a lot of reason for hope so I'm not going to be very optimistic. Though I'd like to be and I do try, it's very difficult to maintain a positive mindset. This situation has taken a serious toll on me.

Of course I don't! That's why I said that. If someone else was in my shoes and told me this story, I'd have a hard time believing them myself. That's what I'm worried about.

Like I said before, I will try Rook's method. I won't totally dismiss it and I truly hope it helps.

Thank you and I hope you have a good week.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-28)
msecrose - You want to live a normal life and yet you speak of giving up, so easily and so quickly, when you can in fact rid yourself of this controlling entity plus others who are making your life difficult.

Of course not everybody will believe your situation. Do you expect them to? You have been talking to people who have never had a supernatural experience and are, in fact, totally closed to the supernatural. Don't discuss these things with them.

I have a son who thinks that I have the most incredible imagination, have the weirdest dreams and I hate to think this but he probably also thinks that I make things up for his entertainment. He finds it all extremely amusing.

You can be an atheist and still use Rook's cleansing method. Many people on this site have used it successfully. I used it in my daughter's previous home. You can call on good spirits, guardian spirits, to assist you, everything positive. Just believe in what you are doing.

Please at least give it a try. The link to Rookdygin's profile page is attached. Just scroll down the page and you'll find it. I sincerely hope you are going to fight this negative entity and wish you the best. Https://

Regards, Melda
msecrose (guest)
4 years ago (2020-07-27)
[at] RCRuskin

I thought I was prepared but I guess I wasn't. I think I was prepared for something else, but whatever this spirit is, I was defintely not prepared for it.

I don't have any trinkets that are connected to him so I think we are good there. Unfortunately, I doubt Rook's ritual will work. Though I think that might be helpful in other situations, this one is a little different. I'll still try it though.
The thing about that is, I don't have a religion nor have I for the past few years. I have never dealt with a problem like this before nor I have I ever seeked out guidance from such people for anything else. I don't know how to reach such religious figures, especially since we are still on lock down. Also, a worry of mine that I've had this entire time is, who would believe me and would they think I'm absolutely out of my mind? I'm lucky you guys even give me the time of day.

I'm starting to wonder if I should give up at this point. I'm so tired of there being no solutions or people not giving a crap that I'm going through this. (That doesn't include you guys by the way. You guys are literally the only ones who have tried to help me and I appreciate it.) I'm also just exhausted of just having to live my life like this for the past (almost) year. It's unreal that I have to pretend to everyone else that everything is okay and that I have to act like normal.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (815 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-24)
Hi, msecrose. This year has been full of suck, so can't blame you much for having a non-working brain. Mine sure doesn't seem to be working within acceptable tolerances right now... 😕

I have to agree with Biblio all the way. I had suspicions once I read the word Ouija. Those things are not always bad, but going in unprepared is just asking for difficulty.

My advice generally is what Biblio said: get rid of the things, follow Rook's ritual, and also seek out a priest, imam, rabbi, minister or other appropriate person who is local to you to deal with these things.
msecrose (guest)
4 years ago (2020-07-24)
Lord help me, I guess I'm just not having a good day. I made another mistake.
*the major incident with my hair happened 3 years before I wrote the story. Not 3 years ago.

I swear school has fried my brain!
msecrose (guest)
4 years ago (2020-07-24)
[at] bibliothecarius

I just reread my last story and I realized made a mistake in my first reply to you. Those tugs happened often but in phases for a few years. However, the major one that that happened (the one about a single strand of hair being broken off), went down 3 years ago. Never has my hair broke off like that again, however, the tugs that went through phases continued even after I wrote that story. That was really the only time the tugs ever got 'bad' though. Other than that, they didn't seem malicious and it was never to a point where it was super painful. They were usually very light and very brief.
I just wanted to clarify so there wasn't any confusion:)
msecrose (guest)
4 years ago (2020-07-24)
[at] bibliothecarius

Hi Biblio, thank you for your reply.

Actually, when I posted that story, I never read the comments. I had kind of forgotten that I wrote something here and then a year later I read the comments when I remembered. I wasn't really concerned, I just thought it was an interesting story to share. When I wrote that, it had been 3 years since the incident occurred and I had never had an experience like that since. If it would have happened again or I had another weird experience, I most likely would have come back here at some point and tried Rook's method though.
The white light trick I was referring to was one where you imagine a white or golden protective light around you by the way (Sorry for not being more specific!). I'm not sure if Rook does something similar? I only read through maybe half of his method.

