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Can Ghosts Warn You Of Things That Are Going To Happen?


It's been around 3 years since I last visited here, but not a lot has happened in the way of ghost encounters for me. I have found in my experience the more you look for them the less likely they are to show themselves.

My grandad died in April and unfortunately for me he has not shown himself, however I am glad of this as in my opinion it means he is at peace. He died in hospital after 2 months of declining in health but my story isn't really about my grandad it's about the two months he was in hospital.

It started off as small things like white feathers appearing in strange places like in my car or at my desk at work. I'm not someone who would normally believe a white feather to mean anything and could simply be that a cushion or pillow needed replacing.

I strongly believe that a robin is my dad watching over me and on the day my grandad went into hospital a robin was sitting on the roof of my car. I originally thought, how lovely he has come to see me but now I feel like he was trying to warn me of what was to come.

I saw the robin a lot over the two months and not the usual spotted in the garden but more up close like on window sills and out walking. Still how just thought how nice it was.

As the two months went on strange things started to happen, I received a card like the ones you'd get with a bunch of flowers. Nothing written on it just a picture of a white feather. Nearly every light bulb in my house needed replacing. 3 chairs broke from around my dining table as soon as anyone sat on them.

But the strangest thing of all was while I was asleep I felt someone grab me and shout as clear as day 'GET UP' startled I grabbed for my partner and he said I was just having a dream but I knew I wasn't so I got up and checked my phone and as I unlocked it my mum started calling me. It was 2am and I knew it was bad news. My grandad had passed away.

Since that moment nothing else has happened but I can't help but feel someone was trying to tell me or warn me or even prepare me for what was going to happen.

Do you think it was a ghost? Or that they can see what's going to happen?

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-31)
I think you should trust your gut on this one. When taken together, all that you experienced leading up to your grandfather's passing certainly does seem significant.

I believe in harbingers. The building I live in has its own set of resident harbingers that take the form of black cats. They only show up before the death or serious illness of a pet.

As for the robin, I had an American Lit/drama teacher in high school who believed his father came to him in the form of a robin. He spent the majority of a class period telling us about the conversation he had with his "father" during the lunch period. Full disclosure, he was also a schizophrenic on heavy antipsychotics and had spent many class periods haltingly telling us of far stranger things. Needless to say, we learned very little of American Lit that year. But to be fair, just because his mind was trapped in turmoil doesn't mean that all he experienced was invalid. Perhaps he really did receive a visit from his father and we were just too young and callow to understand.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-27)
Hi there Jones,

My condolences on the loss of your grandfather.
It could be that you were being warned or prepared (as best as anyone can be) for your grandfather's transition. I would like to offer a different perspective though. You mentioned that when you see robins, you feel it's your father around you. Perhaps your father was sending the feathers too. It may have been his way of making sure you were aware that he was around you and comforting you as best as he could.

I believe (and many others) that loved ones who have passed are fully aware and ready to greet us when our time comes. Because your father could not comfort you here, in the physical, he would show you signs that he is with you and/or you would feel his presence. 😊

The chairs breaking may have been coincidental. The light bulbs could be caused by the energy of deceased loved ones surrounding you (not in a negative way). Or caused by energy produced by you and/or your family members who are grieving, worried, under stress, etc.

I experienced what I call a 'head's up' just prior to a family member passing. It happened during astral projection though. If you're interested, here's the link:


Just some thoughts. Thank you for sharing ❤
- Dee
matrix899 (1 stories) (67 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-26)
Hello Jones1992,

I think there may be some validity to your suspicions about the warnings that there was going to be a death.

I say this because I have witnessed similar signs before someone's passing, although the signs were not the same as the ones you got.

Days before my father passed on we found a large moth (about 3" long) in the apartment. It was attached to the curtains and did not move when you got close.

My ex-wife immediately thought this was strange, but I did not think too much of it. Nevertheless, we left it alone. It was gone the next day. We could not figure out how it got into the apartment, or how it got out.

A few days after seeing the moth, we got the news that my father had passed on.

I also had a very unusual dream about death about two weeks prior to my father's death.

I have not heard of the white feather, but I have heard of birds being seen unusually close to a home or person prior to a death.

I thought the card with the white feather was very strange.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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