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Seeing A Spirit From A Young Age


I have read and explored some of the stories on this site and decided I would share my own. I have never been a spiritual or deeply religious person, but I cannot reconcile the experiences I have had in my own life. I am now 30 years old and still intrigued by the experiences I had in my childhood.

I grew up in a small town called Muizenberg in Cape Town South Africa. My earliest recollection of my experience is from age 4.

I remember clearly something watching me in my first house. A now torn down building with broken floorboards. I was sleeping and awoke to being watched, a semi transparent being that appeared to be smoke like, with a grin full of teeth and intense eyes, and a reddish hood. I still to this day do not know what the being was, but I know I was so terrified I would dare not look outside of my blankets at night because I couldn't move, and I couldn't scream.

We moved, things were quiet for a while but the being moved with us. I moved into a new room which was about 6 foot high with two windows. I was about 6 or 7 when I saw the being again. Tapping at my window. I was fully awake and paralysed with intense fear. My mother called me and I moved away, I came back and looked far down the hallway to my room seeing the being gone.

As I got older I always felt something following me. I would hear typing like on an old typewriter. Running, breathing in the ceiling, and the washing of dishes at odd times in the night.

Of course, my parents didn't believe me. There were even more intense scenarios as time went on. I would see the being standing over my parents' bed, watching them, and they would be unaware of its presence as it disappeared like smoke running at an amazing pace.

Things would at times appear damaged and broken, with my parents shrugging it off and blaming me. I would also have a constant reoccurring dream of it watching me, and lifting me out of bed and spinning me in a circle. The most vivid dream I ever had. I had it for 12 years straight.

At one point it threw me across the room in my sleep. It was incredibly powerful, but it didn't seem directly intent on attacking me physically. It's been suggested that this could be an earth spirit and was actually attempting to guide me in some way.

My father was an alcoholic and an occultist, and everyone who visited would agree that our house had a 'thickness to it'. My mother never believed me until one day after my gran's death.

We were standing in a room and we both saw it, it ran past the curtains laughing intensely. Unfortunately my mother now denies the incident took place.

I started doing things to protect myself. Imagining a shield to protect myself, eventually even casting a Wiccan spell.

What is bizarre is as I got older and started discussing it people in my family and those close to me have also had incidents.

My cousin once had his bakkie (pick-up truck) window bashed in, that night he dreamed of a similarly described creature standing in his doorway (this was soon after I visited him).

My brother would say he saw things in the corner of his eye but when I bring up the topic he refuses to discuss it.

My gran would not enter my room after one night seeing the being.

I also had other experiences when I was younger. I saw a floating transparent girl, who looked like she was from the middle ages dressed in a gown and appeared like she was underwater smiling at me.

Now that I am older all of these things have passed. They stopped around the time I did that spell. I still wonder what I saw, what was it? Why was I seeing that, and why do people in my family refuse to talk about it?

Was this related to my fathers interested in Alister Crowley? He is not doing well personally.

I'd appreciate any insights into what I saw. Some people would say shadow people, but to me there was so much more detail in what I saw. That grin and those eyes, and that paralysing fear. I still worry that I might see it again one day.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Note: Just to make sure I was clear about what I was describing. This being almost didn't have a face, just eyes and a grin and it almost looked gnomish. It was able to change its height. It was fast and it was terrifying.

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Simonsn338 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-18)
That is crazy how did it pick u up if u were sleeping 🙄 that is crazy
Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-04)
Hi Ricksor, it's sad when parents don't believe their children and ignore their terrors. Regardless of the reason, your fear was still very real to you. 😢

One thing puzzles me: aren't elementals and earth spirits tied to their place of origin, like land, body of water or tree? This type of entity shouldn't be able to follow to your new place. Is there's an occult artefact from your father that could be housing an entity? Maybe that's how it seems to have "followed" you.

I've sometimes wondered if negative energies can be given form through our dark fears and uncertainties. Spells and rituals help us establish a more positive mindset to dispel such dark energy. Others find that their faith, prayer and meditation works for them. Just my theory though.

Your family is probably still dealing with their own fears. That's why they're not ready to talk about their experiences. Perhaps someday you can sit down and find the strength to work through this together as a family.

You may be able to relate to Melda's childhood experience of seeing a black creature with red eyes. She's another YGS member from SA:

Thanks for sharing with us. 😊
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-03)
Greetings Ricksor1987,

It sounds like you've experienced quite the activity. To have a better understanding, I have a few questions. I'm wondering if some of your experiences could be chalked up to sleep paralysis. I'm not sure if you've heard of it (there is an abundance of information if you Google sleep paralysis). It's common to see beings, hear and experience strange phenomena while it's taking place. It can be pretty scary. Just a thought.

Also, your friend who dreamed of a similar being could happen because you were discussing your incidents before the dream took place. The power of suggestion can be crazy 😕

You said your father was an occultist. What has he practiced (black magic?) and has he had any strange encounters? I would assume he believes in at least spirits? I would think he would be open to discussing your experiences.

I'm glad to hear things have quieted down for you, thanks for sharing 😊

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