I sighed when I read your comment about my story sounding like a teen horror movie. I've said in the past that my life feels like some kind of wacked out horror movie myself. Life has dealt me with a lot of... Odd cards for lack of a better analogy. Odd cards I never knew could even exist.
I should have stated this in my story that the reason I wanted to try out the board wasn't only to contact something. I'm not a very religious or spiritual person and I'm not going to lie, I thought the board was kind of a joke. Out of pure curiosity, I just wanted to see if I could even get the panclette to move.
I tried to be as prepared as possible to protect myself, in case this was a way to contact the other side. Though I wasn't religious, I'm wasn't completely ignorant to the fact that things like this are possible. I did close every session on the board with a goodbye, as I remember that being a huge rule.
The main reason why this spirit was able to trick me so well is that weirdly, he knew what I was thinking. I didn't catch onto that at first, especially since I never saw anywhere saying that spirits can read your mind or something.
Before I knew it was all a trick, he would predict things to try and convince me he was something else. There was a few times he was spot on with something and it confused me so much. During this time, I was breaking out really bad and I couldn't figure out why. He told me it was a vitamin that I had been taking for a few months that was the problem. Just to see if he was right, I went off of it and sure enough my acne cleared up. It wasn't a necessary vitamin either so I had no issues stopping it. Then a second, more weird incident happened. All of a sudden I started developing really debilitating leg pains. So much that I could barely get out of bed. He told me that one of my medications was the cause of it (he told me the exact medication as well). I go to the doctor and they couldn't figure out why it was happening. The doctor then suggested the idea of taking me off the exact medication that 'James' had talked about, just to see if that was the issue. Of course, I didn't mention to the doctor about the whole 'James' thing though. Within a few days after stopping the medication, my leg pains went away. This was a medication I had been on for almost 2 years! I didn't think that it was the cause since the leg pains were so sudden but he was right. Had it not been for these incidents (A few more happened that weren't as extreme but still weird), I probably would have figured it out he was lying to me sooner. I still can't figure out to this day how he knew and it bugs me a lot.
Actually, I've been in counseling even before all of this happened (For about 2 years). I also did grief counseling and visited my psychiatrist of 4 years. Like I said before, using the board was out of pure curiosity. I didn't really intend for all of this to happen nor did I want it to blow up like it did. Some of the things that were happening I thought were kind of cool but for the most I part I was really scared and really confused. I've tried to reach out for help before MANY times (Even while I was being tricked I was reaching out for help) however, no one seemed to care or even respond.
Also, this entire time ALL of this has been going on, I've been trying to find ways that might help me get rid of him. I can't tell you how many times I have saged my apartment. I even did a ritual that involves putting black salt around the perimeter of the apartment, I even tried some Feng Shui, prayers such as Archangel Michael's prayer, even praying just in general, and meditation. Nothing has worked. I still hear him, in fact he laughs at the things I've done to rid him. I have told him straight up to leave but he thinks it's entertaining to harass me so he stays. He's very stubborn and has a very weird personality.

Thank you for reading. I'm sure this all sounds very strange but I appreciate that you would at least respond.

Have a good one
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-24)
Greetings, msecrose.

First, my condolences on the death of your father.

Previously, you submitted a story to YGS about an unseen entity tugging your hair. I'm presuming that you followed the advice given at that time to use Rook's cleansing ritual; I further presume that you've tried to use it again as you refer to "that white light trick."

This narrative reads like the plot of a teen-horror movie, in that you seem to have taken every possible step to attract spiritual attention --even after discovering that the entity was lying to you-- and now you think it's a good idea to get help removing it. From an academically spiritual stance, you've done everything except tie a dinner bell around your neck. You are dealing with a spirit/voice that lies to you in order to gain your trust.

First, my strongest recommendation is that you seek psychological counseling; no-one with healthy ideation would seek out as much spiritual interaction as you do without guidance/help. You need to find a professional who will listen to you about your general stress level and your specific grief over your father's death.

Second, there are four steps in dealing with malicious/evil entities: 1. Manifestation 2. Infestation 3. Oppression 4. Possession. You've had the manifestation since the use of the ouija board; infestation is the step when you started hearing the voices, doing the automatic writing, etc. You may even be in the beginnings of the third step, oppression, given your natural emotional state after your father's passing.

I must state that you are *NOT* possessed, so don't panic. However, you are on a path that leads in a bad direction. Getting the therapy first will start to bring your view of the world into clearer focus; thus you'll be able to identify when "James" is deceiving your physical senses & mental wellbeing.

You have already removed the Ouija board from your home (Great!); I do hope you 'closed' any sessions you had opened per the instructions that came with it. You've eliminated your automatic writing journal, too; I presume to remove temptation from your immediate environment. That's also great.

I now strongly recommend Prayer in whatever Religious tradition you follow. I'm agnostic, so I don't have a specific recommendation, only that most people were raised in a religious tradition & it is often comfortable to rely upon the faith that seems most natural to you.

Do not allow "James" to keep talking inside your head. Banish him with "that white light trick" per Rook's cleansing ritual. You also need to remove from your residence *anything* that you purchased or picked up to help with spiritual communication; if "James" was part of the selection process for any such trinkets, he's got an anchor point to hold on to while you're trying to get rid of him/it.

I know (and hope) that some YGS members may have more in-depth advice for you, based upon their expertise; my real-world advice is the grief counseling and removal of negative paraphernalia.

Take care,

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