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I have been reading experiences on this site since a long time and have been a member since last year I guess, but this is my first story.

This happened back in 2012 when my step-Grandmom died. It was couple of days after her death and I don't know if it's paranormal or not but I am sharing this just to see if anyone had any similar experiences or have some light to shed on it.

At the time I was staying with my parents and me and my sister shared the same room. I woke up in my dream unable to move or make a sound and I thought maybe it is another case of sleep paralysis since I somehow knew I was in a dream and I read about sleep paralysis at a lot of sites (the scientific approach), but as soon as I woke up or I thought that I am awake, I saw my Grandmother standing next to my bed and asking me to come with her and it was not a polite way of asking. I literally felt that she is about to drag me pulling at my hand and I started struggling. My comforter was pulled off and I started screaming which was coming out as mumbling. That is when my sister woke up and she heard me crying and sobbing in my sleep and woke me up by shaking me.

Now why am I confused if this was just a dream or if it was real is because I had a little ache in my arm, the way you get when someone pulls you by your arm and my comforter was pulled away. I know that the position of the comforter may be because of my movement but I cannot understand the arm thing.

I didn't have a bad relationship with my grandmother, she was not a bad person, she was my father's stepmother.

PS: I had researched about sleep paralysis because I used to get those a lot during the period between 2009 and 2014. It used to leave me really scared initially and I started researching about it on internet hoping to find a logical explanation which I did but there are still some more cases of sleep paralysis with me that are not at all logical and I am hoping to share it with another post sometime.

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lookingforamiracle (3 stories) (16 posts)
1 year ago (2018-07-07)
Hi Dee,

Many thanks for your condolences. You are right, in our quest to look for the bigger signs we dismiss the smaller gestures as coincidences. I will try not to overlook the simpler things now.

Nazz 😊
CuriousDee (8 stories) (630 posts)
1 year ago (2018-07-02)

My condolences on the loss of your brother. Something to keep in mind; while we hope for a 'big, in your face, blatant' sign, many times we end up missing the small, subtle ones. I'm sure your brother has attempted to give you a sign that he is with you, however in our busy lives we tend to miss them or dismiss them. If you notice something that makes you think of your brother, don't second guess it.

Also, dreams are a great way for our loved ones to visit us. Don't dismiss those dreams... They may be your brother's way of reaching out, reminding you of wonderful memories. ❤

All the best,
lookingforamiracle (3 stories) (16 posts)
1 year ago (2018-07-01)
Hi AugustaM,

Many thanks for your reply.
To be honest, I started reading the posts of others here more after losing my brother to kidney failure in 2015. It is a loss nothing can fulfill, no amount of soothing words or prayers of the loved ones can fill the void his death made in all of our lives. And I am still looking for a sign from him to know that he is okay wherever he is, I have dreamt about him many times and it was always about the happy crazy fun times we shared together but I am still hoping for something real. I can understand how hard it must be for your mother.
AugustaM (5 stories) (891 posts)
1 year ago (2018-06-29)
Seems to me like Dee is right. The death of someone close to us inevitably brings home the concept of death and finality. No matter how well adjusted and/or solid in their faith a person may be, I feel at heart, there is still a wee kernel of primal fear of the unknown within us. After all, only ones who have died can truly know what comes after.

Experiencing the death of a loved one throws one's emotions out of whack allowing that nefarious little kernel to glow. And I think that is what informed the imagery of your disturbing dream. I firmly believe you were visited by anxiety and grief rather than the spirit of your grandmother that night.

If it makes you feel any better - my mother has had a similar experience. After losing her parents within four months of each other to a prolonged and torturous battle with cancer - she was devastated. Soon thereafter, she had a dream wherein they were all sitting round the old breakfast table in her parent's small but sunny kitchen. Everyone was drinking coffee and chatting as they had done on so many hundreds of thousands of simple happy occasions in the past. She told me how profoundly happy she felt to be there like that again with the two of them once again not only alive but well, strong, happy and healthy. Then suddenly everything changed - she looked into her parents faces and in moments watched the years of sickness wither and distort their faces. She started to scream as they then began to decay in front of her eyes. Her mother reached out to her to calm her and she lost it. She snapped awake still screaming in a cold sweat. It took her years to understand and to realize that was NOT her parents. It was a vicious visual manifestation of grief and anxiety.

In time, balance returns and that kernel will be covered up and quieted again - some people do this on their own, some need the support and love of others, some need to channel their access emotion in specific ways - it is merely important to find your way and it seems as though you have. ❤
lookingforamiracle (3 stories) (16 posts)
1 year ago (2018-06-29)
Hi Dee,

Many thanks for your comment. I really hope it wasn't paranormal specially not something involving my grandmother because I really have some very good memories with her.
And now that you have mentioned it, it sounds right, though I have some other experiences of sleep paralysis and I just wanted to make sure this wasn't one of those.
Will definitely share my other experiences here soon.

Lookingforamiracle 😊
CuriousDee (8 stories) (630 posts)
1 year ago (2018-06-28)
Hi there Looking,

What may have happened is you were sort of 'acting out' your dream while sleeping. If you held your arm outstretched for awhile, it would feel achy upon waking. This was my first thought after reading your account. It sounds similar to sleepwalking or talking in your sleep, just a milder version.

Hope this helps 😊

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