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The One Time I Got Scared


I have always seemed to attract ghost/ paranormal activity/spirits whichever phrase or word you prefer to use to describe events. As a young child the one place we lived my best friend was a ghost of a 5 year old boy who had died in the house. Growing up there were always things happening sounds, sights, that couldn't be explained. These things just seem to happen around me.

The one other house we lived in we got so used to things that it was no big deal. Even my dad who didn't believe in ghosts got used to the things that would happen. From knocking on the floor, to the stair creaking as if someone was walking up or down them. To the sounds of a party up in the attic. It was never anything bad or malicious. Out of all my experiences I have never really had anything really scary until I was 27.

My grandmas house has always been a fun place. Noises and voices, things move, as kids we always had fun with it. Once in awhile it would get a bit too much and we would get a little scared. But when I was 27 something totally different happened.

Before I get into things I need to give you the layout of the house. Its one of those big old places of course. When it was built it was a duplex but my grandparents bought it and opened it up to one house. Downstairs you walk in through was it called an out kitchen, or mudroom. The one that was for the other side of the house was always blocked off never used. But as you walk in through the out kitchen into the kitchen there is the door to the basement, then the dining room. The stairs to go upstairs are on the right. They have doors on either side of the house for the stairs, never understood why. But past the living room is the second living room, used to be a duplex remember. Then around the other side towards the back of the house is another small room we just used as a play room when we were kids and now they use it as a dressing room, my grandparents had trouble with the stairs. Then you have the bathroom. And that leads to the other out kitchen that was always blocked off from outside. It was just storage place. It sounds like a lot of space but the rooms are small.

So with my grandpa being sick and neither of them being able to use the stairs well they had been sleeping downstairs. The one living room was a bedroom for my grandpa and the small dressing room has a little twin bed in it. The main living room has like 3 recliners. Where my grandma slept. And when we stayed there my mom used another recliner and I slept on the twin bed on the other side of the house.

I always have problems sleeping, so I was tossing and turning on this little twin bed. I could hear my mom snoring from the living room, and I looked over and saw my grandpa was resting. I finally managed to drift off while staring out the window.

I woke up boiling hot. I just had a small light sheet over me so I couldn't understand why I was so hot. I uncovered and that's when I saw it. In the bathroom doorway, and it was looking at me. A tall figure, broad shoulders, no clear features all black.

I couldn't move. I have never been so scared just frozen in place kind of scared before. It walked toward me and bent over in my face. It didn't have eyes but I knew it was looking at me. It slowly shook its head back and forth back and forth then stood up. It went over and looked at my grandpa but it was like it couldn't move out of the room into the living room. Then it turned and walked back to the bathroom doorway. I was finally able to move and got out of the bed and left the room, when I turned around it was back at the doorway into the living room looking at me. It just stood there looking at me, like it was trying to get to me but it couldn't.

I sat down on the floor and just stared at it. My mom woke up and it disappeared.

She asked what was wrong and I said just a bad experience. She was used to me having experiences so she just went back to sleep.

I just sat against the wall all night waiting for daylight to come, staring at the doorway into that little room.

I hate going into that house now, and have stopped having most experiences. Nothing happens anymore I see no shadows I hear no voices, its like I closed off that part of me, and I miss it.

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beckyr (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-03)
Serenflipppity, My grandfather was a live for another year or so after that happened.
Pinka, Thanks for the welcome. I experience all kinds of things I always have so I'm just used to it. One house we lived in was a lot of fun. On my 21st birthday I was in the kitchen and my mom and a couple of her friends were out on the back porch. I got a soda from the fridge and as I closed the fridge door a metal plate came flying out from the cabinet across the 10 ft room and landed right beside me on the table. My mom saw the whole thing so did her one friend. Mom says guess someone is telling her happy birthday. Her friend was in shock and just left never came back to our house again LOL
Serenflipppity (guest)
6 years ago (2018-03-29)
Good grief! My experience seems nothing compared to yours. I'd have scared myself into a parallel universe. How long was your grandfather alive after that experience? Stay safe. All the best.
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-27)
Hi Becky,

Welcome to YGS

Interesting story. Love your narration. I saw a shadow bent down in my mother in laws face. Your story reminds me of that experience and it creeped me out for the second time. The shadow figure I saw was ruled out as a angry/greedy spirit. House is blessed but I still experience night terrors. I don't feel a presence and I certainly don't miss feeling it lol. You are a brave girl to miss what you've experienced. Please keep us updated. Stay safe and love Pinka ❤

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